So, old Tess addressed the United Nations General Assembly today and almost no one showed up. There were obviously doing stovies and corned beef in the canteen, or something!

Yesterday President Macron drew a far larger crowd and, of course, the place was full to bursting when Coco the Clown appeared doing his Rocket Man act. But then everyone loves a comic as top of the bill.


OK, no one else, except maybe Putin or Xi is going to draw a crowd like that. I’m not sure what they were expecting… maybe a mix between Miss World and The Apprentice, but they came along to hear what he had to say, because however mad he is, he is the POTUS and however ridiculous his statements, what he says counts for something.

It is a mark of how unimportant Britain is that President Mahmoud Abas of Palestine got a bigger crowd than Mayhem.  Simply no one is interested in what Britain thinks.

I know May has made a big thing of this speech she is giving in Florence (why Florence… taking advantage of the free travel while she’s still got a job?) on Friday. I’m just wondering if anyone will turn up!



Many people in the UK could be relatively unaware of what is happening in Catalonia given that the BBC seems determined to give it as little coverage as possible. I had the car radio on the way home tonight and the ‘PM’ show on Radio 4 had sent a reporter off to India to find out about how some company there is making saris just like Mother Theresa wore (you know, the nun, not the prime ministerial joke). In the time I was listening not a word was said about democracy being trampled under a jackboot in a European country.


The take over of the government of Catalonia by the Spanish seems to be of little import to Britain, deserving of even less coverage than the daily killing of kids in Yemen (ya know, using British bombs).

Munguin just wanted to say that we support the Catalonians wholeheartedly as they have done for us. We wish them well in these dreadful times and we find their spirit and courage to be inspiring. We really hope they get their vote out in the referendum without violence and that Spain will come to its senses and accept that being a democratic country means that you have to allow democracy.


In the long term, you cannot hold on to something that does not wish to be held.




  1. The Franquistas of the Rajoy regime in Madrid will not ultimately succeed. For one thing, they fail to understand that the memory of Franco is at least as much alive among the resistance to him and his ideas, both now and then, as it is among the Spain-is-one-and-indivisible right-wing, militaristic and fascistic types in the Partido Popular.

    With thanks to WGD for drawing attention to this facet of our langagues, in this situation it’s the hardline Spanish Unionists who are the nacionalistas, while the Catalonians they are trying to suppress are independentistas. Which is why oor Nicola has said words to the effect that if she had her druthers, she would go back and stop the SNP calling itself a National party, because of the risk of confusion.

    It gives me no joy to recall that one of the things our home-grown Unionists did so love to bang on about was that Spain was going to veto Scotland being in the EU, although some of us knew that Spain wouldn’t have a word to say about Scotland, really, post-independence obtained by constitutional means. The Spanish are, of course, far more interested in what happens with Gibraltar.

    On the understanding that I am writing in tones of withering scorn, I shall say an acid ¡Muchas gracias! to Rajoy and his junta for giving us an object lesson on whose side to be on.

    To return to one of the things I keep banging on about – propaganda. Starting from the basic “too wee, too poor, too stupid” trope, Westminster constantly hits us with the Narrative of Failure. It can be much more threatening than just generalized Cringe-making: when May talked to the Party Faithful at the Armadillo last year, she ran through a litany of failure whose (not very unsaid) point was that the SNP Government is such an appalling failure that the suffering of the Scottish people demands that Wesminster step in to take over.

    No one can get away with that argument with the Catalans, because they are well aware that they are the most prosperous region / country / part of Spain. The Spanish propaganda here – well, in my search for something, anything about the situation there in the Britnat meeja, I found this spectacular piece of double-think / victim-blaming / implied threat.

    The headline reads: “Catalonia referendum: Spain PM calls for ‘escalation’ to stop”.

    Later, “Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has gone on national TV to urge Catalan separatists to abandon their plans for a referendum on 1 October.

    He asked the region’s government to give up its “escalation of radicalism and disobedience”. ”

    In other words, do as you’re told and no one will get hurt.

