On Munguin’s Republic, we are not of the type that thinks Scotland is perfect. Far from it.

We don’t get teary eyed about hills and glens and the bonnie purple heather. We love it, but there are bonnie hills and glens all over the world and yes, there’s even heather.


calluna vulgaris
Calluna Vulgaris grows all over Iceland


We don’t take the attitude that Scots are better, or friendlier, nicer, kinder, better looking or anything else, than other folk. We’ve travelled a bit and we know that is just nonsesnse. There are lovely people, and awful ones, the world over. From Albania (we remember the little boy who gave us a hand -painted scene on a piece of wood and refused to take anything for it) to Zambia (we remember the guy who we helped to get into work and who came around after his first pay day with a massive box of biscuits).


But there’s something comforting in the knowledge that our government is trying to maintain good relations and as close ties as Westminster will let us with the rest of our continent, while the government in Westminster seems determined to pull the UK away into desperate isolation.


We’re content that while they sell weapons to whatever terrorist government will buy them, apparently no questions asked, and no eyes raised at the number of civilian and child casualties, and they rush to war to prove that they are important and punch above their weight,  we both metaphorically, and literally, build bridges.


Munguin looks forward to driving over the bridge in the very near future.

23 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY IS BRIDGE DAY”

    1. Lord, they change their leaders rather a lot, don’t they? How many is that they’ve had since 1997?

      How many since 2014?

      And every time they have got less first ministerial.


      Anas would be another step in that direction. I imagine Jeremy would want to see Niel there.


    1. The only people threatening a hard border with an independent Scotland are you unionists.
      We are very happy with the idea of continuing to trade and communicate with anyone els4 who wishes to do so.
      It is the English establishment and their supporters here in Scotland that are suggesting this.
      In their minds,unless Scotland is under their control,they are going to threaten us with border controls,bomb our airports,bar us from entry to any international organisations and anything else they don’t approve of.
      Some union!

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    2. Er… no. We don’t want a wall, Niko. If there’s not going to be a wall between Norniron and the Republic, why on earth would anyone want of their own free will to put one up between Scotland and England? (Or between Scotland and Norniron, for that matter, except there’s already a ditch, I suppose.)

      In Scotland we also didn’t want a Brexit referendum in the first place, and when we got one anyway, we voted 62:38 to stay in Europe. As we voted to stay in the UK in 2014, and it looks like we are not going to be allowed to have both under the current antidemocratic and absolutist regime at Westminster, then we have to have an independence referendum so that the Scottish people can answer the question that we have been faced with – a question we did not want to be asked in the first place.

      It was not the SNP who decided to try to stay in the EU, it was the Scottish people. It is not the fault of the Scottish people or of the Scottish Government if the Westminster regime refuses to heed the decisions of the democratically elected Scottish Parliament, and decides resolutely to ignore the clearly expressed wishes of the Scottish people. The regime has failed even to acknowledge the Scottish Government’s proposals that would enable Scotland to remain in the EU while also remaining in the UK. It has in effect only acknowledged receipt of it, and then Ms. May said, on the matter of the independence referendum which a failure to negotiate on those proposals would necessarily entail, said simply, “Now is not the time”.

      This is a far from satisfactory answer to a real constitutional problem. Her airy dismissal of the matter was doctrinaire, stupid, ignorant, and arrogant. It is the same attitude that lost the UK Ireland.

      The Westminster regime has failed to recognize that in offering proposals that would allow Scotland to stay in both the UK and the EU, thus giving effect to the decisions of the Scottish people in both 2014 and 2016, the Scottish Government was attempting to solve a real problem, not one it had cooked up on the spot out of sheer badness. It is not our fault if Nicola Sturgeon had to go on air to point out that another independence referendum could be held in the light of the material change in circumstances represented by Brexit. She should not have needed to. If the regime had paid any attention to the proposals by the Scottish Government, if it had even bothered to take on board the manifesto on which the SNP Government was elected and re-elected, the Westminster regime would have not needed to be told.

