SIR Fallon of  Tiddly has warned Boeing that they could be stripped of lucrative defence contracts as a result of the trade dispute over the sale of jets made in Northern Ireland by the Canadian firm Bombardier.


The dispute, over which May apparently lobbied the Trump, has resulted in an interim decision by the US Department of Commerce to place a 220% tariff on the sale of Bombardier’s C-Series jets.


This could put at risk at least some of the 4000 jobs at Bombardier’s Belfast plant, which account for around 8% of the province’s economy.

It’s to be stressed that the tariff imposition is a measure based on an interim decision. A final decision will be made in February 2018, when it is hoped it will be settled more amicably.


The premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard, has joined the war of words describing the move as an attack on his province and on Canada.

But, it is worth remembering that Mrs May has always placed faith in the special relationship as her country seeks trade deals from outside the world’s richest trading block, and Mr Trump promised a great deal within months….

It’s a faith which it seems at the moment may have been misplaced.

Maybe next time, Mrs May, don’t hold the idiot’s hand even if he is scared of the dark, or stair or whatever implausible story that was spun at the time.


  1. I have read somewhere recently that The Donald is concerned to redress the imbalance in trade between the U.K. and USA, in which UK at present exports far more to than it imports from the USA. Given the UK’s serious and chronic trade deficit, a trade deal with the USA which redresses this imbalance would appear to be something to avoid at all costs.

    Doesn’t mean however that a trade war will be any more desirable !

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      1. Previous presidents were aware of that. American’s voice in Europe (“Yo Blair, tell them this, or that, there’s a good fella”), but maybe Marmalade Man isn’t bright enough to see that he won’t have a place-man in the council of ministers any more.

        It’s not like Merkel’s gonna be taken in by a moron like him like Mayhem was.

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  2. Blue tory, red tory, they’re all fuckwits – Corbyn for example “guarantees access to the single market” while planning to illegally (according to single market rules) subsidise UK-based companies.

    Moronic twats one and all 😦

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  3. To be honest I’m surprised this is even a story.

    Who leaked this?

    My guess it was one of those ungragteful NHS foreign workers about to be deported and upset about wee Thereezza selling off the the NHS to Mr. Tangerine man’s American health companies or as WE know it by its proper name PRIVATISING the NHS.

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  4. “Fallon had to be separated from an attractive Russian ‘Honey Pot’ spy”

    Christ! I bet she was relieved – anything for the Motherland – but there are limits!

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        1. “I wish I could “like” on wordpress”

          Conan……I’m sure that you’ll appreciate some unsolicited information about this from the land of the free.

          For a long time, for some explained reason, I had the power to post, but I did not have the power to LIKE.

          The problem seemed to be that I was not actually logged into WordPress. (Why it however let me post but not LIKE by “Email/Name” remains unexplained.) Anyway, the point was that I didn’t have a personal WordPress account and was not logged in, as indicated by an avatar and icon in the upper right hand corner of the WordPress webpage.

          Figuring out how to actually establish a WordPress login surpasses human understanding. I tried it but didn’t really understand it and eventually got an account as “DannyUSA101” I think, which in my opinion was inelegant and unacceptable.

          HOWEVER, I then noticed that directly under the “Leave A Reply” box….under the lower right corner to be precise….it actually gives you FOUR login options. Namely…….Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

          I recalled that I already had an old Google Account with the “Danny” name. So I made sure that I was logged in that way on Google, clicked on the Google login icon on WordPress, WordPress accepted it, and I was suddenly able not only to post but also to LIKE. (I also noticed that I then had an indication of a WordPress website login in the upper right corner of the webpage.)

          Maybe this is of no help if you don’t have another social media account with your preferred screen name, but it IS a way to both post messages and LIKE messages on Munguin’s Republic.

          PS: After my first use of a Google account login, my next couple of messages posted on MR were held “Pending Moderation.” But Tris Okayed them, and by the next day it was accepting my posts without moderation……just as it previously had done with an Email/Name post.

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            1. Gizmo……yea the login with another account depends on having an acceptable name in the other account. I just noticed that it shows me as having a WordPress account even though I logged in as Danny with Google. So I don’t really understand how this works at all. 😉

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                    1. Very strange! I ended up with two DIFFERENT WordPress login names at two different times, but always had a dropdown menu from the upper right hand corner of the webpage that would let me logOUT whenever I wanted to. That always let me go back to the Email and Name option that dropped down whenever I would click on “Leave A Reply.”

                      With the WordPress Logout feature working, I always assumed I had two options. I could always go to Google or Facebook or Twitter and open a new account with a new screen name that I liked…..but I didn’t have to do that because I already had a Google name I liked. I also figured I could try a different browser.

                      I posted this message about the way WordPress works differently with different browsers:

                      WordPress is HIGHLY browser dependent. It does different things with different browsers. So if it isn’t working right on one browser, try another. Here is my current status among four browsers I use….Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera……..with Windows 7 Operating System:

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                      Internet Explorer: Worpress opens and doesn’t recognize me at all. If I click on “Leave A Reply”, it gives me all posting options……..including the Email Address/Name option which I used before I established a WordPress account. (It shows me ALL pictures on all previous threads.)

                      Opera: Just like Internet Explorer. Doesn’t recognize me. All posting options open. Shows all pictures.

                      Other people may have different results than mine on their own computers. But if you’re having trouble with WordPress, try another browser. WordPress’s behavior seems highly browser dependent.

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                    2. Hmmmmm……I have a dropdown in the upper right hand corner of the webpage that lets me Logout. There’s also the fact that my IE and Opera browsers do not recognize a WordPress login in Firefox and Chrome. Very confusing! But possibly also a way to fix things.


      1. It’s been absolutely yonks since anyone called me a honeypot. Simply years and years and years. There’s a free cup of excellent coffee in it for anyone man enough to knock on the drawbridge of Schloß Freeman and call me a honeypot to my face.

        Without laughing.

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  5. “It’llbeOK,It’llebOk, It’llOklybokly,It’llOKBe, please god, oh please, oh please.” said David Davis, overheard in the 3rd stall whispering to Boris, who was adjusting his climbing harness, as he hovered over the bowl in stall 2.
    “I have a picture of Theresa down there”, giggled Boris.

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