    Two points. First, we note that it is the Catalan Government that Rajoy blames for radicalism and disobedience – as if they were doing it all themselves, and the poor wee citizens of Catalunya themselves have nothing whatsoever to do with those nasty, nasty pols of theirs who are committing the unpardonable, antidemocratic sin of asking the citizens themselves a direct Yes or No question in an exercise in popular sovereignty intended to reinforce representative democracy with direct democracy. This is so strikingly similar to the way the Usual Suspects here blame it all on Alicksammin or Nicola Sturgeon or the ESSEMPEE – as if the rest of us (except for us vile cybernats) had anything whatsoever to do with those nasty, nasty radical, disobedient pols that we elected.

    The second point – there is one total giveaway in the text that shows that the author strongly disapproves of the Catalan independence movement. That giveaway is the word “separatist”. I expect I’m preaching to the converted here, but it’s a word that should be held up to the light and examined carefully so that you can tell exactly what it means.

    The source for those quotes was, surprise, surprise, the BBC:

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    1. Blast, yet another proofreading fail: “…as if the rest of us (except for us vile cybernats) had NOTHING whatsoever…”. Apologies in advance for all the others which I haven’t spotted yet, and have decided not to look for anyway.

      I am suffering from a serious low blood caffeine situation, obviously.

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    2. I just find it hard to see why the Spanish government would think that a long term solution can be found in forcing people not to vote in a referendum.

      Short term they may thwart the wishes of the people but it’s not a solution for any more than a few weeks maximum.

      All they will do is make very moderate people, who love Catalonia and feel Catalonian, but still feel some allegiance to Spain, start to question their Spanishness.

      Seriously, would anyone be proud to be Spanish at the moment?

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        1. Those photies remind me of nothing more than Wenceslas Square during the Velvet Revolution.

          If someone can wheech me down to George Square when we have to turn up in force there, please do. Always happy to look after other people’s thermoses and sangwidges!

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      1. I’ve caught a bit of the flavour of the Spanish nacionalistas’ propaganda / cartoonery and whatnot – it’s worse even than we get. There is a particular strain of it that purports to show that Catalunya never existed as a separate nation / sovereign State, all of it saying that the Catalan case for being a nation is founded on lies, and failing to take on board the fact that that doesn’t really matter – sure, falsehoods should be eliminated where possible, but at this stage it doesn’t particular matter to you or to me whether yer actual Bruce ever actually saw an actual spider in an actual cave trying to spin an actual web, for example.

        The other thing is that the same arguments can equally easily be turned on their heads and used to show why the Spanish State is founded on a lie, and by their own argument has no reason to exist either…

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  2. What is it with Tory politicians that they seem to have to go to very far away places to deliver a message intended for domestic consumption (SNP bad etc).
    The suppression of democracy by a crypto fascist government in Spain being played down by the British state broadcaster should tell us all about the philosophy and policies of those in charge of it (BBC that is).
    Presumably,they and their political masters approve of the actions taken by the Rajoy administration.
    Seem to remember Colonel Davidson having secret meetings with the Rajoy party during our referendum,so now we know what to expect.

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    1. The UK Tories have, if I’m not mistaken, a much more dubious bunch of allies in the European Parliament, where the Spanish Partido Popular are part of the wider European People’s Party – centre-right, Christian democratic, that sort of thing. This cannot be going down well at all with, say, the Bavarian CSU MEPs – if they’re happy with the Spanish PP’s conduct right now, I’ll eat their Lederhosen.

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  3. He lies by the Ebro in far away Spain,
    He died so that freedom and justice might reign;
    Remember young Foyers and others of worth,
    And don’t let one fascist be left on this earth.

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  4. The only friend Westminster/England has is Trump. Scotland must get out of the union with England as quickly as possible.

    I wonder how many would have turned out to see Nicola Sturgeon speaking in the UN? More than turned up to hear May, I bet.

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    1. Well, I think she’s chummy with Erdogan, Netanyahu and Salman too.

      Nasty lot of friends she has.

