Rule Britannia, Britannia waves (or waives) the rules


I noticed a story on Twitter this morning about the idea of commissioning a royal yacht, and, initially, I discarded it as something dredged up for a year or so ago when Liam Fox was banging on about him and Kate Middleton sailing around the world drumming up trade deals for a new British Empire.



But I was wrong.

The chief political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, no less, wrote a piece on just that subject only yesterday in his august comic.

He writes: Ministers have held talks about commissioning a new Royal Yacht Britannia which will be a “showcase for everything that is best in Britain”, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.


So there you go. Everything that is best in Britain post Brexit. Can you just imagine?


What else can they sell?


Munguin is happy to compile a list of other items that can be sold on. Donations of ideas positively encouraged.

Oh, and if anyone has a spare magic money tree in their back garden…


28 thoughts on “Rule Britannia, Britannia waves (or waives) the rules”

  1. Er tris Brittania isn’t waving no she is drowning
    Govesy (backstapping scum )it’s all of a pigs ear to me
    and many others,

    On the Royal Britannia yacht tour the narrator in
    all seriousness tells the fact that the last serving
    Admiral would on occasion have to change his ceremonial
    uniforms Up to twelve times a day.

    That’s a Royal fact a new Royal yacht no I don’t think so
    The world has moved on those days are long gone
    Never ever to return .

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    1. Aye, well not according to Mr Fox, the disgraced ex minister.

      I bet he’d like to have 12 uniforms to change into… and of course Kate always have plenty of clothes.

      Thank goodness there’s no poverty in Britain, eh.


  2. See that old lady lying on the rocks, Munguin, well I spent 5 weeks in her back in the 1970’s heading off for a ‘new life’ down under. As you can see I came home, because it’s where I belong. She was Greek owned then and the service was pretty poor, very, very basic but we did get fed 3 times a day. We couldn’t afford P & O. If you want to have a whole new experience, spend 10 days in the Indian Ocean thousands of miles from land, dipping along of an evening, enjoying the stars and wondering at the beauty of it all. The planet really is a wondrous place. I wish people would see that and stop threatening to blow it apart. She was an American liner, built just at the start of WW2 and spent 4 years as an American troopship, after which she peacefully plied the oceans again for 50 years so seeing her like that is very sad.

    Now we don’t want Scotland ending up on the rocks, which is exactly where she’s going to be if we don’t get our fellow Scots to waken up and take control, because the old girl above was being towed to the breakers when she ran ashore. My country is being towed to some unknown hell-hole and we need to break free before the storm hits us.

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    1. What a lovely story JoMac. I’m sorry if it kinda upsets you to see her like that.

      I so much agree about the planet being amazing. From the frozen wilderness of the north to the deserts and jungles and the frozen wilderness of the south, it is an amazing and beautiful place, and all that threatens it is mankind.

      Lovely analogy at the end there.

      Take heed fellow Scots… and that’s all of you who live here no matter where you were born.


    2. I was going to Ireland on my first tour in 1978. We left from Stranraer on the ferry, when I saw an old carrier being broken up – HMS Eagle – which had been my father’s last ship before he left the navy. But I didn’t know it then.

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  3. I could quite get behind all the ‘great and the good’ building mega hospital ships. Y’know with helicopters and amazing medical facilities. And maybe other disaster relief stuff, like the actual ability to deliver clean water, and all the rest of the necessities of a disaster zone.

    Once they were built we could send them to places that needed them. Puerto Rico perhaps?

    Maybe we could find a six by twelve room, next to the engines for Royalty? For that is where they deserve to be. Perhaps we could keep them there, admiring the good that they are doing through their billionaire friends, for a very long time.

    We could name the first one ‘Royal Sycophant Arselickers’ or RSA for short. The next should, obviously be
    Boaty McBoatface

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      1. It is not a ridiculous idea. It is, perhaps, positive, rather than negative.

        I would assume that non-aligned countries like Brazil, South Africa, India, etc, etc, might get behind the notion that we can do something as simple as good in the world, and not go around killing folk.

        For I think that killing civilians, and especially wedding parties, is a step too far for even the mad and bad POTUS.

        The man is mad.

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        1. Its a great idea. I’d like to think that Scotland could still take a part in world affairs.

          Rather than joining the USA in every little war (and maybe some big ones to come), we cold send out doctors to clean up their mess.

          Yes, I reckon he’s utterly mad.

          But as we have said on a few occasions so is his deputy

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  4. I digress (slightly). Perhaps my reading on climate change theories isn’t up to date but I wasn’t aware we had started growing tea on a large scale in the UK.

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    1. There is a company grows tea in Scotland, and they do export it to China. But its high end niche business and its never going to be our primary cash crop.

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    1. Thanks Kangaroo. It all looks…erm… interesting.

      I’m a coffee man myself. Can’t stand the taste of tea at any cost.

      Still, it will go nicely with all the jams they are going to flood the world with.


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