It sounds a bit like “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, but I remember my father saying something about politicians which went… “you play ball with me, and I’ll hit you over the head with the bat.”

That seems more likely to me. Be wary.



I see that after a protracted period of donning camouflage gear, hiding in the shadows and being uncustomarily camera shy, Ruth Davidson has emerged to explain to the BBC, and to us, why she has allowed the reinstatement of racist councillors.




She says that everyone must be given a second chance; a chance to change their behaviour. I agree with her. People need a second chance. Even people who are late for m Jobcentre interviews. But it seems to me that the councillors are mature people and that to change their outlooks on race and homophobia, not to mention what is appropriate behaviour online, may take a little time.


I think, had I been Ruth, I’d have seen how the training was going before I welcomed these people back into the fold. But that’s me, and I’m not a Tory.

Oh, and now Ruth, then there’s this MP chappie who made a racist comment today about Travellers and inspired this email from a young traveller. Best get him in for a session on views… and while you’re on it, there’s always Murdo.


You’ve got some right charmers in your party, haven’t you?



She might, while she’s in the mood to speak out,  like to apologise for this. After all, Scots voted to stay in the UK union and to stay in the European union. I certainly know some who changed their mind about independence for Scotland when they were told they would be thrown out of the EU and would find themselves a small country on the edge of Europe, all alone, with no trading partners, apparently waiting in a (non-existent) queue for EU membership.

Then, because we were not independent, Scotland’s substantial vote to remain in the EU was overturned by a very marginal vote in England to leave the EU.


The broad shoulders of the union spat that one back in our faces. We’ve got Darling’s “best of both worlds” sitting here alone and scrambling around for a trade deal, any trade deal, with Donald J Bloody Trump.  Still, Alistair is now a right honourable and noble aristocrat with a great job for life. So all the travails won’t bother him. Privilege of Peerage, don’t you know?

Thanks, Ruth. Your lies facilitated this.


a thick

These broad shoulders don’t half cost a lot when it comes to getting about. So grateful to be part of the United Kingdom.

Labour seems to be determined to blame the SNP for the fact that we have a privatised railway system in Scotland. And that ScotRail is operated by a Dutch company.


The Scottish government, following the Smith Commission, was granted powers to award rail franchises to public sector organisations in the 2016 Act (too late for the last bidding process). Humza is preparing a government bid for a future bidding process.

It strikes me, though, that Labour’s 1997 manifesto for the Uk contained a promise to renationalise the railways which never came to pass when they won… and in the 13 years that they were in power.

Odd that! But in the meantime:




In view of recent discussions about GERS, I thought you might be interested in this article that Iain sent me.




Oh and lastly, but not leastly, this gem…


But, but….

8 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. Spot on, Eddie.

      They are all so hypocritical.

      Boris just plays games. He’s no need of a job. He does it for fun, becasue his connections and wealth mean he can.

      I’m not sure he cares about anything at all.

      It’s quite sickening really.

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  1. Tris, love the pic of TinTin and the Brexit Plan, but I feel that there should also be a hole in the boat, an iceberg on the horizon and circling sharks in the water – did I forget the meteorite?

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  2. I was unable to get your ‘Dutch’ link for the Momentum video to work Tris but I saw it elsewhere. It’s an SNP Baaad cynical pack of lies and misinformation and I actually thought it was a joke video at first. Not only does it employ some shameful stereotyping of the Dutch but it’s followed by a petition to pressure the Scottish Government into doing something it has already undertaken to do. (Mentioned above re rail service provision.)

    If this is what Corbyns about then he’s not worth any bodies vote. Not that he’d ever get mine anyway but the trouble is that many will see this and not check the facts. Nor will our impartial MSM challenge it by supplying them. Momentum certainly isn’t troubling itself with anything so inconvenient as the truth.

    This ridiculous petition is currently sitting at over 5000 mugs.

    There’s a good article about it here:

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  3. The rail comparison is a little misleading as far as Italy goes. The Milan-Bologna fare of £16 looks like a regional train – Frecce fares are much higher although the top level Freccie trains are far faster and technologically advance than HST 125’s.

    Also, there is a wider range of advance off peak, day return and saver fares in the UK (although there are some limited weekend concessions on Freccie). So there is some flexibility (depending on individual circumstances and needs) in the U.K.

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    1. Fair enough, but largely speaking the trains in the UK are more expensive, and from my (admittedly limited) experience in various countries in Europe, less commodious and less efficient, less punctual.

      One of the problems with the variety of train fares here is that no one (including the people who work for the train companies) seems to know much about them. If you phone for information about prices and get details, then phone again and speak to someone else 5 minutes later, you may get very different information.

      Of course I don’t know if nationalisation will sort that. Maybe Brits are just crap at running railways.


  4. Following my previous post, I was pleased to see that the Freccierossa fare from Milan to Bologna is 34.90 euros Economy (limited numbers) or 44 euros regular basic. Paid 40 plus euros a few years back, although on much higher exchange rate. Assuming that pound and euro are now close to parity, these fares neatly match off peak fares London – Bristol next Tuesday of £33 advance and £44 regular single. The Freccierossa however takes 1 hr 02 minutes !

    You do however have a choice of Milan trains – Intercity at 28, other types of Freccie from 30 or so – and the aforementioned regional (infrequent and slow) at 16.90 euros. (You can hardly, if at all, get a regional train from Florence to Bologna but have to travel via a stop at Prato). Tim Parks (Italian Ways) is pretty scathing about regional trains but give me them over a 2 coach Sprinter any day.

    I should perhaps also mention that I have a Senior Railcard so my UK equivalent would be cheaper !

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