      I’m certain many more would have turned out for Nicola who’s made quite a name for herself.

      This was a severe embarrassment both for May personally and for her UK.

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      1. The UK is far closer to becoming a pariah State than our meeja would allow you to believe. Decent English folk must be having a pretty hard time of it outside the UK, in some ways anyway – like with Americans, you can’t imagine why anyone would want to support Trump and you don’t want to know them if they do, with English people you as a European can’t imagine anyone except some bloody neofascist type / idiot supporting the appalling bunch of killer clowns who make up the vile Westminster regime we have at the moment. Very difficult for decent English folk, to have to distance themselves from that all the time. At least we Scots can simply say “I’m not English”.

        Lots of Americans say of His Orangeness, “Not My President”. I suppose I do the same sort of thing when I refuse to share in the embarrassment that is the May regime by thinking “not my Prime Minister, not my Government, not my country”. No doubt some persons of a Yoonish persuasion would tell me I’m wrong on all three counts, but nowadays, if they were to add “Get over it”, they might live to regret it.

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        1. It is the kind of way I feel about it too Ed.

          I can look on with a certain detachment and when any friends from elsewhere question me about it, I can genuinely say that it’s not my government.

          Of course it is, but my country didn’t vote for it. I know I’m British, but I have no attachment to that and therefor feel less involved…less responsible.

          You could argue that Fluffy is our representative in the UK government, but in honesty I don;t see him as that any more than I would have thought of the Viceroy as being the Indian representative in the British government.

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          1. Some old git going by the name of Edward Freeman has a comment in today’s national about Mundell and the position of Secretary of State for Scotland. God, that man doesn’t know the meaning of the word “brevity”! Anyone of a masochistic turn of mind is welcome to read it – shortened URL:
            In full:

            Actually, there’s quite a lot of really good commentary before you get to the totally teejus Tedward, so it’s worth have a look at it for that, if you haven’t already.

            We note that Fluffy is in Argentina – not so much corned beef, though, more like corny beefcake (hah! As if!), and they’re welcome to him, really.

            P.S. Teejus Ted is also known for truly dreadful and totally strained wordplay which is best ignored.

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            1. I’ll away and have a read. Danke.

              As for Fluffy, does anyone actually care where he is. The National is moaning that Scotland doesn’t have a voice in the cabinet with him gone.

              I’d say that probably the only difference him being gone makes is that Mabel has to take the tea round the cabinet.


            2. For anyone who can’t get the comment in the National, here its entirety.

              Bravo Mr F

              It is not possible for anyone, least of all Mr. Mundell, to represent both the UK Government in Scotland, and Scotland at Westminster. Apart from a significant lack of clarity as to what is meant by the term “Scotland” in that second role, for one person to perform both tasks without a conflict of interest would require an identity of interests between both roles, and that is clearly a nonsense.

              I call again for the Scottish Government to propose to our Parliament that we formally withdraw recognition of anyone not appointed or approved by our Government as our representative in or to the Westminster Government. Only if we in Scotland can nominate, appoint or elect someone to represent us at Westminster can they truly be described as our representative. We have our MPs, yes, but – they have no Cabinet role. Mr. Mundell’s role in the Cabinet is, for better or for worse, scarcely any more prominent.

              The dual role of the Secretary of State for Scotland has always been a logical nonsense. It is now clearer than ever that our interests are not being served by having a Secretary of State for our country who both reports to a Government that we reject, and acts on its instructions. The role of the Secretary of State is in fact a quite nakedly colonial role, and the current, near diametrical opposition between Holyrood and Westminster has made that fact glaringly obvious.

              To make proper sense of relations between Scotland and the rUK, either the whole UK needs a proper Constitution establishing the proper rights and responsibilities of each of its component parts, or Scotland needs its independence. In the case of independence, all the well worn, tried and tested modes and methods of interaction between friendly neighbouring States are available to choose from, in cooperation with our neighbour.

