May even ignores Scottish Tories.


It seems to me that Colonel Davidson’s glory days were short lived. When the Tories became the opposition in Scotland and then won seats in the UK elections, Ruth was the all conquering hero; the golden girl. She could do no wrong.

Then came the deal with Foster. 

Who knows if buoyed by all her successes (and I know that not only didn’t she win anything, in fact, she trailed a dismal second to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in both Edinburgh and London, but it was, without doubt, considerable progress), perhaps she became a bit cheeky with May. It’s hard not to get above yourself when you’ve been relatively successful and your smart ass boss has just made a monumental idiot of hersel;f.


The difference between someone who got £1b and someone who was told to make the tea.


When May had to bribe Foster to the tune of between £1 billion and £1.5 billion to keep herself in power, after her disastrous attempt to show Europe just how strong, stable and red, white and blue she was, there is no doubt that Colonel Davidson was not best pleased.

Davidson made the clear to May, quite rightly, that she wouldn’t tolerate any of the DUP’s loonie right wing, orange, religious claptrap bigotry, and she did it very publicly. Although to be fair there has yet to be any stoning of gays, or beheading those who have had abortions since the DUP have been keeping the Tories in power (so Ruth may have been heeded) it seems that her star has been somewhat diminished.

And now  May’s stuttering, stumbling toady second in command has made it clear that he (read May) doesn’t give a fig what the rt honourable and gallant lady  thinks about desperately needed immigration to Scotland, the UK government is going to press ahead with what England wants.

In the meantime, Mundell made it clear that he wouldn’t allow Northern Ireland to get a shedload of dosh while Scotland got nothing, shortly after which he appeared to suffer from some sort of amnesia on the subject. Arlene got loads of money and an RAF flight home to Belfast, while Nicola Sturgeon was told to use the tradesman’s entrance when she called, and speak to the parlour maid.


Viking Gove


I suppose it would be fair to say that a number of the Tory MPs elected in Scotland were thus chosen because of the Tory hard line on the EU. North East Fishing communities have long considered that the EU quota system to have been responsible for a decline in their living standards. Leaving the EU and getting them their fishing rights back was Tory policy.

Note the tense of the verb.



Conservative Party Conference 2014
I know, there is absolutely no need for a second picture of Gove, but who knows, you’re maybe bothered with mice in the house, and printing out one of these pictures should rid you of them pretty much instantaneously. No, it’s fine… Don’t thank me.


Because, a couple of weeks ago, Wee Govey took himself off to Denmark to reassure the Danes that, of course, they would be able to fish in Scottish waters after the UK left Europe. (Having your cod and eating it?) There was some notion that we actually couldn’t cope with all these fish on our own. Too wee, too poor and too stupid again, I guess

So, yes, the Tories are certainly fighting hard… it’s just that it’s with each other, and not for Scotland.



  1. This post just went up with pictures all OK.
    But I see that the pictures in all the previous posts have disappeared……in both Firefox and Chrome.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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      1. The only pictures I see in Chrome and Firefox are the ones in the most current posting. All the old pictures are gone. Only the file names and the captions remain.

        But now I see that all the current and old pictures ARE showing in Explorer.

        VERY Strange!

        Anyway, FINALLY, I’ve found a use for Internet Explorer! The browser I love to hate.

        Of course if Internet Explorer ever craps out now, I will have to cancel my MR subscription and demand a cash refund. 😉

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        1. This is VERY odd.

          I suspect that,as it is only you who is experiencing these problems, it may be something to do with the fact that Trump could screw up anything.

          Naturally we would be very sad to lose your subscription and hope that it won;t come to that.

          However, we refer you to the terms and conditions supplied to you on your original registration, the ones written in Sanskrit and Ancient Norse, and remind you that there is no word for “refund” in either of these languages.

          We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.



          1. Clearly, Mr. Munguin is taking a hard stand here in insisting on the precise interpretation of the ancient languages in which the terms and conditions are printed. Of course, even if there WERE a word for “refund” in those languages, he would probably not authorize one, pointing out that an actual cash payment must precede a refund for same. 😉

            Indeed, it would not surprise me at all if Trump is found to be responsible for this outrage…….LOL.

