1. I dunno about that. I know nothing about this woman Harry’s running around with except I think she used to be an actress or something. From what I’ve heard of Kate, she’s as lazy as Willie. The worse they are the sooner we are likely to get rid of them.


    1. Well, I don’t care, except as I said above, the worse they are the more likely we are to be shot of them and have a system like 21st-century countries.

      But, my point was really this: As far as I know, voices from beyond the grave have, thus far, been the territory of the Daily Star. No one would have said that the Express was a serious newspaper… but the ghost of Diana?

      They’re not half pumping the anniversary of her death.


  1. Apparently, the woman who has been talking to Diana also said Diana wanted people to vote for Brexit to make Britain great again like it was before they joined:


  2. I’m glad to see that folk are still politically active and taking an interest even after they’re dead.

    The late Mary Whitehouse was telling me just the other day that there were far too many tits being shown on TV. I initially assumed she was talking about Reporting Scotland but I think she was probably talking about political programming in general.

    This brought to mind a joke magazine that used to be out called Titbits and this Express article was the kind of stuff they used to print. Then came the Sunday Sport with its Nazi Killer Bees heading across the channel etc.. Serious papers printing that stuff, Nah!! I think back then the Express was a serious paper. (although I can’t be certain.)

    If you don’t have access to tinternet or just can’t be bothered looking then there’s actually very few sources of accurate news available to the British public.

    It’s worrying stuff.

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    1. Except for me, see below. Diana and I used to have numerous – post death – chats where she’d say things like, “I agree with the Express, but more to the point Douglas, with the Daily Mail. Hitler was a hero of mine and Donald Trump moreso.” It is not at all clear to me how money passes over the veil, but from the dead to us, it obviously does. That the dead can generate wealth for the brain dead in this realm? It is a bit of a miracle, to be honest.

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    2. Very true.

      Since Dirty Dez got his hands on it, the Express has become a joke of a news paper.

      But the Barclay’s have done the same thing (albeit starting and ending at a higher point) to the Telegraph.

      Even if you disagreed with its editorials, once upon a time it was a good paper that told the news asw it was.


    3. It’s not just worrying, it’s downright pernicious. It is unlikely that Scots would have voted against independence in 2014, and Brits as a whole would have voted for Brexit in 2016, without a massively right-wing, pro-Union, anti-foreigner meeja. We can’t forget that our meeja landscape is dominated or owned by the State-sponsored propaganda outlet, and a few mega-rich old white guys who make Genghis Khan look like a bleeding-heart, tree-hugging pinko green leftie snowflake.

      No, there’s no need to call me out about my excessive adjectives or my spelling of meeja – I call them that because they do form pretty much a single entity, all aspects of the same thing, and that thing has nothing to do with the proper function of the Fourth Estate. There are very few genuine media outlets of the traditional kind that don’t pump out propaganda, lies, and right-wing pap’n’crap – I can name, offhand, only the National here in Scotland. The vacuum has not nearly been filled by new media such as this blog, Wings, ScotgoesPop, Bella, and so on and so forth.

      Here in Scotland, we already seem to be further down that road, though, than our neighbours to the south, probably as a result of the heightened political awareness among many of us that has been the result of the 2014 referendum. I just hope it’s far enough.

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      1. I guess we just need to keep plugging the message and hoping that it will reach as many people,as possible.

        And we need to do more of what Stuart does, lifting the lid on the lies that the press and the BBC tell.

        We shall surely get there.

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        1. Indeed. We have to be aware (and wary) of a couple of things, though: confirmation bias, and counterfactual reinforcement. I am aware that I am biased in favour of Scottish independence, but I find most people are not aware of their own biases. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate this particular passage from the Sermon on the Mount. It’s Matthew 7:3-5.

          “3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

          4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

          5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

          The only remedy for our confirmation bias is not what we might immediately think – i.e., read the Other Side’s propaganda – it is to subject our own ideas to rigorous checking and reality testing, for logic and factual accuracy, just to be sure we don’t have great dods o wid in oor ain een.

          The same remedy applies for counterfactual reinforcement, which is that thrawn tendency to defend and believe in idiotic ideas that much more strongly the stronger the evidence against them, and the harder other people try to persuade us otherwise. Nobody likes to be (shown to be) wrong, but some personality types feel deeply threatened by it, usually without any insight into why this should be. This is a rather dangerous aspect of human psychology, actually: the Mango Mussolini in the White House is a prime example.

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          1. That’s fair comment.

            Independence isn’t without its difficulties. The SNP isn’t without fault, nor are the Greens, and Labour and the Tories aren’t always wrong.

            The EU is far from being perfect.

            Someone should lock Trump in the basement of the White House.

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  3. The problem with these fictions is that the ‘news values’ of the broadcast media are substantially dictated by such headlines and stories.

    The BBC is, of course not anti-Scottish independence and pro-Tory, it simply reports what the papers are reporting are what people are thinking.

    I am off to see how many avian pigs I can see.

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  4. In the spirit of political correctness, and as an antidote to the Daily Express’ daily rantings, and as the communications from the Blessed Diana in the hereafter, “dead” is far too absolute an adjective. Perhaps we could go with “vitally challenged”?

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  5. Diana was in touch with me too. She said that Meghan Markle was a nutter and I shouldn’t believe a word she had to say. Funnily enough she told me to tell the good folks that read Munguins Republic that, from now on, only a fluffy toy will be her channel to back here on terra firma.

    Obviously, after such a revelation, my belief in the hereafter increased 1000%. Diana’s good sense in using Munguin as her channel to speak, well it blew me away.

    Sadly, she has been utterly silent since then, although the echo of her high pitched laughter will echo with me for the rest of my days.

    It’s amazing the messages you get from the dead if you partake of the right chemical substances – Tennents Lager included – or simply have an imbalance in the brain.

    Or can scam a newspaper.

    Newspaper, schnoozepaper. Express? What’s the difference?

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  6. Tris

    She should have asked Diana where Dundee were going to finish in the league and what the result of the next referendum is going to be so I can put a bet on.


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    1. Can I suggest you’d have more chance with a guess? These whispy dreamscape thoughts that Meghan Marple thinks she receives have the predictive power of molten honey. I.e. none at all.

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    2. I know, Bruce. Instead of getting the miserable fee from the Daily Express, she coulda been rolling in real dosh.

      If I hear anything, I’ll share it with you on the quite. (Shhhhhhh) but I suspect that maybe Munguin will keep it to himself; put his collection of second hand gold on it and move to the Seychelles, leaving me to pay the rent on Munguin Towers.

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