Munguin, on hearing of the national disaster that is the silencing of Big Ben for FOUR years, by these dreadful Health and Safety people from the EU, who appear to be worried about deafness in working people (tish tosh), decided that to cheer himself up, it was time that he, like Theresa May, did something plain bad…

Now if his biographer asks him to recount a time when he was really naughty, he will be able to do so without a word of a lie.

So off to the country and to fields of corn, whereupon he ran through the crop, causing the farmers to be very displeased.


Obviously, there are no photographs of him actually doing this as that would count as evidence and he would hate the Fuzz to come knocking at his door. But you can take my word for it. Devastation was caused.

Eat yer heart out Tessy!


        1. J. Galt…….Enjoyed your comment about Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” in the “Give us a sign, Oh Lord” thread. Posted info on the movie.

          It gets worse than this actually.

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          1. I suppose that is what they call “High Camp”, either that or high rise – one or the other – I’m almost tempted to watch the whole thing….almost.

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    1. Ah, yeah. That didn’t really occur to me.

      I haven’t a clue what it’s about. I’ve not read the Herald story.

      I’m sure Stuart will resolve it in the fullness of time, but Munguin won’t be commenting at all.


  1. Isn’t it Munguins’s field? I mean a media mogul like him probably owns lots of Scotland. Like Paul Dacre does… Though Dacre pays his staff!

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    1. No, PP. Now think about it. How naughty is it to run through your own cornfield? I mean the Vicar’s daughter didn’t own cornfields, did he?

      The naughtiness was running through one of the few cornfields that ISN’T yours.

      Plain bad if you ask me.

      Munguin notes the dig (again) about your payments. His understanding that you cashed the cheque and frittered the largess away on trivia… And who would argue with him!


      1. Well I like to think of it as our running joke. There are those who would argue I should have paid you to print my warblings. But the publication was reward enough – well other than pulling your leg that is!

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        1. Running, as in Munguin’s running away from his wage responsibilities.


          Anyway, it’s high time that you were writing more. Munguin understood that the last payment (generous as it was) was for a series of 6 articles.


  2. I kind of admire Munguin. We can, pretty obviously, get behind a stuffed toy, who is a representation of no known animal, but perhaps a few human beings.

    Apart from the real human – trispw – who runs a marvellous and brilliant web site, that I wish more people knew about – Munguin is a right on hero.

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  3. For instance, this web site, which is probably my favourite web site on the planet now has well over 2000 subscribers. You, dear reader, need to advertise your reading enjoyment. Let’s turn 2000 into 20000!

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    1. Hi dc……Tris is simply Mr. Munguin’s first principal assistant. Mr. Muguin has made that quite clear in his rare media interviews, 😉

      BTW dc……I responded to your last comment on the “Give Us a Sign, Oh Lord” thread……with the usual transatlantic time and (sometimes) date delay of course. With the caveat that my opinions on geopolitics and nuclear military policy are worth exactly what Mr. Munguin pays me for publishing rights, perhaps you would care to consult the recent MR archives. 🙂

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      1. Danny,

        If you are interested, you can see my response to your response.

        This could go on ad infinitum!

        I think it depends on what you read and what you adsorb, for instance there is a terribly bad guy in the Kholima – Imphal story, the first person ever to transfer from one submarine to another, a chum of Hitler who Indians do not criticise. A guy called Chandra Bose.

        Here are a few details about him:

        It is an interesting example of nationalism gone wrong.

        Perhaps if Munguins Republic has Indian readers, they could tell me what exactly is admirable about Chandra Bose?

        Pesonally I think he would have sold the entire Indian Sub-continent into slavery to another Imperial Master, but, hey!, that’s just me. The guy was no friend of India.

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  4. If the seemingly perpetually scowling Theresa May ran through a lot of cornfields, would that make her the Grim Reaper? I’m sure Munguin wasn’t actually running destructively through corn – wasn’t it more a case of “Gin a body meet a penguin comin’ through the rye?”