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            1. I’d put good virtual money on it being the fault of those groups of Russian hackers, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, who carried out those cyberattacks on the USA at Putin’s behest to help Trump win. They are OBVIOUSLY targeting Mr. Munguin as he will be instrumental in confirming Scotland as the Leader of the Free World that it is OBVIOUSLY destined to be, what with the American Century being over and all, and the Forces of Reaction subverting the good old red white and blue British Bulldog for their own nefarious ends.

              Excuse me, there are some men in white coats knocking at my front door. Whatever can they want? I have no idea. Who’s Angela Merkel anyway?

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                1. Just what is the going rate these days for those black-market narcoroubles and suchlike that are being cashed in under the counter and turned into American real estate in specialized dry cleaners owned by Donald Trump? Here at Schloß Freeman, we were just looking at our basket of currencies and wondering…

                  Not that that does anyone any good, because our basket of currencies is about the size of one of those cheap wee chiffon pokes, the ones with the cutesy-wootsy satiny ribbons, that you occasionally get cheap ear studs in as birthday presents from equally impecunious friends. Donald Trump, of course, probably has not baskets but dirty great hampers full of the stuff, most of it other people’s, as far as I can make out.

                  I apologize for wasting everyone’s time, but I haven’t had any sleep tonight and I decided that everyone else deserved to be just as fed up as I am, which was not very nice of me.

                  I’ll just away and flagellate myself in a corner. Grump.

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                  1. LOL. Content yourself with the knowledge that whilst the three bottom floors of Munguin Towers contain Munguin’s amassed wealth, mine fit onto one of Munguin’s egg cups.

                    I hope you sleep better tonight. Sleepless nights are so debilitating.

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  2. Ruthies party is hand in white glove with the Billy boys here in Lanarkshire. So while she might be all for her own gay rights, your comments about Ruth’s distaste for all the other DUP baggage are decidedly “not proven”.

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    1. Ok, thanks, David.

      I’m sure it was more the personal element of the DUP’s odious policies that Ruth had a problem with, but she spoke so sharply (and publicly) to May about it, that I’m sure it did her harm with Tessy.

      Of course it won’t have helped that while May has a disastrous election, the Colonel had a really good one.



    2. As Paul Kavanagh has said a number of times through his spokesdog, it gets under the skin of those of us who actually went through all the crap in trying to get us gay folk treated as having the same rights as everyone else, that there are Certain People who interpret those rights we won as allowing them to be just as reactionary as the next Daily Mail reader. It gets under the skin because it was precisely that Daily-Mail-reading, hang’em and flog’em brigade who were the loudest and nastiest in attacking us back in the day. So then the Honorary Colonel comes along, takes all that hard-won progress completely for granted, and is so reactionary that she even supports the “rape clause”.

      I wouldn’t fancy my chances trying to do any sort of “consciousness-raising” with that one. What a failure of empathy, to think it’s OK to force a woman to try to prove she was raped if she needs State benefits to feed and clothe the resulting addition to her family. Gaaaah. But then the Tory mindset doesn’t do empathy in the abstract, so there’s no point in expecting them to think of the consequences for other people of what they do, unless they happen to know some of those people personally.

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  3. On the sectarian front, the Tories are storing up big trouble for themselves and for us. Letting the DUP into government at Westminster and effectively closing down Stormont, and to hell with the Good Friday Agreement, is a truly insane manoeuvre for any government that gives a damn about maintaining the uneasy peace in Northern Ireland. I don’t think I need to tell any Scot who’s not a member and doesn’t want to be a member of the Ludge just what a menace they are to the rest of us: fascists in sashes, bigots in bowlers, no gays, no women’s right to choose, no surrender, no compassion.

