n orang1
It’s my Sunday job to welcome you…
n blaze from skye
Blaze on Skye.
n portree
n pufferfish-inflated-closeup.jpg.adapt_.945.1-768x432
Puffer Fish.
n dunquin ireland
ndonegal rain
Twin rainbows in Donegal.
N rambo
Rambo the donkey.
n bridge
The Bridge.
n foxes
This is so we don’t get lost…
n creag nan clag
Creag nan Clad.
n rainbow octopus
Rainbow Octopus.
n hedge
I’m not as prickly as you might think… 
n gaspart 3
Any danger of dinner for a hungry fox?
n king cobra
His Majesty King Cobra.


n li river
Li River mist.
n equator
The Equator in …erm the country named after it.
n shetland pony on n Uist
Shetland Pony in Uist.
n squ
I’ll find a way to this dinner. This will NOT beat me.
n strathisla distilery
Strathisla Distillery.
n orang
OK. Is that you off then? Close the door after ya, See y’all next week.


51 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

          1. It’s scarey how seemingly innocuous every day things can be the death of wildlife. These squirrel trapping bird feeding stations are a common design, my mums got one. Carrier bags, the plastic things that hold beer cans together are both killers of seals, dolphins and seabirds among other things. I left a bucket next to my compost heap the other day and found a baby mouse drowned in the collected rainwater.

            And that’s just some of the things we kill inadvertently. We’re lucky anything survives us.

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            1. Particularly plastics. I saw a documentary about how wildlife is being decimated in Hawaii by the plastic rubbish that collects around the islands. It’s from all over the world. The things you mention and f course all these wee free toys that come with McDonalds or whatever. Kids play with them for a few minutes and they are discarded.

              They end up in stomachs of birds who lost appetite becasue their stomachs are permanently full… of plastic.

              There’s almost nothing that humans haven’t managed to ruin.

              When we are gone, the world will return to normal, I suspect, unless of course we go in a great nuclear explosion.

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  1. When you approach the new bridge across the Forth from North or South,it is like seeing giant sails.
    A truly beautiful sight and one which,if left up to the London based political parties,would never have happened.
    SNP vanity project….blah blah blah.
    A symbol of what we Scots can achieve (with the co-operation of others from around the world) when we are left to get on with it (the day job).

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    1. Quite agree. Is there any other waterway in the world with three such beautiful bridges – more or less side by side?

      Thanks again trispw.

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  2. Some lovely red animals this week. Why do folk want to ritually torture foxes. I get farmers sometimes needing to shoot them. But fox huting – a plague on their houses. As for the poor squirrel I didn’t even notice. Ouch. Are there 2 leprechauns in Donegal then?


    1. I think there is something of a want about people who enjoy killing animals. I too can understand that animals can be destructive… and foxes killing chickens in pens, for example, isn’t just cruel, it’s economically damaging.

      But this dressing up in finery and chasing and ritually slaughtering the animals and then celebrating it. Nah, there’s something wrong with these people.

      I think there are thousands of leprechauns in Donegal …well I hope there are!

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      1. It’s in a foxes nature to kill chickens, it’s up to humans to be smart enough to keep them out.

        Killing the fox isn’t just cruel, its a cheaper option than reinforcing the pen and it’s lazy as well.

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      1. I was walking Hadrian’s Wall, in March, in the late seventies. We got to a pub called the Milecastle around half ten in the bright, crisp, Spring morning.
        After a wee wait, the owner, seeing us in muddy camouflage outside his door let us in, and we spread out our wet stuff in his toilet and proceeded to the bar.
        At half past two, the dreaded bell rung, and we had Hexham to make. The owner opened the door and horizontal snow hit our faces.

        It was one of the best lock ins I have ever had.

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  3. Another great set of pictures, thanks. Was wondering about asking for another hedgehog pic – it’s been a while, so – you anticipated well there.

    That cobra pic is scary, you’re going to have to find a mongoose for next week.

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  4. Had a good day in the pub with some like minded independence supporters. Fell out with Moridura about WoS’ court case. You can take the man out of Old Labour…*

    * He’s still a mate though.

