Correction, here’s what it means for you for a few months, till the UK leaves all that behind. Don’t you love that, although it is an EU/Canada treaty, somehow the EU flag has disappeared and another, relatively unassociated one, has replaced it? Odd that! A mere oversight, soon to be corrected, I suspect.


But don’t get too attached to the jobs. Remember that in March 2019 they will dry up… Oh, and I see they haven’t removed the UK flag and replaced it with the other signatory to the treaty yet. Sure to happen soon, though. Don’t worry. It’s in the “capable” hands of Liam.


Progressive you say? Taking people and the environment into account, you say?

Oh dear no. That would never do.

No, leave that nonsense to the progressive go ahead countries in the world. Much better for us to stay with the good old days of Empire where folk knew their place, we knew where we were and what was what.

But, strangely, still no one in Liam’s department has sorted the flags thing out. Probably too busy with plans for the royal yacht that Liam’s going to sail around the world on accompanied by Kate Middleton.

But wait! Having Tweeted this last night, the Department for International Trade, more of which you can read about here, removed these tweets this morning. They must have seen the flag error at last.

Or maybe someone pointed out to them that rejoicing in the good fortune of Europe, fortune the UK will not benefit from for more than a few months, only made the UK look sadder and more lonely and isolated.

Still, maybe Liam will sort out his royal yacht and sail off into the sunset, Kate at his side and retake the Empire for his Queen.

I wonder if William will hang out with Adam while they are off on their adventures.


  1. It has come to my intention that the real effective opposition to Theresa May and her lunatic Brexit suicide wish is the Senior Civil Service.

    By deniable accident, of course.

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    1. Just as well there actually is an opposition, although as she’s more or less discarded parliament there’s not a lot of point in Jeremy honing his skills.


      1. There is a real catastrophe coming up for T May out of Bruxelles and, just maybe, Boris could be trying to get sacked so he can emerge smelling of Dettol from the back benches like de Gaulle or Churchill to rescue the Tory Party and get himself the Trident launch codes? (last bit was a joke)

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        1. Whichever way it ends up for May… no deal where Britain is plunged into economic disaster and isolation with hundreds of agencies needed and long waits at customs… or a deal where Britain virtually stays in the EU without having a seat at the top table (Norway/Iceland/Liechtenstein style) she is going to ahve people gunning for her.

          She’s much too incompetent to survive, and in my opinion has only been left in post because no one wants the poison chalice at the moment.

          As you say, when 2019 comes round it will be a different tin of treacle.

          And Boris (God help us) is just waiting for her to be punted.

          He may well be disappointed she didn’t sack him. Or maybe he is waiting to resign spectacularly at the Tory Conference.

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            1. I suspect, Panda, it would be better for Boris to wait until she has hanged herself on a rope of her own incompetence, and then he can offer his services to his queen and country. I’d very much like it if he didn’t offer them to my country.

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          1. There are so many theories about this. One is that he desperately wants to be leader and he sees an opportunity. Another is that he wants to extricate himself from the mess before the proverbial hits the fan. Yet another is that he often just opens his mouth and words spill out by the dozen without any meaning or forethought. File that one under the “Boris is Boris” category. Finally, there’s the old chestnut that he is a truly appalling human being who will do anything to stay relevant except for his job as Foreign Secretary.

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            1. I suppose they are all possible. I wonder though if the UK, especially at this time, should have a foreign secretary who just opens his mouth and lets words tumble out…

              I’m not sure that it makes a whole lot of difference though.

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    1. Aye, Panda, that was what I meant. His country (England) is welcome to him. If he’s the best they have, heaven help them.

      On the other hand, we have far better. So I’d prefer him to limit his generosity of spirit to the country to which he owes his allegiance. (A pound spent in Croyden…)


  2. Does it really matter which one is PM? As we already know there’s none of them capable of running the show, never mind the fact that there are so many different forces in play it would be difficult for a competent person to sort this one out. If one were available.

    England and Wales have been led down the garden path by the right wing media and euro-hating Torys. They are hell bent on dragging the rest of us down with them.

    We are suffering at the hands of a by and large talentless professional political class who are now (tremble) being asked to earn their corn and come up with the goods but they are sorely lacking.

    We’re being well and truly stuffed and that’s the obvious but painful truth.



    1. Not sure that it does.

      As you so rightly say, even a clever, talented, insightful politician would have a job sorting out this complete mess.

      Looking at the list, not one, or even a collection of them, is capable of even starting to sort out the massive job in front of them. We are6 months into an 18-month process and as far as I can see NOTHING has been achieved. They don;t even know what they are trying to achieve, except some airy-fairy dream of having a cake and eating it and then eating again and still having it, only this time it’s got icing on it in red white and blue.

      They are stuffed regardless of which way they turn. They are falling to pieces. Open warfare as the total right wing nut jobs like Gove and Grayling back Boris and the timider are sticking with Tessy in case she does survive to do another reshuffle.

      They chose a wrongun, but then the choice was her, Gove, Boris, IDS, and that dimwit Leadsom (who has blocked me on Twitter…the cheek!)

      Whichever way it goes, in the end, a massive number of people are going to feel ripped off; a big enough number to be troublesome.

      And David Cameron has waltzed off into semi retirement having broken his party and quite possibly his country.

      I remember Nicola Sturgeon saying that she had warned him that he could lose the referendum.

      “Don’t be silly”, he replied.


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      1. Imagine Dave and Tony playing chess of an evening but they keep falling out because they both want to be Death.

        Tony’s got my vote, but hey it’s not a democracy.

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  3. The carefully created image over a long period that England’s Tories represented competence and prudence has now been completely deconstructed.
    Perhaps England’s long love affair with the Tories may be coming to an end.
    Then again,what are their other options?

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    1. I really don;t think it will. After 17 years of Tory misrule Scotland had NO Tory MPs, but England only voted Labour because Tony Blair promised them a diet of Tory lite.

      Gordon Brown even kept Ken Clarke’s fiscal regulations for the first few years.

      As you say, their options are pretty limited.

      The Labour party is sill split down the middle and although the cries for Corbyn to go have abated for now, we never hear much of the old grandees that were Blair’s main men. And what is their position on Europe…anyone know?

      As for the Liberals, I’ve just seen their Party Broadcast! I’ve never seen such patronising crap in my life.

      Let’s talk down to the youth.


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