At least most of the letters are still there…
Bye then…
I’ve got a little list…
Thank goodness for Jam, I say.
When times are tough you fall back on what you are best at. Killing folk.
PS, We’ve only written this message in the Queen’s English because you damned foreigners ought to speak it.
What will be put on the Customs Union?
And this is their idea of an exciting future for Britain.
Nice to know everyone else is going to be getting richer though.
So now we are at two-thirds, and we’re getting nothing!
Well done, Dundee.
They mean the Jocks might get shirty if they knew how catastrophic it was going to be for them.


15 thoughts on “SILLY SATURDAY”

  1. Open question to those still saying no to Independence, What do you think is going to happen? Anybody? I mean just one detail of what you think is going to happen?

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      1. Yes, actually, it is a very good question.

        What is the future for Scotland inside the UK; outside the EU (and probably customs union and single market)?

        Is the future that in 2019, 0r 2022 we will leave the UK, at least join the single market and customs union and make our way in the world as part of its largest and richest trading block. At that point the likelihood, given the government’s close ties with the Nordic and Baltic nations, we would be looking at far closer co-operation with them and with Ireland. (The FM is currently in Iceland at a Nordic Nations meeting, and was the other day in Ireland meeting with the Taoiseach.) The EU membership (or EFTA membership) would bring stability at a time of change, and give little Scotland some power. Closer association with other similar nations who, for example are also very much involved in clean energy and the “green” economy, would build trade and educational ties. There would be uncertainties but some stability too.

        With Britain, the future is very uncertain. The UK government hasn’t a clue what they want from Europe (apart from their cake and eat it). Even Europe friendly ministers like Hammond are calling the EU enemies. People are calling other people traitors and demanding that they be tried for treason for heaven’s sake. May clearly (VERY clearly) put her faith in Trump, running over to do obeisance only days after he took over, holding his hand, inviting him to make a state visit with indecent haste) but like everything else that woman touches, it fell apart. The state visit is on hold. The ‘very very good, very very big’ trade deal he promised has so far seen him slap a 300% tariff on Bombardier, crippling the Northern Ireland economy, take the world to the brink of war, divide his own country, white against black, straight against gay, rich against poor. I doubt we can expect any help there.

        The Empire seems less than interested. Australia is more interested in doing a deal with the EU, India likewise but in any case demands all sort of quid pro quo in the form of visa relaxation for students, which doesn’t fit the Xenophobic tendencies of the Tories. (They can be as xenophobic as they like. There are 1.5 million unemployed in the UK, and 2.5 million EU workers here. Go figure how that will play.)

        Everyone knows the UK is desperate, and although there are a lot of pigs ears (although many not so many if the farming subsidy disappears) and jam to export, not to mention loads and loads of bombs to royal middle eastern dictators, that’s not going to sustain us. And everyone knows that someone (or someplace) desperate for a trade deal is an easy pushover, so whatever the UK gets, it is likely to be crap.

        Of course, maybe they will manage to arrange some sort of single market/customs union agreement… If they do most of the problems will be solved…except that that will come with the four freedoms. Goods, services, finance and PEOPLE. And they promised their baying mobs that they would stop all these foreigners coming here, taking our jobs blah, blah, blah… vomit. Additionally, it should be remembered that Norway, for example, pays a lot more per head to be in the single market, than the UK paid to be in the EU. So no money saved, no seat at the table, and no farming subsidies. And the UCJ rules. Bad deal…well at least for the leavers. Really, all they have left is cheaper food.

        If they don’t get an agreement, they have a massive problem in Gibraltar (which everyone has forgotten about) and in Ireland. If they make concessions in these places, why wouldn’t or couldn’t they make them in Scotland. Well, they won’t want to. But will there be a time when Scots will see that everyone is getting a better deal than they are, and THEY are being disproportionately hit?

        Open floor, Munguinites… and thanks to Brian for pushing us to think about it.

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  2. Scotland regains its independence and the island of Ireland becomes one nation. England becomes Greater London and returns to Dickensian levels of inequality. Wales… sorry Wales, I don’t know what will happen to you, unless you want to join up with Ireland or Scotland?

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  3. tris what do say to the assertion you are a paid up
    member of a soviet paid propaganda wing attempting
    To undermine the nations of this United Kingdom .

    Telegraph News
    EU officials in Soviet-style ‘disinformation campaign’ to damage Brexit, Tory MPs claim

    OCTOBER 2017 • 12:52PM
    The European Commission is engaged in a Soviet-style “disinformation campaign” designed to damage public support for Brexit, Tory MPs have claimed.

    Two former ministers said EU officials appeared to be disseminating false statements aimed at stirring up opposition in the UK to the country’s departure from Europe.

    Ps wits Conan doing with that ugly mug gravatar

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    1. That, dear old friend, is Alan Cochrane, the Telegraph’s Scottish editor, arch Tory, arselicker in chief to the landed gentry, bane of the SNP (in his head) and erstwhile acquaintance of mine wearing an SNP rosette. It tickles me muchly.

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    2. Auch, I think it’s hilarious, Niko. They’ve gone off the rails.

      The Hartley-Brewer nut job is calling for Hammond to be charged with Treason, for pointing out that Britain should really do some negotiating and stop with the cake and eat it ploy.

      The Hammond, presumably to shore up his credentials, calls the EU our enemies, although a Tory MP on the 5 o’clock news called them our friends.

      Farage says that if we don;t get a good deal with the EU he will leave the UK…

      And Trump has taken leave of his senses. There was sod all wrong with the Iran deal. They really need a large orange straight jacket for him.

      I honestly don’t think we need EU people to disseminate any false information. One look at the howling morons that are running the UK is all you need to know. We’re heading for the rocks.

      I see Conan has supplied the answer to your question. Fine figure of a man, what, that Mr Cochrane. Wasn’t he the one that got a £10,000 bonus from the Mad Twins when Scotland rejected independence for the broad shoulders of Mrs May and Mr Johnson?


      1. strange the scum brexiteers like hartley scum brewer trash vermin scum
        went on and on about sovereignty of Parliament and yet claims the will
        of the people/mob should outweigh the the representatives of parliament
        disregarding the legal and constitutional fact a REFERENDUM in the UK
        unwritten constitution is worth no more than a warm bucket of pish !

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        1. Or to put it another way, Jackie Baillie?

          I’ve just watched a piece over on Twitter, with Mike Galsworthy of Scientists for the EU and Pete North and leading light in the leave campaign.

          It’s done in the pub, so there’s noise over, but Pete North seems to think that there is no chance now, unless May’s government falls, of any kind of deal at all.

          Screwed is probably an understatement.


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