              On the other hand, no one reading these words will be in the least surprised when I say that the time for a “federal” solution – or even a confederal one – is for better or worse long gone already, and by none of Scotland’s doing, whether we mean by “Scotland” the Scottish people, the Scottish Government, or both. In evidence of that fact, I give you the Smith Commission.

              I do not like to make ad hominem remarks, but I find Mr. Mundell’s positions and actions in relation to his country and his post indefensible. I understand that he believes that Scotland was “extinguished” in 1707, necessarily begging the question of what it is exactly what he thinks he is representing, and to whom. Under any interpretation, that point of view is incompatible with any pretence of “representing Scotland”. It is yet more logic-defying nonsense.

              The second distastefully ad hominem remark I believe I must make is that rather than defend Scotland’s interests – the interests of the Scottish people, that is – Mr. Mundell seems to go out of his way to traduce them, and even when he does give the appearance of sticking up for us poor, stupid wee Jockanese, as over Barnett funds for Scotland to match the foul-smelling billion-pound bung to Arlene Foster’s bunch of homophobic, sectarian bigots, he is instantly overruled by his paymasters at Westminster.

              In a nutshell, even when Mr. Mundell contrives not to be positively toxic to his native country’s interests, he is about as much use to it as a chocolate teapot.

              I wish the man well on a personal level, but as a Secretary of State he is a walking disaster in a ridiculous, pointless post, fulfilling a role chosen for him and thrust upon us, with no choice in the matter for any of us here in Scotland.

              It is of course true, trivially, that times have changed since 1707. That fact nevertheless appears to have been overlooked in one major respect. In 1707, it took 10 or 11 days to travel between London and Edinburgh by road, and there was an evident need for some figure to act as the London Government’s voice in Scotland and with the power to act in the London Government’s name but not necessarily on its direct instructions.

              That post has been made redundant by time and technology, and in any case we have seen what happens when Mr. Mundell strays even the merest fraction of a millimetre from the Westminster Party line. If the Westminster Government needs to say something to the Scottish Government, there is a case for having a contact person. There is no case whatsoever for having a messenger boy.

              We can be pretty sure that our contact person for Westminster in Scotland would at least answer the phone when it rang, unlike whoever was supposed to be listening out for the hotline which Ms. May ordered set up for urgent consultations between the First Minister of Scotland and Ms. May’s merry Minister for Red, White and Blue Brexiting. That failure to answer the phone is very much a symbol and an example of the Westminster Government’s attitude to our voice, our wishes, and our democratic will.

              Please, let us make it official: Mr. David Mundell does not represent to the Westminster Government, either the people of Scotland, or the interests of the people of Scotland, or the Government of the people of Scotland.


    2. I long for the day when it happens… that opening chunk of the General Assembly is dedicated to addresses by Heads of State and of Government, and until Scotland is a State, it can’t have its own Head of State or Head of Government of a State… Trump gets to speak because he’s an Executive Head of State Member of the United Nations (correct UN terminology, don’t ask), the fragrant Ms. May gets to speak because she’s the Head of Government of a State whose Head of State is non-Executive… all further questions should be addressed to the Protocol people on the second (first) floor of the UN HQ building, I’ll show you where if you promise to buy me a drink in the Delegates’ Lounge afterwards.

      Ach well. A boy can dream…

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      1. Blast – I meant, I look forward to the day when Nicola Sturgeon addresses the GA. I’d have loved to be Scotland’s first Permanent Representative at the UN, but I’m far too far past my sell-by date for that now.

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  5. Fellow socialists um obviously not tris
    or conan( or maybe there is some corner
    of him forever free) and nor brownlie
    and many many nats.

    Have been watching on the PSB channel
    The Scots Who Fought Franco
    recommend highly
    Of Course if you were to try that today
    you would be classed as a terrorist and
    put into gaol.

    There is something wrong in the body body politic
    in the world today or was it ever thus.
    Mad cowardly draft dodging President Trump
    threatens to “totally destroy ” North Korea.
    (obviously nuclear destruction stops at the
    force field at the border of North Korea )

    I mean is that not an intent to annihilate
    the innocent civilian population as Hitler
    once said about the Russian peoples.

