It’s my favourite rendition. Somehow the enthusiasm of the players matches my feelings of pride when I hear it, and the uncertainty of where exactly the music is leading us to reflects perfectly the atmosphere of “lost and abandoned” that a lot of us feel.


But the question is, do the Libyans know that the mad mop head that just arrived from London isn’t actually the Queen of England?

And are the Libyan people suitably grateful for the intervention of Britain (and France and the USA) in their affairs?




  1. “But the question is, do the Libyans know that the mad mop head that just arrived from London isn’t actually the Queen of England?”

    Not the Queen, just the Fool.

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  2. Interesting arrangement and some virtuoso little solos in there, although I never had much of an ear for progressive jazz myself.


  3. You mentioned that scary clown BoJo, Tris! I am feeling fragile, so I shall not investigate further at this point… Maybe I should go to the police (or ask that nice Constable Ali, who so ably assisted me in the Case of the AWOL Wallet, to come round and see me again) and complain about BoJo’s malicious campaign of harassment against me as a Scottish disabled person. Well, him and all the other members of the regime, I suppose, but of course the fragrant Siobhan McFadyen has shown us the way, with the significant difference that my charges are valid ones!

    I take it that I can rely on Mr. Munguin’s support as an authoritative amicus curiae, and doughty ally in the struggle for truth, justice, and the Caledonian way?

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  4. Worth bearing in mind that the competent musicians from the Libyan Army band have probably been killed over the past few years, largely as a result of British military interference in their state.

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