Ha ha ha ha ha ha…


I knew if we kept her long enough, we’d find a use for her.
Stayin’ alive?
Munguin wishes to echo these sentiments. If there’s any left over Munguin Towers needs some paint.
NO. My chancellor says you get far too much anyway. Go away.
Sorry, peeps. Arlene cleared me out.
atrump (1)
Trumpisgreat? Thanks to David for sending.


Ha ha ha ha ha


I suppose we should be glad that she came in handy for something.
Stayin’ alive?
Indeed, we’re really really happy for you.
My chancellor says you’re already paid too much.
It’s a skirt, mate.
Yep, we can.
I’m cleaned out. I’ve just given everything to Arlene. The future is orange.
atrump (1)
Thanks to David for sending this.




Quite a few people requested stuff over the last few weeks. I hope I’ve not left anyone out. Feel free to request your favourite animal/scene/country. Munguin’ll try to cover it. Oh, and if, perchance he forgets (because he’s a very busy media mogul), just gently remind him.

n ornag2
About time you arrived. I’ve been waiting for ages
n black bird
Is there anything prettier than a Blackbird’s singing…in the dead of night?
n saltwater croc
Saltwater Crock!
n octopus
Octopus for Danny.
n cecils cubs
Who’d hunt an animal like this for sport, leaving behind cubs?
n cephalopods
Cephalopod for Douglas.
n donegal castle
Donegal Castle for Conan.
n horses water
You can lead a horse to water…
n sutherland
n piranah-
n vampire bat
Vampire Bat.
n Torres del Paine chile
Torres del Paine, Chile.
n pristine peacock
Pristine Peacock.
n racoon
Rocky Racoon.
n moussa's castle leb
Moussa’s Castle, Lebanon, for John and Mrs Brownlie. Have a good holiday.
n cephalopods3
Another cephalopod for Douglas.
n Narsaq (South Greenland)
Narsak, Greenland.
n moss
The magic of moss.
n mates
Everyone has a best mate. Not everyone has ears that their mate can sleep under though!
N orang4
Well, I hope your visit was enjoyable. I’m here for Panda Paws, by the way. See you next Sunday.



On reflection, no, you wouldn’t…


Good negotiating tactic there, Boris. What an asset you are to the UK team.


Before and during the campaign leading to the referendum on withdrawal from the EU, it is rumoured (and widely accepted) that David Cameron refused to allow anyone in government or the civil service to contemplate, even for a second, the possibility that his (remain) side would lose.

Indeed when Nicola Sturgeon said “You could lose this, David”, he replied, “Don’t be silly”.

As a result, when the admittedly unexpected result came in not one single plan was in place.

The EU had a set of rules and regulations by which it had to act. It only had to appoint a few people to make up the negotiating team which would work within these rules and regulations.

The British side had nothing. No plan, no staff, no negotiators, no trade people, no ideas, no knowledge. No nothing.


During our referendum, I remember Alistair Darling (his nobleness) rant on and on about the YES campaign not having a Plan B if the UK government refused to allow an independent Scotland to use the pound. Of course, it would have been impossible and illegal for them to do this. But without cooperation from the British Treasury and Bank of England, it might have been awkward for Scotland. But of course, the YES campaign did have an alternative plan. It’s just that a Scottish pound, tied to the British pound made more sense both for Scotland and the UK, something which the Bank of England an anonymous government minister admitted. Having a Plan B then seemed to be incredibly important for the Brits.

Having a Plan B at that time seemed to be incredibly important for the Brits. What changed?

Now, I’m not convinced that the self-same Brits have much of a Plan A, but we now have it from the near top of the government that they haven’t prepared for anything to go wrong?

What arrogance.  Can they be saying that Mrs May’s plan is so perfect there is no need for an alternative? Her history hardly suggests that that is a starter.

Can you believe this lot?


amaySo, the UK has a strong and stable government?

So strong and stable that it is being propped up by a party of religious fundamentalists that believe that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago.

So strong and stable that, in addition to the DUP’s help, they have now asked for Labour, the official opposition, to come to their rescue (and as far as I know she hasn’t even had the good grace to bung them a billion!) To be fair, Corbyn declined, but offered to give her a copy of the Labour manifesto!

I think we can now safely assume that Mrs May has run out of soundbites. Brexit means Brexit means…erm…red, white and blue catastrophe!


Let’s be honest, politicians, certainly ambitious politicians, when they are on a winning streak, don’t want to share any of the glory with anyone else. So it’s unlikely that May is thinking: “Ah, yes, Brexit is working very nicely. It’s heading towards being a fabulous success, so let’s ask Jeremy if he wants to contribute anything to the process so he can take some of the credit when, in 18 months, we reach the sunny uplands of freedom from the EU and strike out on our own. Rule Britannia, God Save the Queen.”

And Mrs May is not the sort of person who takes kindly to suggestions from others. She has been offered suggestions on how to make Brexit work for Scotland, for example. And it took her a matter of minutes to reject anything put forward by Edinburgh.