      It is a mystery to me why so many members of the regime simply refuse to take on board what their civil servants must surely know and must surely try to tell them. Or were they only pretending to be surprised? About that, I am at least as much in the dark as anyone.

      You may be surprised to learn that the Kingdom of Denmark has some bits that are in the EU, and some bits that aren’t, so obviously it’s possible for Scotland to be a part of the United Kingdom that stays in the EU. The SNP and the Scottish Government have been working in good faith, and recognizing and abiding by the result of the 2014 referendum – even though it is blindingly obvious that we were taken for a ride over it by the Unionist camp – to try to square the circle of the “stay in the UK” vote of 2014 and the “stay in the EU” vote in 2016. The difficulties are all being raised on the Unionist side, for reasons best known to themselves – though I think it’s purely the ESSEMPEEBAD knee-jerk reflex that tells them to reject any proposal at all, of any kind, by the SNP Government. And the aforementioned boneheaded ignorance and arrogance that is so characteristic of that obnoxious regime at Westminster.

      So, Niko, I will not let you get away with saying the SNP want to erect a wall with England, because it is simply not true. Whose interests would be served by it, Niko? It is not the SNP who want to reduce the UK to beggary by cutting our links with our European trading partners, with nothing to put in their place, because that would definitely be bad for Scotland too. The Scottish people do not want a wall with England. It would be bad, for us, and for the rUK. Why should we want one? It makes no sense. The SNP don’t want a wall either. The Scottish people do not want to cut our ties with Europe. Neither does the SNP.

      In Scotland, the Scottish people decide, and the SNP Government tries to give effect to those decisions, to the extent that it can, both practically and legally. Everyone knows what the SNP stands for, and what it would like, but in Government it has NOT declared independence already, nor have its MPs at Westminster, even if Margaret Thatcher herself said that an SNP majority among the Scottish MPs at Westminster would be sufficient for Scotland to become independent. The reason for that is not just Realpolitik, it is because the principle is clear: in Scotland, the people are sovereign, not the monarch, not the Scottish Government, and certainly not Westminster.

      Now, who exactly is it whose actions and policies might or could, possibly or probably, result in those two undesirable things – a wall with England, and severing our links with Europe – coming to pass, despite the best efforts of the Scottish Government, and against the democratically expressed will of the Scottish people?

      And Niko – the answer is not “the SNP”.

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      1. Can’t add much to that brilliant put piece.

        Except maybe to say that the notion of coming out of the world’s biggest trading block was mad, and even the prime minister of the day knew that to be true.

        But he went ahead with a referendum which he MUST have known would be fought in the tabloids over immigration and dislike of foreigners.

        He failed to point out, or at least to convince people of his argument for Europe, the single market, the customs union, and he failed to make mincemeat of the idiotic arguments about £350m a week for the NHS, or that “foreigners” were talking all the jobs that hardworking decent English families, or British families could have.

        It would have been easy. The figures are there for all to see.

        The £350m was a fiction. The jobs argument was a fiction.

        And the notion that massive economies would be rushing to strike trade deals with the UK, some of them promised within months, was fantastical.

        This whole thing was about saving his sorry arse from Nigel Farage and his pound shop racists.

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  1. Strangely enough it’s always British nationalists in Scotland that get all dewy eyed about the glens and bonnie heather.

    Just a wee addition to the last post on Corbyn. Lots of us taken in by a Labour leader who seems a nice bloke and who promises a new politics. 1997 all over again.

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    1. I am reminded of hearing Billy Connolly point out, concerning a well-know jolly “Scottish” song that includes the phrase “marching through the heather” – that it was total rubbish, because no one can march through heather, because it won’t let you. His theory, if I remember right, was that all “Scottish” songs of a certain vintage were actually written by professional songwriters down in Lunnon who’d never actually been to Scotland.

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