A “no deal” Brexit will mean less money for the struggling NHS and for cash-starved social care, the Chancellor has admitted.

But wait, what happened to the £350 million a week?

Philip Hammond is the first Cabinet minister to say it was “theoretically possible” that crashing out of the EU without an agreement would ground all flights.

And unless they come to agreements over Open Skies, that’s what will happen.

Mr Hammond appeared to be at odds with Mrs May when he noted that there was a  prospect of terrorists targeting new infrastructure at or near the border – despite the Prime Minister ruling out a hard border. An Taosiseach Leo Varadkar said last month that solutions were unlikely to be found and insisted that it was down to the UK to resolve the issue, adding that Ireland would not help design a “border for the Brexiteers.”


Over 100 MPs have written to David Davis asking him to publish the impact assessments they say that the government has done, but refused to make public. Refusing to let us know how bad it would be is surely a dereliction of duty and impeding the work of parliament in scrutinising the work of the executive.

What a mess!

Looking at snippets of Prime Minister’s Questions today, I was thinking that, if ever there was a time to have a strong and stable prime minister with a bunch of dedicated, intelligent, hardworking, visionary ministers, it was now.

Then I listened to her stammering and spluttering her way through non-answers to the perfectly reasonable questions that Jeremy Corbyn was putting to her on the utter chaos surrounding their Universal Credit scheme, and I began to wonder if I was living in some sort of Grimms Fairy Tale.

Shortly afterwards I caught a bit of Liz Truss’s car crash interview with Andrew Neil, and then I knew that I was.


      1. Unfortunately this particularly English farce
        Will end In tragedy but then after all the English
        have always been useless at farces,
        Now hypocritical sex scandals are the Torys forte
        Comes from being a nation of curtain twitchers



  1. I’m not much into predictions, but I have been boring anyone who will listen about what I feel will happen in regard to the Brexit negotiations, and it’s this.
    The Tories do have a plan. Quite simply they will walk away from the talks with no deal in place, and then with the unstinting help of the British Unionist M.S.M, blame everything on “these nasty foreigners” for forcing them into this scenario. Completely untrue of course, and will prove once and for all that they don’t give a damn for the real people they are supposed to be taking care of, the vast majority of the population of the U.K.
    If this does come to pass, we in Scotland simply must take this one last, at least for a long time, opportunity to escape this monumental act of self-harm, because if we don’t, then we condemn future generations of Scots to even greater penury.

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    1. Yes. Already the right-wing nutjobs are blaming the EU for punishing Britain.

      Of course no one is likely to make it easy to leave the EU. Have you tried leaving your insurance company or your electricity supplier or internet supplier. There are all manner of disincentives.

      But all the EU is doing is following the rules. Barnier is saying that they can’t negotiate if the UK doesn’t know what it wants. What Mr Fox wants and what Mrs May wants are worlds apart. So how is Barnier supposed to deal with it?

      To think that all this was done to save the neck of the Tory Party.

      And now it will destroy it.

      Scotland MUST escape.

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    1. She gets more arrogant by the day.

      I think she actually believes what some of the party are saying about her, that she is prime minister material.

      Mind, I suppose when you consider what IS the prime minister, Munguin’s table lamp is prime minister material.

      If she got on with the day job of meeting her constituents at surgeries it might be more to the point.


  2. Tris, you write, “Scotland MUST escape.” Sadly, I really doubt that will happen. From what I see and hear, there are still way too many of our fellow citizens here who have set their faces against independence. They appear to be oblivious to argument or even common sense. Brexit, to anyone other than a complete fool, is clearly shaping up to be a disaster of the first magnitude, but for many the first and only response seems to be denial. As I watch the idiotic bluster of May and Davis, the witless posturing of Johnson, the whole sad pantomime of what passes for a Parliament in Westminster, frankly, I despair for the future. It may be that when the dire consequences of Brexit really bite, some of those who foolishly supported it will change their views but, even if they do, it will be too late. All my adult life, I have distrusted, even despised, a majority of politicians (there are a few exceptions, a very few) but I have never seen such a bunch of clueless, uncaring and fundamentally dishonest incumbents in the past. I would dearly love to think that sufficient people in Scotland could be persuaded to vote us out of this failed union and into a better future. I have absolutely no confidence that will happen. Worse, I do not see myself as being pessimistic here, merely realistic. Still, hope springs eternal?

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    1. You could be right, Andi…

      It is so ingrained in so many Scots that they, unlike the Irish, Icelanders, Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, Danes and Dutch who surround them, are too stupid to run their own country without the broad shoulders and might of the British Empire pushing above its weight left right and centre.

      No matter how utterly crap everything is. No matter how much worse than any other comparable country things are, it would always be worse if we didn;t have the brains and breeding of Eton and Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge to look after them.

      And they remind me of something out of an old film. It doesn’t matter how they vote or what they want, when they get what England wants they just suck it up.

      Hell mend them.

      If it’s as bad as some people are suggesting, we’ll need to live with it.

      Thank you broad shoulders of the United Kingdom for getting us into this mess.

      But I really really hope you are wrong, and that we will have the courage to make the leap.


  3. you old miseries this will cheer you up no end

    tris brothers appeal today been adjourned
    needs further evidence from GP…..
    should of just looked at his twisted disabled
    leg would of thought that would be enough.
    still I was born in another world in this new
    one the DWP can cure the lame and sick by
    tick box forms and lots of bigotry and hate.

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  4. Personally I think they don’t care about walking away with nothing because I dont think thats what Brexits all about. If it was about leaving the EU then why the power grab. It would be a lot simpler to just transfer the devolved powers straight to Scotland. And , to do this they have taken away any parliamentary scrutiny of anything back to the Act of Union. NO parliament and no courts. Why? Devolution was forced on teh labour party and up til 3 hours before the devolved parliament opened Blair and Dewar were sneaking through a bill to steal 7 oilfields by moving the maritime border. 20 years on this ‘ oversight’ has still not been rectified. So whats the real prize that makes all these shenanigans necessary and which frankly make The UK an international laughing stock. The minute Brexit takes effect they can resign from the Human Rights Act and replace it with something watered down but that doesn’t exist in writing. Check out the constitution, the Barnet Formula, and GERS . But it will allow them to instantly neuter Holyrood. Its the only reason they need the powers from the EU . They are trying to starve us of cash at every turn. The VAT on the police and Fire Service. Allowing a small amount of taxation but only enough to get into trouble as taxation is no good without borrowing powers. The Scottish government are being wedged further and further into a corner with nothing but good intentions but envious eyes need our fishing our agriculture our oil and most of all our deep sea submarine base. And those things will make it possible to save England from Brexit but it wont . Because Tories will let every single person who is not one of them die of poverty to feather there own nest. I for one dont want any filthy Tory anywhere near me or mine for as long as I live. The first thing i would do after Independence is ask every party to submit a report on what they have done for Scotland and if Miles Briggs is a standard died in the wool Tory then in the last year he has been on the wrong side of all but two parliamentary votes. Just be glad its not the 17th century or I would have then publicly guillotined as a warning to stop taking the Bailllie. Tory Msps are just an excuse to cause trouble for the government through inuendo and slander. The majority of them have never won an election. I think they are not concentrating on Brexit because they know that in 15 months they will have everything back in their own hands . Thats why we need to mobilise now.


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