a cheek!
Munguin’s second cousin, twice removed, Bungleguin, is standing for leader of the Scottish Accounting Unit. 



18 thoughts on “WELL…THE DAMNED CHEEK!!!”

  1. Who wants to be a Labour leader ?
    I don’t
    Who wants to lead the bottom feeders ?
    I don’t.
    Who’s up for playing second fiddle to Ruth ?
    To follow the Mooth
    In bending the truth ?
    Who wants to be a Labour leader ?
    Why has Kezia gone when we most need her ?
    Who wants to be a Labour leader .
    I don’t for all I want is OOT !

    Don’t know why a certain tune came to mind…..

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    1. LOL… I’m not sure that being a branch office leader makes you a millionaire…

      But probably Anas is anyway… and the bloke from Yorkshire went to a posh public school, so I guess he’s not hard up either.

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  2. Well I saw that on twitter and did wonder if Munguin had a distant cousin or whether he had been abducted by SLAB and the stress had had an adverse affect on his appearance.

    Glad to hear it’s not the latter.

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  3. My gast was completely flabbered! Then I realised it was photoshopped. Munguin should get you to protest loudly on his behalf though, some people may think it is real.

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        1. I wish. I’m sure the last line to his will says something about £5 to my faithful retainer, Price-Williams.

          Hearty, huh? Coming, as it does, just under his bequest to the Cats’ Home.


  4. Well, after all, it’s Scottish Labour. If you could scroll down the picture, you’d almost certainly find a large Corbynite hand up Sarwar’s arse waving the arms and making the mouth open and shut. As to Bungleguin, I’d heard of rogue elephants but this is the first I’ve encountered a rogue penguin. Mind you, SLAB should maybe adopt a penguin as symbol of their policies – they just don’t fly either.

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  5. When I first saw it, I thought, “That’s never who I think it is, is it?” Fortunately, it wasn’t. Please reassure Mr. Munguin that he will always remain the object of my devotion, and comfort him with the thought that even the best families have a Bungleguin or an Anas among them. Into every life a little rain must fall, eh? Not to mention flies in ointment.

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