    What strange bedfellows they are, I have to say, the Honorary Colonel and Arlene Foster – they do seem able to turn a blind eye to people’s sexuality when it suits them, don’t they? The thought of Colonel Ruth as Queen Bee in the one-party province of Scotland under the direct rule of a Tory government in Westminster in which the DUP is the tail that wags the dog… the Ludge triumphant… it’s eneuch tae gar ye grue. You think I’m being far-fetched? For “Colonel Ruth” and “Scotland” read “Arlene Foster” and “Northern Ireland” and what you get is an exact description of the situation in Northern Ireland today.

    The threat to us in Scotland is of a REAL Ulsterization of Scottish politics, not the phony Ulsterization which some of the Usual Suspects were quacking on about a while back – I never could follow their argument, except to understand that in some convoluted way the SNP was supposed to be to blame. We are, however, absolutely NOT to blame for the Westminster regime’s scandalous, outrageous and extremely dangerous behaviour.

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    1. Mrs May is not known for deep thought Ed.

      I’m not sure that they have much of a care for what happens in NI. I’m not sure they have anyone who understands it. I’m pretty sure that May doesn’t.

      She’s the kind of person who thinks that …gosh… running through a farmer’s corn and making him cross is the worst thing that one can do.

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      1. [Off-topic ruminations and lugubrious lucubrations follow, i.e., a RANT. Also, STEREOTYPE WARNING.]

        You know, Tris, I suppose I shouldn’t let it bother me that May the Merciless and her cavalcade of Bullingdon boys and other such fools and pond scum would think of me – if they knew me at all – as just another uppity, ungrateful and hairy-legged wee Jockanese with a chip on his shoulder and an inferiority complex because he wasn’t born an Englishman. Nevertheless, it irks and frustrates me that such a bunch of truly deplorable people should have that unconscious, ingrained assumption of their own superiority, a sense of entitlement that it is so vast that it encompasses absolutely everything, and remains as completely and unconsciously unshakeable as their British nationalism.

        I’m talking about the kind of people who cannot understand that when they travel abroad, they’re the foreigner, who despise people from elsewhere who live in the UK as “bloody immigrants who don’t speak the language and refuse to integrate”, but when they go and live abroad, they’re “expats”, they automatically assume that everyone there speaks English, and if they don’t they damn well should, and they prop up the bars in their English pubs, sometimes on the way back from the English supermarket with their bags of “British” groceries, and bore each other in loud voices about how awful things are back Home, because it’s been “overrun” by “swarms” of bloody immigrants who won’t learn the language and refuse to integrate. As well as taking decent English people’s jobs while living high on the hog on social security benefits, of course.

        I hope I’m making sense here… I suppose it boils down an inherent desire on my part to put as much distance as possible between me and Them, and a rather unworthy desire to take them down a peg or three, or seven, or nine, any opportunity I get. Some of those life paradoxes are involved: I cannot tolerate intolerance, and I have no sympathy for people who have no compassion themselves, and I have no time for small-minded and mean-spirited Little Englanders who have neither the sensitivity nor the intelligence to learn a damn thing about anyone else, or their countries, or their institutions, or their history. I am very mean-spirited and un-magnanimous towards such types, because all I feel is a nice burst of Schadenfreude whenever they come a cropper, or walk straight into traps of their own devising, and all through their hubris, their gratuitous offensiveness, and their impenetrable stupidity.

        That bit just now about the English bars, pubs, supermarkets and pub bores on the Continong is from personal experience as an eye witness, by the way, not from my imagination.

        I believe it’s true that a majority of the English “expats” in Europe who were able to vote, voted for Leave. How bloody daft can you get? Even it it wasn’t a majority of them, it’s still bloody daft. I’m very glad that all the English folk I know and love loathe them at least as much as I do.

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        1. Another eloquent piece, Ed.

          I’ve met some people who live in Spain who refuse to speak Spanish. They seem to think they are doing the Spaniards some big favour by living out there.

          I also have to say I’ve a couple of friends who have a house out in Spain, who don’t live there all year around, but spend a fair time there, and who do speak Spanish well enough to get by in most everyday situations.

          I completely agree with you.

          Some of them seem to think that they should have the right to live on the mainland but mainlanders shouldn’t have the right to live in Britain.