    If that is not a intent commit to a crime against
    humanity then what is. Perhaps he has been watching
    TV as he does avidly and seen the atrocities in
    Myanmar and thinks wow how that is just
    the most biggest atrocity ever I must get in
    and do even better than that.
    please the base !!

    Trump unpatriotic deferments records

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    1. Old Trump. What a complete disaster of a man.

      Of course Obama was too young to serve and George W Bush got a pass coz he got into the Texas Rangers. I think Bill managed to get his draft deferred… till it was all over probably.

      Trump’s speech was some sort of mix of fantastical and utterly disgusting.

      No one knows what Mayhem was saying. I don’t think anyone was listening.

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      1. Well, not quite true… some of my former colleagues would have had to listen to her in order to write the Verbatim Record of the meeting. Those are in the series A/72/PV.xx, meaning [General] Assembly / 72nd session /procès-verbal . meeting number. Procès verbal meaning a written statement or record of various kinds in your actual French, the verbatim report to those of us in the trade.

        You can get those on line through, but I see they’re a lot slower to come out than they were in my day. Budget cuts…

        For a more immediate reading, you can see what my pals in the UN Press Office had to say about it. Bunch of jokers. One of’em still owes me $100. Anyway – you can read what they had to say about the fragrant Ms. May’s statement in the so-called General Debate HERE:

        I noticed one flat-out lie in the first two paragraphs, in amongst all the pious mouthings, arrant hypocrisy and meanness, and then I felt neither strong enough nor interested enough to read on. Who cares, indeed. The lame duck leader of a bonkers, destructive regime that has turned the UK into a laughing-stock when it’s not simply an object of loathing…

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      1. I was there and before and after
        I never gave up on. The workers revolution
        Unlike SOME

        You recall this Conan is there still some part of
        You Socialist

        To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service

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  6. Watching the Castilian Spanish oppress
    the Catalonian region gives me a queasy
    feeling in me stomach.

    Mayhap all traitors with a tiny
    smidgeon of decency endure
    still the warn feeling of ermine
    can assuage such thoughts
    so I am told our noble lords

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    1. Actually, in another story, I see our noble lords have been putting away the expenses something shocking. Some of them cost us around £25,000 and yet made little or no contribution to parliament.

      Time to bin them.

      I think queasy is rather an understatement, Niko.


  7. Tris

    What is happening is disgusting and here in Scotland we should be taking notice because I believe that Westminster would do even more than even the Spanish Government are. If Westminster decides there will be no Indy2 I would not put it past them to suspend Holyrood etc. The SNP/YES movement do need to have plans in place and that must include ending the treaty of union. I understand that constitutional issues are reserved to Westminster but who cares, the Scottish Parliament of old signed the treaty and the Scottish Parliament of now can end it is my way of thinking, no matter how wrong I am legally, morally that has to be the case. But what we are now seeing is how the old colonial powers operate and that is very much the British way.


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      1. They’d bloody well better. In my considered opinion, it’s pretty much a dead cert that rather than negotiate with the fractious devolved assemblies, They will either shut them down or turn them into glorified local authorities – if that, because I predict that Their pretext and pretence will be that all the disasters and catastrophes reported in the propaganda and blamed on the ESSEMPEEBAD Scottish Government are actual facts, and Westminster has had to step in for the sole reason of saving the long-suffering Scottish people from their own elected representatives, and their own stupidity in electing them.

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        1. Aye, well, I’d not put that past Maybot.

          If she does, she’ll find herself face to face with Munguin, and he’ll be in a bad mood. And she won’t like that!


    1. I am as sure as I can be that the Westminster regime will go beyond simply ignoring Holyrood (and Cardiff) if they feel they have to. On the other hand, simply ignoring us has actually worked quite well for them so far. I suppose it’s possible that they have in fact realized that taking positive action to suppress our dissenting voices would be counterproductive – this is something that Rajoy and his shower don’t seem to have grasped. It’s typical of that mindset, of course: thinking you can coerce, threaten and bully people into submission, the tried and tested methods of gangsters and crooks everywhere since the year dot. However, this time round, it will be far more difficult for them to get away with it in today’s highly interdependent world.