But it may be that now she is beginning to see what some of the rest of us have seen for some time. Some of the issues laid out here, for example.


There just isn’t any way that this can end well…and frankly, that includes the idea of scrapping the whole thing and staying put. Can you imagine the outrage of the hard right wing? And here, I’m not talking about the hard right elite. Jacob Rees Mogg might tut and shake his head and use words like “floccinaucinihilipilification”, invented in Eton especially for his likes; Michael Gove and Liam Fox might explode (no bad thing); Nigel Farage would find again his raison d’être and stop sucking up to President (lol) Trump like a pathetic lost soul.


But the real problem would be likely come from the average Daily Mail, Daily Express and Sun reader who wound justifiably feel let down after many years of reading about the paradise that was supposed to be coming their way.

Can you just imagine the reaction of those papers… and of their readership were that to be snatched away?

Oh and what about THIS lot?


I think we can guess who’d be on the top of all those stolen pallets they’re for aburning tomorrow.



While we’re chortling, I noticed an article today about iconic British Brands beloved of Brexiteers. It’s quite interesting, but one thing that struck me immediately was that research shows that the brands most favoured by Brexiteers include HP Sauce. That archetypical English accompaniment to food…which is now made in the Netherlands.

So the Brexsaucers better hope we get a special exemption!







In the recent council elections, Sandy Thornton stood and was elected as a Conservative Councillor in Fortissat Ward, with 13.3% of the vote in a four-seat ward.

The win came as a bit of a surprise to him. He is 79 years old and has stood before without winning. Indeed last time he stood, 5 years ago, he received only 2.6% of the vote.

Having won, however, he has declined to take the seat, citing chronic ill health as the reason. “Chronic” means “persisting for a long time or constantly recurring”, as opposed to “acute” which indicates a condition that came on suddenly. So it is not unreasonable to assume that, whatever ails Mr Thornton, he was aware of it when he stood for election.

We might reasonably further assume that Mr Thronon did not expect to be elected and that, in fact, he was a paper candidate.

Now, if these assumptions are true, one might think that this should be a matter between him and his local party, and possibly, given that it has caused a bit of a furore, the Tory party nationally.

But, you have to remember that the locals have been left a councillor short and that means that legally, a by-election must be held. So that’s a bit inconvenient.

It will have to be organised; candidates will have to chap doors and leaflets will have to be sent out.  The polling stations will ahve to be manned (schools may have to be given the day off). Then electors will have to go yet again to the polls. (I wonder how many will bother.)

And the local authority will have to find the £50,000 that this will cost.

Mr Thornton has refused to speak to the press except to say that he has a health condition that, quite reasonably, he does not wish to discuss.


When asked to comment on the cost of the by-election, he replied: “Sadly that’s the situation that pertains.”

Now, we wish Mr Thronton well as far as his health is concerned, but his attitude does seem to be: “Nothing to do with me or my party, old chap. Let the magic money tree of North Lanarkshire be shaken”.

Hands up if you think that the Conservative party, or Mr Thornton, or both, should take at least part of the financial responsibility for this unnecessary election.



n orangop;ld
Time for a more mature look at Soppy Sunday…
n africanized-honey-bee1
African Honey Bee.
n black mambo
Black Mamba.
N Donegal
n cone snail
Cone Snail
n gerry pony
Pony Gerry’s granddaughter is looking after. (Thanks, Gerry).
n lago di braies
Lago di Braies
n orang1
That’s my grandad up the top of the page there!
n mount lebanon
Mount Lebanon.
N Maters
Best buddies.
n poison-dart-frog-blue.jpg.adapt_.945.1-768x432
Poison Dart Frog.
n rock
Restaurant with a difference.
n isle of skye
n lkeopard seal
Leopard Seal.
n box jelly fish
Box Jelly Fish.
n clouded leopard
Clouded Leopard.
n El_Hajje,_South_Lebanon
El Hajje, Lebanon.
n cape buffalo
Cape Buffalo.
n bllue ringed opctopus
Blue Ringer Octopus.
n south greenland
Southern Greenland Sunset
n orang3
I’m sad you have to go. Come back next week, please.



There’s daft, then there’s stupid, then there’s mad as a box of frogs, then, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you  Mr Liam Fox:


Firstly, Liam, all male MPs wear ties all the time in the chamber. The Speaker, until very recently, would have throw them out if they didn’t. Do you mean that ALL MPs should wear them? Including your boss Mrs May?  Or do you mean they should wear them all the time? Allegedly Mr Rees Mogg stands up for ‘God Save the Queen’ even when he’s in the bath. (Take a lesson Mr Corbyn.) I wonder if  Jacob already wears a tie for that?

But, Liam, the UK makes other things besides ties.

What about these wonderful jams? Should MPs wear raspberry or strawberry?

Even Govey… yes, GOVEY…looks like he thinks yer mad.


I’m wondering if Mr Werrity has a tie business…