Needless to say, Munguin stands shoulder to shoulder with the Catalonians as he is now demonstrating (from the comfort of Munguin Towers).
It’s the 21st of September, and I kid you not, Christmas has arrived in Home Bargains. Spend, spend, spend. Just how sickening is this?
Go on, you know you need some seriously tacky decorations.
On my half day off (one every fortnight) I took some photographs of the countryside.
Love the tree behind there. It fell over, I’m told, getting on for 40 years ago, and it’s still growing out over Laird’s Loch.
This little bee getting the last of the summer pollen. 
Someone, commenting on Soppy Sunday in the last few weeks (I can’t remember who offhand) mentioned the Dundee tram/café which is now parked on “the rails” in Dundee City Centre.



Another part of the countryside walk took in our own garden bridge. I imagine it came in a bit cheaper that Johanna Lumley’s daft notion of one in London, England.
Into the woods…


67 thoughts on “RANDOM PHOTOGRAPHS”

    1. Probably made in China, I guess. I didn’t get close up in case someone thought I really was interested. How embarrassing would that be?

      Once it was in December; then it was November and December, then October, November and December. Now it’s happening in September.

      Working out in the communities I have seen the effects of the pressure to buy buy buy for Christmas.

      People who haven’t paid of last Christmas’s loan trying to get another loan for this year.

      Jesus would be so cool, with that!

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      1. Tris…..Lovely pictures!
        Except that “N” thing bothers me. Perhaps it’s the Scots alphabet that is different in this regard?
        I also notice the very odd fact that the entire shelf display is in black and white, except for the red and white striped scarfs on the little white doggies…..(or maybe small polar bears,) and a splash of color in the upper left of the picture.


        1. Well, as Conan points out, like almost everything in the UK that ordinary people can afford, these things were made in China.

          Now I know you’re a pretty bright guy, but I mean, if I typed this all in Mandarin, would you know if I’d got one character back to front.

          Well would ya?


          In any case, half the folk in Dundee won;t notice.

          I noticed when I put it up that the picture was really like it was in monochrome!

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          1. Tris……Your command of Mandarin is very impressive. 😉 Truthfully, I would not know left from right or up from down.

            The only partially monochrome image is very odd. You can do that easily enough with digital manipulation, but I’ve only seen it used in television advertising to draw attention to the full-color advertised product from the monochrome surroundings.

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            1. Oh goodness, I couldn’t ever do that with digital manipulation mate. You know my techy abilities don;t amount to a hill of beans. It just REALLY was like that!

              My Mandarin is every bit as good as Google Translate allows it to be 🙂

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              1. Tris……Fascinating! It didn’t even occur to me that the objects in the image might actually be more or less monochrome in appearance. When I saw the bight red in the scarfs, I immediately thought of digital manipulation. Not the sort of thing that I could do, but easily done by professionals with professional equipment.
                I still have trouble believing that the little figures on the top rows……not to mention the reindeer and the big decorative “Merry Christmas” were executed in shades of white and gray.
                So did you actually take the picture, or is it an internet-posted image?
                Very interesting effect in either case.

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          1. Juteman……Yes, I see now that they are individual letters packaged together in plastic wrap. That explains it. I should pay closer attention. 🙂


        1. Ocht you intellectural folk on Mungin, what with yir mandarin and yir Latin. How can us ordinary folk get a wurd in? And amerikin folk as well. Jeez I’m so thick I’m feeling fair left oot.

          It must be grate tae be cliver.

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          1. greig……..Excellent impersonation of our Mr. Trump!
            There’s a rumor that beginning in 2018, in response to popular demand, all proceedings of Munguin’s New Republic will thereafter be conducted in Latin. Reader comments will be accepted in Mandarin as well as Latin for the benefit of Asian readers. (At least that’s the rumor.) 😀

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              1. You found my secret!

                I don’t need it for French and I can guess most of the German stuff and some Latin and Spanish… but I’m afraid, unlike our Ed, I’m not a polyglot.

                Google Translate is a godsend to me, as much as Wiki is to Danny!

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            1. Did you have your ear to the door of the boardroom when Munguin was discussing this Danny?

              I think they decided on Greenlandic and Gaelic. But they may throw in a native American language so you guys don’t feel left out.

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              1. Tris……I do try to stay on top of things. Greenlandic and Gaelic works for me, and a Native American language would be nice. 🙂

                In the age of Trump and his minions, modern English can generate some serious misunderstandings. A right wing Republican will likely hit you in the face if you call him a polyglot. Or a pedagogue. Or you accuse him of openly matriculating while in college.
                There is a story of a southern politician who won an election with an attack on the wife of his opponent. He said that the woman had a background in the theater and was an openly acknowledged THESPIAN!

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                1. Which reminds me of the old Victor & Barry sketch….

                  We’re Victor and Barry, We’re a couple of Thespians, some of our best friends are les-s well known than us.

                  How the audience laughed. Whatever became of yon Alan Cumming?

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                    1. davidbsb…….It was a great revelation when I learned that Lord Kelvin (William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin) and his Kelvin temperature scale are named after a river in Scotland. Because the river Kelvin flows near the laboratory of the great scientist at the University of Glasgow. (Wonder why he isn’t Lord Clyde and we would have a Clyde temperature scale? Maybe the Kelvin is located nearer and is more closely associated with the university.)

                      I had a little trouble understanding some of the words, but easily picked up the funny “thespian” line you described. The Wiki article on “Kelvinside” mentions a “pan loaf” accent.



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                    2. Ah Danny, you see us Scots invented the modern world. James Clerk Maxwell, James Watt and Alexander Graham Bell ( joint prize with USA ) also all have scientific values named after them. Its a pity their countrymen buy the lie that they cannot survive and thrive in an independent nation.