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    1. We’re not really staying out of it on purpose. As you say, I’ve commented on Grumpy about it, and much more briefly on Wee Ginger Dug, who wrote a very touching piece showing the kind side of Stuart that we all know exists.

      I guess that a lot of people have written about it and we’ve nothing much to add to what they have said.

      I too am on the Rev’s side. I think it was a tasteless comment. (But we all do that on Twitter sometimes.) It wasn’t, though, in the least homophobic. It was a clear criticism of the dreary and boring way that Oliver Mundell spoke.

      Dugdale must really hate Stuart. He has ridiculed her, with reason, on so many occasions as she twists and turns and flips and flops.

      I remember Kezia before she was an MSP, when she was the NOBLE ARISTOCRATIC LORD BARON ffoulkes’s assistant, and she ran a blog.

      I used to argue with her regularly on there. She was always touchy and her arguments were frequently paper thin. I wasn’t surprised when she took over the Noble Red Baron’s seat when he decided to concentrate on his lordly future (the bar prices must be better in there or maybe it’s becasue the staff in the house of Lords are deferential to aristocrats). But having “debated” online with her, I was amazed when she eventually became leader. OK, I accept that they didn’t really have anyone else, but even so…

      If that is her idea of homophobia, she (as Paul pointed out) needs to get out more.

      She wanted to trash Wings with a big audience, and she used her parliamentary privilege to do so. She was wrong. If she had said it was tasteless and unpleasant, I’d have agreed with her, but wondered why she was using OUR time to bring it up in parliament.

      I probably wouldn’t have bothered suing her. But I’m me and Stuart is Stuart. That’s his business.

      I’ve contributed to his cause and I support him. Brusque on occasions he may be, but he’s one of a small number of people who will go down as real mood changers in the independence debate.

      I’m sad that the indy side is so conflicted ion this matter. In my humble opinion they need to look at what he said and ask themselves who it was intended to put down. David Mundell, who is gay, or Oliver, whom I assume is not. I can’t see how they could come to a conclusion other than that he was poking fun at Oliver.

      Thanks for the links. I’ll watch them when I get home.


        1. Good point, Liberty!

          Someone musta said hey jump on him for homophobia… it’s not right, but it will take off the heat a bit, and next week…well, a week is a long time in politics.

          I’m amazed at Haggerty, and her huffy Twitter put down of the Butterfly Rebellion and their piece. That says a very good deal about her.

          Very sad.


            1. I watched FMQS when Dugdale brought it up. She was trying to corner the first minister into either an SNP bad scenario or into denouncing Stuart Campbell, neither of which Nicola was going to fall for. Dugdale as far as memory serves, used her whole slot to do this and I think she abused her position. Instead of pursuing important matters as leader of Ha! Ha! an opposition party she chose to use her time, badgering the FM on a personal crusade and as a diversionary tactic as mentioned by The Tree of Liberty. It was a blatant waste of time. So much for the day job.

              I’m really fed up with the likes of Hagerty, and you can add Cat Boyd to that also, having met many like them during my career. One Wielding righteous indignation as a weapon, the other a publicity seeking turncoat.

              I don’t think a great deal of damage will be done to the YES movement at the end of the day, but I do hope that folk who deserve it will get a long overdue reality check.

              It was Auld Acquaintance I think who was calling them Capuchino Commies the other day and that was funny. I wish I’d invented that.

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              1. Dugdale will have to get up bloody early in the morning to catch Nicola. In fact probably just not go to bed at all.

                Yes, it was something personal. It was nothjing to do with ho;ding teh government to account for the way in which they were running the country. It was Kezia getting back at Stuart because he’s smarter than she is and he sees though the bull that she chants and the hypocrisy that is her leadership of a branch of the Labour party that seems NEVER to be in tune with the British Labour Party. That should tell her something.

                I wish I had a Euro for every time I’ve heard one of my smart friends on here say something and wished desperately that I’d be smart enough to think it. 🙂

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