Dear 8U5 and Felipe


Conan put a link to this very touching article on the last post. He commented that it deserved a wide exposure and I’m happy to play my little part in that.

There is much discussion, here, at Terry Entoure, at Craig Murray, and I am sure, on many other blogs, about the EU’s role in what is happening in Catalunya. This has nothing to do with these interesting and informative discussions. This is about how a Catalan parent saw what happened to him, his wife and his daughter.

This article is a letter from him to an unnamed but identified by number Spanish GS, and to the Spanish king, Felipe VI.

As Conan says, it deserves wide exposure. Please tweet the original article on if you can, or put it on Facebook, or whatever social media you use.

(Incidentally, the illustration on Munguin’s Republic is entirely separate from the article.)

10 thoughts on “Dear 8U5 and Felipe”

  1. To their apologists, some of whom belong to the Scottish cost centre of the Labour Party, the author of the article and his family were breaking the law. As were in times past, the land raiders, the women in the Battle of the Braes, the Suffragettes, Ghanaian and his supporters, those protesting at Sharpeville, those in Tienanmin Square, the miners at Orgreave.

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    1. I thank you for that Hugh. Yet I remember the miner’s strike in good old Thatcher’s Britain. Let’s hope we won’t see scenes like that again.

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        1. I’m with you on that, Tris. Unless – this pitiful excuse for a government collapses in the usual intra-party orgy of bloodletting that inevitably follows a serious electoral setback, especially if holding the election at all was an unforced error; unless the Labour party get it together and form up in opposition at Westminster to someone other than themselves (and the ESSEMPEEBAD, of course); and unless a new election after that results in the Tories being kicked out, I see it as not only a betting certainty but an imminent one at that.

          The Labour Party are no friends to the Scottish cause because they persist in the delusions that (a) they are capable of running our affairs better than we can ourselves, and (b) that they are entitled to do so even if they don’t have a majority of Scotland’s seats.

          Did Jeremy Corbyn really say it would be a real problem if Scotland were to have its own legal system? Well – so much for the ability to run our affairs. For the rest, I sometimes wonder if they even know who Keir Hardie was.

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          1. Yes, he did say that.

            He seems not to know that when the top people concocted their damned union, the folk that mattered… those in law, education, medicine (or what there was of it) and the Church (which controlled almost everything) absolutely insited that nothing in their worlds had to change.

            Hence, Mr Corbyn, we were not forced to accept the Church of England, nor were our lawyers and judges forced to learn a completely new form of law. I imagine that most education at that time would have been tied up with the Church so it would stay distinctly Scottish. I’m not altogether sure about doctors… to be fair there would have been no national heath policy, and let’s face it tuberculosis is the same north of south of the border, so I’m not sure why that has always been separate.

            I wonder if he ever gave a thought to all these Bills in parliament, where he’s worked for a lot of years, called the XXX (Scotland) Bill.


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