                      If you visit Glasgow you should pay a visit to the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow University. You find out about Lord Kelvin and many others who have contributed much to mankind. And if you come, go across the road to C R Mackintosh’s house, which is a most beautiful work of design as any you will find.

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                    3. There is much to see and do. A lot of history, about which I sadly know so little.

                      Yes, it’s a pity people don’t demand from the likes of Browen and Darling to know what it is about Scottish people that makes them SOOOO much stupider than Irish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finish people.

                      Maybe as one hapless Labour office manager suggested, we’re genetically deficient.

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                    4. David……I would love to visit the Hunterian museum. Lord Kelvin was a great scientist in thermodynamics and so many fields, that a broad exhibit of his career must be hugely impressive. Although he was offered senior positions in countless other world class universities, he remained at Glasgow University for over 50 years until his retirement. Of all the other world class Scottish scientists and engineers, my all time favorite is James Clerk Maxwell. He was a theoretical physicist who formulated a theory that unified the phenomena of electricity, magnetism, and light. The Maxwell Equations put electromagnetism on a solid theoretical basis that endures to the present day. His unparalleled landmark work often places him in the estimation of scientists with Newton and Einstein as one of the three greatest physicists who ever lived.

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                  1. Tris……The Nambian accent is very difficult to understand…..or LOCATE. 😉

                    Imagine the thankless job of the White House “explainer” who has to deal with the day-to-day statements of His Orangeness.

                    Nambia is the world’s top producer of covfefe:

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                1. Conan…….Dr. Einstein said that if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

                  It occurs to me that “Sic semper tyrannis” is a phrase in American history that is closely associated with the theater. Latin adds a certain panache to just about any event.

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    1. Tom took a job (at a low wage) writing for the Torygraph. And at one point praised Mrs May as being a socialist.

      I remember how I used to argue with him when he wrote his blog. And remember he gave up blogging when the thought he was going to get a ministerial job under Tory Blur.

      Then when he lost his safe seat he stomped off in the huff.

      Absolute roaster of a bloke.

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    1. LOL… These things are sent to make us laugh.

      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone in Barrhead travel. I don;t think many people use travel agencies these days, do they? It’s so easy to book online.


      1. I have a customer who books with them. And hates them.I showed him how to get an apartment on Airbnb and cheap flights to the Canaries, and he still paid the yoon bastards their commission.

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        1. Mad.

          I think if I were going to do something very complex, I might use a travel agency… y’know, a tour of the Far East or something.

          But for every day stuff like flying to Europe, it’s madness to pay a travel agent.

          Although a couple of years ago for a weekend in Dublin, my mate and I managed to book a return flight a month later….eeek.

          An expensive mistake.

          Still, it was worth it. Dublin was ace.


    1. Brownbiglie

      he recommends you go on a long long travel
      never to return

      tris (he who encourages Brownbile)

      Well this will finish you off
      with heart palpitations
      well deserved !!!!


      More than 100 peers have claimed almost £1.3m between them despite not having spoken in the House of Lords for at least nine months, according to a pressure group.

      The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) said an analysis of parliamentary records shows that of the almost 800 peers in the Lords, 115 of them – about 15% of the total – did not contribute in a debate between June 2016 and April 2017 yet claimed an average of £11,091 each.

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      1. Labour was right in its first manifesto when it said it wanted to abolish the Lords.

        I back that all the way.

        Once upon a time it was acceptable for the nobility to rule. The when I was a kid they used to tell us that it was a house of experts.

        Now it’s a house of folk who are rich enough to bribe a party leader to put them in it so that they can call themselves “Lord” or “Lady”.

        I mean what exactly is Mone an expert in?

        There may be the odd expert there, of course. But I see they have had to close A and E in hospitals in Dorset.

        The money these thieves have taken could have been used to keep it open.


      1. Niko…..Well now, as I reviewed the usual early morning insults being exchanged between Rocket Man of North Korea and His Orangeness’s Tweets from the White House, I was prepared to consult the New York Times to find out the definition and usage of “dotard.”

        But I find it in Munguin’s Republic before I get to the Times…….in Niko’s reference to Alexander Pope’s translation of Homer’s Odyssey….Book II line 207.

        The erudition of the comments in Munguin’s Republic is a boundless wonder.

        Only then did I proceed to the pages of New York’s Old Gray Lady to find a story about Rocket Man’s insult. The Times reports that the word has been used in its hallowed pages only 10 times since 1980…….and always in the Arts pages. The word it says appears in Shakespeare and in a poem about a shark by Herman Melville…..as well as other places.

        The Times’ discussion of this translation of the Korean Word “neukdari” is exhaustive (as ALL Times stories are,) and traces the likely translation to the North Korean state news service and some very old Korean-English dictionaries they are known to possess.

        The Times fails to cite its use in Pope’ s Homer, to which we remain indebted to Niko and Munguin’s Republic.

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              1. LOL……….Yes I remember the purring incident…..some bragging by Cameron on American shores as I recall. That must have pleased Her Majesty no end. 😉

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      1. Ye huv ayways had somethin wrang wi ye, ever since we first kent ye.

        Ye’re a loonie yoon.

        Yet saying Tris disnae care is a doonricht lie. Awa an sit in a sheugh o shite.


      1. I didn’t know you were sick, Niko. Sometimes I miss a comment.

        What’s wrong with you. Do you need Munguin to come and look after you?

        We take the health of our readers very seriously.

        Don’t want them popping off without paying their subscriptions!

        Anyway, as well you know, Spook charged me with looking out for you, so tell Uncle Munguin all about it.


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