      It’s also further proof that we Scots absolutely must have our referendum before the UK actually Brexits, because once free of the restraining influence of our European partners, we can expect any referendum on independence to be either banned outright, or the franchise tampered with to maximum effect, and even if we do succeed in voting and we do succeed in getting a majority for Yes, Westminster will feel free to ignore it and us anyway. After all, the Queen in Parliament is completely sovereign, eh? Can’t have us hairy-legged wee Jockanese casting any doubt on that, now can we? And as the Parliament has been neutered by Theresa Henry VIII May, that means, what the Tory Government wants, it gets – and probably only a revolt by its own backbenchers can stop it.

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      1. Just one question on that, Ed.

        The Uk will still be members of the Council Of Europe, I’m assuming.

        I’m not sure if they have any real power, but wasn’t it they (not the EU) who demanded devolution?

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        1. Yes, but the Westminster regime in its breathtaking arrogance cares absolutely nothing for any prior treaty obligations, and in its impenetrable stupidity may not even know it has them. The business of its treatment of disabled people is just one example – they’re in breach of treaty obligations on that, it is very clear. As they’re willing – or just barking enough – to countenance the next best thing to economic suicide, we really, really cannot afford to put anything past them.

          It doesn’t give a fig for international condemnation or opprobrium – the UN report on its treatment of disabled people is, as I said, just one example.

          I just read that in May’s forthcoming address in Florence – the preparatory meeting for which Mundell missed – NO senior EU figures are planning to be there, only minor officials. It might be more accurate to say that they’re deliberately planning not to be there. In other words, the Europeans are basically sending the UK Prime Minister, and the UK regime in general, to Coventry – if you’ll forgive the phrase.

          The empty GA hall in New York when May spoke was equally indicative of the views of the world’s governments generally. In my years at the UN in New York, I cannot recall ever seeing anything quite like it… though there always used to be a fuss and people walking out when Israel got called to podium, and another similar fuss when the PLO (as it was then) got a chance to say anything at all.

          The UK and its regime are being shunned.

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          1. Thanks for that. Certainly {President Abas got a better reception that Mayhem.

            I guess the REAL truth is that what Abas has to say actually matters, in the same way (but to a lesser extent) as President Trump.

            What May says doesn’t matter. She’s a boring (and lying) representative of a has been country.


  8. Very difficult to do much other than civil disobedience, appeal to the EU courts? If the EU doesn’t stand up for Catalonia then it will be shown to be pretty useless. Wastemonster will be further emboldened.
    I would have thought the threat of EU sanctions of some sort might be the go. Not that they would be of any effect to a Brexiting UK, that tried the same clampdown with its Northern partner.

    Incidentally there has been nothing about Catalonia on TV news here either.

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    1. That’s interesting.

      Of course it is on the other side of the world. Maybe it’s not that important in your corned or the world.

      You’ve got a wee nutter letting off missiles, and and Orange Faced moron threatening him with obliteration…

      I suspect that sanctions may be applied… and the PM may be told he’s breaking Council of Europe guidelines on democracy of minorities.


  9. The TV news here is going on about the “Danger of North Korea”. The history tells you why NK is pursuing Nukes. In the Korean war the North was winning until the US joined in. They quickly ran out of military targets so they just obliterated the cities ie left them 95% rubble, killed 20% of the population. US was only stopped and pushed back when China stepped in. No-one alive today in NK does not have an ancestor killed by Uncle Sam. This is why they want Nukes, to protect themselves against the US.
    Given this history what would you do in Kim Jung’s position?

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    1. That’s interesting K.

      I should have read my history a little more carefully.

      But to be fair, what I would do was quietly hate America, but spend the money on feeding people safe in the knowledge that China would look after me….


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