          Their sense of superiority would be amusing if it weren’t so sickening.

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  4. Another excellent post. Being incredibly petty I think the phrase “having your hake and eating it” would have worked better. Nonetheless keep up the brilliant work.

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  5. The Tories in Scotland are yet again going to have to rebrand themselves as the Conservative AND Democratic Unionist party.
    Of course,there are no unionists in England,only Tories,they are a normalish although xenophobic country.
    You need very broad shoulders when you have a national debt in excess of £1.8 trillion and increasing every year at around £100 billion.
    Scotland would never manage to rack up that much debt on it’s own,thank goodness we have Westminster.

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  6. The British state is essentially a bully, it wouldn’t have gained an empire otherwise. That follows on from the English bullying of the three small Celtic nations that neighbour it. Bullies only respect those who stand up to them. Compare the English attitude to the Irish with their view of the Scots and Welsh.

    Scots who voted No received no thanks because down south they were seen as having “bottled it” (not inaccurately).

    Scottish Tories are treated with contempt by their masters and deservedly so. They only like the Colonel because they see her as a way to hold on to power.

    As much as I dislike the DUP and what they stand for, they can never be accused of being cringers.

    It is a source of shame for me that we live in a country that wasn’t conquered but simply gave up.

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    1. I guess you have a point. Foster had something Mayu wanted and she sold it at a high price.

      The Colonel has something May wants and she gave it away, along with her puppy Fluffy.


  7. Look it was all flannel this nonsense that Ruth and “her” MPs would be pivotal and therefore had any leverage. They are Tories and if they want to keep the whip (ooh er missus) they’ll do as they are told. As the WGD says the only thing Ruth cares about is Ruth.

    Scotland is going to be filleted – well everyone else was doing it – and our resources traded away. That’s what happens to colonies and we are a colony. The UN denote Ireland as a former colony and everything done to them has been done to Scotland and Wales though in some cases a wee bit longer ago.

    So suck it up – too wee, too poor, too stupid – and get ready for another trip on the austerity express. Leaving from Cringetown with a fast and frequent service.

    Still tomorrow is SS.

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  8. Personally, I think that anyone from an interest group such as fishermen or farmers, that voted Tory, voted against their own best interests. If what we have seen so far, in terms of allowing the EU access to our fishing grounds to continue, in terms of allowing Westminster to determine farming subsidies, etc, these people are frankly daft. It would be ‘interesting’ to know whether they now think that they voted the right way. For it seems to me that the things that matter to them are the first negotiating chips that the Brexit boys will fling onto the table.

    Vote Tory, beggar yourself?

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    1. I’m sure there are some who are sure they did the right thing.

      I’m equally sure that within the next ten years many of them will find out just how wrong they were.

      Hell mend then..and most especially the young who voted for it.

      They will have to cope with the long term effects.


  9. Incredibly this goes on and on with so little reaction in Scotland. UK Minster goes to Denmark etc.
    What the f..k is wrong with Scots.
    Sadly I’m coming to the conclusion that Scots are too stupid to handle Independence, and too feart.

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      1. Chin up. The fight goes on!

        My own wee oasis of sanity, outwith this fabulous site, is a group called ‘Pensioners for Independence’.

        It is not, exactly, a big group, but we plan to attempt to convert other pensioners to our cause. Even a relatively small swing away from our demographics overwhelming ‘No’ vote could be highly significant next time around. We are ploughing a furrow amongst the most negatively minded citizens in our fair land. Persuading them will take a Herculean effort.

        Pensioners for Independence is up for the fight!

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        1. (Waves walking stick futilely in the air for want of any offensive goolies of any offensive, barking Yoons in his immediate vicinity to prod with it, cackles insanely) Young people nowadays… I need to check on Pensioners for Independence again, Brian, I’m a member (I’m pretty sure), but I’m not on facebook much these days.

          I’ve noticed that on facebook there are people who are obviously all wrong, because they disagree with me, and sometimes they even have the gall to call me opinionated and other even less complimentary things! The liberties! The cheek!

          Young people nowadays… they ain’t got no respeck.

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