I’m sorry the posts have been a bit scrappy over the last week. I’m pretty busy just now. But I did have time to notice this information taken from the SNP website.  It seems to me that if you look at the facts, as opposed to what the BBC or the Daily Mail is telling you, we’re doing quite well in Scotland:

Scotland has one of the strongest economies in the world. 

Productivity growth in Scotland has been much faster in Scotland than in the UK – as measured by output per hour worked. Since the start of the recession, productivity has increased by 7.6 per cent, while it has grown by only 0.4 per cent in the UK as a whole.

Scotland’s GDP per head growth in the five years since 2010 was above the UK average, when London is excluded.

Today Scotland has the highest pay anywhere in the UK outside of London and the South East. ONS figures show median full time gross annual pay has grown 21 per cent in the last ten years.

Scotland’s international exports – valued at £28.7 billion in 2017 – are up 41 per cent under the SNP. We’ll now double the number of people working for Scottish Development International across Europe and establish and embed Innovation and Investment Hubs in London, Brussels, Dublin, and Berlin.

Scotland is the top destination, outside of London, for foreign direct investment. Ernst & Young have estimated that since 2006 40,000 jobs have been created in Scotland as a result of foreign direct investment. And in 2016-17, 7,839 jobs were secured through inward investment – 10 per cent up on the previous year.

Unemployment in Scotland is at the lowest rate of any UK nation. Scotland’s youth unemployment is the third lowest in the EU and female unemployment is below the UK rate.

Not bad for a country that is too wee, too poor and too stupid to manage on its own.

You can read the rest of the story here.



In the meantime, Mr Gove has visited Iceland, Faroes and Denmark. In Denmark, he was telling them that the fishing fleet in Scotland and the UK won’t be able to fish all the UK fishing grounds so their fishermen will be able to continue to enjoy fishing in British waters when we’ve taken back control. We suspect that he may have been saying the same thing to the Icelanders and Faroese.

So, all you fishermen in the North East who voted Tory maybe want to consider who you want to vote for next time round. Because who you voted for this time just slapped you right in the face.

Still I’m sure that Viceroy Fluffy will stand up to Gove in Cabinet… or maybe he’ll be too busy making Colonel Davidson’s tea.



  1. Scotland’s GDP per head growth in the five years since 2010 was above the UK average, when London is excluded.
    Err! well if that aint cooking the books what is ??

    In ancient(snp) times they had no statistics so they had to fall back on lies.
    Stephen Leacock

    advice that trick was used by the snp and they were crushed Indy 1
    for Indy2 best find a new strategy just saying Ad infinitum
    rubbish stats to an already disbelieving Scottish nation.
    will butter no parsnips as Mr Major was wont to say.

    still we will pish silver and shite Gold in an Indpendent
    Scotland I am sure


    1. Well, everyone knows that since Mrs Thatcher, the London economy is entirely different from the rest of the UK.

      It’s is often enough to make up for the fact that the economy of the North is falling to pieces.

      Still, if you prefer to quote Mr Major, I guess you’ll never see that.

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    2. No, but we’ll suffer the death of a thousand cuts, thanks to delusional numpties, that’d sacrifice the welfare of their fellow countrymen for the sake of a one sided union, and the belief that a party that had promised Home rule, the abolishment of the HoL, and a worker paradise, for over a century; gave two ****s about them.
      cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.

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      1. Ah, but does fish-face know this? The man’s a well-known nincompoop and notoriously hard of understanding. Like all the Brexit crew – none of them has a clue what they’re talking about, as Barnier and Verhofstadt frequently tell us, if not in so many words. Govey, DeeDee Davis, the fragrant Bullingdon BoJo – even with academic qualifications up the wazoo, they’re still stupid, stupid, stupid. As, of course, is Ms. May herself. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Hammond Organ, is rather an unknown quantity to me; hardly surprising, since I saw him nicknamed recently as “Blandalf the Grey”.

        It is best not to reflect too much on the income Hammond’s egregious predecessor, and fellow Bullingdon Boy of DC and BoJo, Gideon George Osborne is drawing down for doing basically sweet Fanny Adams part-time in the City, because it is bad for the digestion and the blood pressure: megasquintillions for old rope, in effect, and “Blessed are the undeserving, for they shall inherit companies that pay no tax, and their cups shall overflow with offshore bank accounts in the Caymans and Bermuda”.

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        1. Rather like that last beatitude!

          Hammond, apparently, is the most boring man in the world. That’s quite an achievement. And it is (as Mrs Thatcher once described the M25, “a great British achievement”.)

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  2. They aren’t perfect (who is?), but the SNP continue to make a pretty good fist of running Scotland within the constraints that they are allowed. Why would we want to be governed by another country? Especially when that country’s government are particularly clueless.