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    1. LOL.

      I’m trying to imagine May having any kind of fun doing anything that did’;t involve cutting benefits, reduce hospital services, putting down foreigners and holding the orange moron’s hand.

      Munguin thinks someone should write a song about that…


  5. I know a corn field when I see it. And that ain’t a corn field! (More clearly seen in the second picture.)

    Clearly that’s a small grain such as wheat. Maybe barley (never seen barley actually.) A cereal grain in much of the world, but in Scotland, used to manufacture strong spirits as I understand it.

    Or oats maybe. In the words of Dr. Johnson’s dictionary:
    “OATS: A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.”

    Corn field indeed!

    FAKE NEWS I say!


    THIS is what a corn field looks like. Thick green shoots, usually taller than a person! On a hot humid night in Iowa, with not a breath of air stirring, you can HEAR the rustling of a growing corn field. As a child, I would LOVE to run out in grandpa’s corn field and get lost among the giant stalks.

    I KNOW my corn! Just saying…….

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      1. OK Conan….I could be wrong about this, but it seems to me that I learned in school some silliness about Europeans and Brits for some damn reason calling just about ANY grain crop “corn.” Wheat can be CORN. Barley can be CORN. And so the early seventeenth century settlers not having a word for maize, just started calling maize CORN.

        I’ve even heard that the famous “Corn Laws” were actually about wheat and rye and what not.

        Well this is all very confusing, and I’d like to settle it here and now. I see absolutely no problem with simply deciding that the Americans have decided that CORN, (which is MAIZE) is the ONLY thing that will henceforth be called CORN….anywhere in the English speaking world. There is no earthly reason that England and Scotland and all of Europe should not fall in line with the American language and usage and end the confusion. 😉

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        1. LOL Danny.

          If you tell Theresa that she can have a Free Trade Deal (no matter how strangling it is) I’m sure that she will allow you guys to call “corn”, “toe nails” or “butter biscuits”, if that is what you want to do.


      1. Tris…..So THAT’S what barley looks like before it becomes Scotch! But let me get this straight. People over on that side of the pond are running around calling this CORN? Geeeeze! 😉

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              1. A lot of the Republicans are still “heeling” to be sure. But not all of them. There’s now an open feud between Trump and Senate Majority leader McConnell (the top Republican in Congress,) who haven’t spoken since a phone call between the two became an angry profanity-laced shouting match.

                It just gets better and better for the “Grand Old Party”…..LOL.


    1. Terry: You have no idea…

      When I were a lad… there was this yellow ball that used to appear in the sky on quite regular occasions throughout the summer months… yes, even in Scotland.

      I suspect that the Conservatives have done away with it.

      Lighs on last night at 6 pm! Seriously.

      At this rate it will be dark all day by mid November.


        1. Our Brexit Bulldog?

          Surely not, he’s going to eat all the gâteaux and the pasteles and Kuchen, not to mention cácaí and still bring it home to share with…admittedly all the super rich.

          Negotiating is his thing, don’t you know… Oh yes.

          I think our problem is that Mrs May is a sunshine eater. To keep up her amazing intellect up to par she requires all the UK sunshine to shine directly on her.

          Without it…. she would be a mere shadow of her formidable self.

          And wouldn’t that be awful?

          Or maybe I should make this the last glass of wine?


  6. I imagine that the main objective of the complaint against Wings is an attempt to silence him and those who support his views on independence. Only time will tell if it works…

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    1. Yes, John. I think that’s probably what’s behind it.

      Stuart is outspoken, to put it mildly. Wings has a massive following. Kezia, unable to counter any of his intellectual or economic arguments, decided to use a crass tweet of his to imply that he was was homophobic.

      As anyone who has read the Ginger Dug article on the subject will tell you, he’s not.

      Kezia was REALLY badly advised to go after that, and most particularly to do so in parliament, where she wasted public time and money on something over which the FM had absolutely no say whatsoever and wasn’t the business of parliament… but did guarantee a wide audience.