    I hope Munguin isn’t letting standards slip, I am sure he wouldn’t want questions asked of the First Minister. If Willie’s in her good books, maybe the Colonel will let him ask this time.

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    1. Despite the best efforts of the press to give the opposite impression, the SNP government has made most things better in Scotland.

      And it has all been achieved with a smaller budget year on year.

      It’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to be ruled by the present bunch of dipsticks, even the English who voted for them.

      Munguin never lets standards fall! And I’m sure doesn’t aspire to the importance of being asked about at FMQs.

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  3. The EU operates a COMMON fisheries policy and does not allow member states to negotiate bilateral trade deals,whether it be fishing or anything else.
    Don’t think trying to subvert EU structures and policies is a clever idea from the Tories at this stage of things,unless of course they are not really serious about negotiating at all.

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    1. Yes, if Gove is offering Denmark, and Iceland a deal on Fishing, then that goes for Ireland and Spain and the Netherlands too.

      Not of course, that Gove has the authority to offer deals to anyone.

      And in any case, Denmark doesn’t have the right to accept any offer. As you say, everything must be done at Brussels level. The time for Denmark to have a say is when in the last 6 months when whatever deal they have hammered out is sent back to national governments to decide (and that will include the two regional governments in Belgium, but not the three regional governments in the UK).


    1. I’m not sure how he knows that. Technically he is nothing to do with the negotiations. That’s Mr Davis’s job.

      And although we SHOULD be a good way along agreeing stuff with the EU, we aren’t.

      All he can really say is that Cabinet has agreed that throwing fishermen under the bus (or boat) is fine by him.

      What has the Secretary of State had to say about this? What has the Colonel had to say about it, seeing that she now attends the English/British Cabinet and thereby gets the same rank as the Scottish FM?


  4. The oldest trick in the book Niko is excluding oil and gas from Scotland’s figures. The UK exported £10 billion in refined oil £10 billion in crude, 95% of oil production is in Scottish waters but excluded from Scottish figures? The UK Gove allowed the oil companies to walk away with £27 Billion of Corporation tax, that’s a hell of a lot of money for an industry running at a loss? Ireland’s revenue generation from their Whiskey industry was 2.7 billion euros with just 4% of the world market, Scotland on the other hand has 80% of the world market and generates £5 billion for the treasury, eh? Not that the £5 billion is added to Scotland’s figures of course. No, Niko, we know all about those old tricks.

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    1. Well, Golfy. We know how they fiddle the figures to make us look bad, but does everyone?

      The oil situation was dreadful from day 1. Somehow we paid the oil companies vast amounts of money while the Norwegians managed to MAKE loads of money, which might at least partially explain why Norway is stinking rich and we are dirt poor. (Of course, the fact that we want to play at ruling the world probably exacerbated that situation.)

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    1. But the news papers only see the bad in anything European.

      It’s also true, I think, that many Scottish and British, fishermen sold their quota and their boat to foreigners because they were getting on a bit and had no one in the family who wanted to take over that kind of life. Many foreigners who are fishing in UK waters are doing so on UK quotas, while their British counterparts are living in villas in Spain and driving BMWs.

      I’m not sure how that can be rectified. Will the UK have to buy back the quotas, or as Mr Gove suggested, will they have to allow them to continue fishing.

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      1. You think right. I too would like to know how it could be rectified.

        The one thing we do know is that North East Scotland fishermen are a bargaining chip for Westminster, and convenient fodder for London. Who cares about fishing? Perhaps only those that catch and eat the product. Westminster politician (probably) only eat scampi.

        Those North East fishing communities need to take a rain check.

        You sold yourselves to the Tories, and what did they do?

        They shoved a swordfish up one of your sensitive organs.

        Bloody idiots.

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  5. Perhaps we could nationalise fishing? Before you shout at me, perhaps we could nationalise it and only allow fishermen to take something less than a ‘sustainable’ catch, for that is far too narrow a margin. The criteria should be healthy and growing fish stocks, in other words, increasing fish stock would make their industry sustainable, subject to allowing recovery in fish numbers. There ought to be no ‘ratchet’ effect where acting responsibly now allows them to lobby to be allowed to act irresponsibly in the future, simply because fish stocks are rising. Rising fish stocks are in everyone’s interests, except perhaps the London Government.

    Anyway, we are ‘quite good’ at sustainable stuff, and it is about time fishermen got on side.

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  6. This

    Interesting that the horrible man who is supposed to represent the fisherman hasn’t commented or been all over the news. I so hope this is true and they let everyone and their aunts fish in the waters, I also hope London take back the powers and let’s see what those voters in the North East have to say then.


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