      Hopefully it will backfire badly.

      Now someone is trying another way to silence him, or at least to discredit him among his followers.

      I noted that yesterday his Twitter account (on which the alleged offences had been committed) was suspended… and then reinstated.

      I’d suggest that means that Twitter found no reason to block him from continuing to tweet.

      It will be interesting to see if the English police (and courts if it gets that far) will look at the evidence, as I assume Twitter did) or if they will look at the raison d’etre for Wings.

      I suspect that it will be rather like the Michelle Thomson and Chris Law cases.

      If only the same level of attention were being paid to the racist, homophobes and general low life in the Tory ranks, particularly the one who assured his on line correspondent of his “manliness” (shall we say), and was ‘asked’ to stop being a Scout leader as a result.

      But I see that the Colonel is AWOL in the face of these events. Is that not some sort of treasonable offence when you wear the queen’s uniform?

      Anyway, I rather suspect that Wings will come out of these travails, somewhat strengthened and possibly richer.

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      1. It’s a publicity stunt from a z list hack who works for a red-top rag, playing the vulnerable woman being bullied by an evil male cybernat.

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          1. In an earlier diatribe (which I shall spare your long-suffering readers) in the comments section of a certain well-known Scottish national newspaper, I said that if the journalist in question was who I thought she was (she is, at least according to Grousebeater), then she must be even stupider than I had thought, because she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

            She is a sub-Hopkinsian type, a nasty piece of work, in other words, and a serial fabricator of untruths. If Stu Campbell told her to “f*ck off”, you can bet she deserved it, because that is exactly what I wanted to say to her when I read (for the purposes of research) an article by her on the supposed vicious insult to Theresa May offered by Nicola Sturgeon on the occasion of Ms. Em’s flying visit to Bute House shortly after her elevation to the post of Prime Minister.

            The accusation by the fragrant Ms. S- M- writing in, I think, the Sun- Exp-, was a classic of the genre: a Union fleg had been hung upside down or not hung at all or raised after the saltire or some such nonsense. Vicious, vicious SNP! SNP badbadbadbadbad! Bad all the way through! Of course, none of it actually happened, as the final paragraph of the article made clear. So, not a competent piece, even as propaganda.

            However, it worked on at least one person, because I read the piece after reading a “contribution” by some Unionist troll or other, repeating the false accusation. I like Grousebeater’s phrase “accusatory slander”, by the way, and have therefore appropriated it as my own.

            If you happen to be reading this, Ms. S- M-, do please try to have me arrested, and sue me for libel / slander / defamation, or whatever you like to call it, because I know I can show veritas in a Scottish court, and I suspect you know it.

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            1. If indeed it is said person… then she is, as Grouse Beater said, not a journalist but a click bate artist in a low-grade comic publication designed for the extremely hard of thinking.

              Whoever persuaded her into this action was doing her no favours. Still, if it was who I think it was, he has more money than enough to pay damages.

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              1. The whole ludicrous and vexatious accusation may not survive the pre-trial hearing, but if it does, I will certainly contribute to the Wings fighting fund – this is, I believe, a case where the public interest is involved, as real, true and genuine press freedom for a real, true and genuine press is important to us all.

                To put it more simply, if Margaret “we can’t have independence because I don’t want my children in England to become foreigners” Curran thinks Wings is “A new and awful low in Scottish politics”, then I’m all for it.

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  7. Thanks, andimac , for associating Theresa with ‘coming through the rye’ it conjures up an image I’d rather not dwell on!

    Tris, I’m still waiting for your Lord and master to make me an improved offer for the “Soppy Sunday” copy-right! Incidentally is a farthing really worth more than a groat?

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    1. He offered you THAT much….

      Hell’s teeth, he must be softening in his old age.

      I surprised he didn’t send you a bill for the honour of having your suggestion on his page.


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