1. Typical nat unpatriotic to the last Mr Oops ! sorry Dr Fox
    must get his salutation correct bit like those pompous
    ex army types who insist on being called Major etc
    Colonel Blimp that kind of thing.

    anyway he is doing his level best to get us cheap
    chicken and all you do is a nat whinge..
    ok it may be contaminated with chlorine.
    but as Colonel Fox says thats a mere detail.

    thats how the free market works best unregulated
    from Government lefty red tape….
    Just ask those(Survivors ) at Grenfell Tower.

    why he even says you dont have to have free
    trade agreements so there


  2. I hope you’re not having a go at Colonel Davidson there. (Stand up straight and salute when you talk about her. (Ma’am, yes ma’am).

    It was a foregone conclusion that any deal we will get with America would be good for America and bad for the UK. No offence to our American readers (and particularly Danny and Jon), but it’s the way it works, even without Trump.

    So, we will have to agree to buy chickens which have been soaked in Parazone, and let American companies buy health services, not just in England, where they are selling them off anyway, but in their colonies, where they are NOT.

    Trump may be an idiot in many ways, as Seth has just shown with his usual panache, but he’s a businessman. Every deal we have ever done with the US has always been to their advantage, because we are needy and they are not, and they are smarter than we are. You can only imagine that Trump will be even harder on the UK because his whole campaign was America First.

    In a government of useless tossers, Foxy just has to be the most useless and the biggest tosser….well, ok Govey and him together.

    Taking back control, Theresa and Liam? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… etc.

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  3. nah ! if it ever comes to eating usa standard food in
    the uk then even I would say perhaps time to depart
    our glorious and now defunct union.
    The usa is one of the most obese nations in the world
    and the reason for that is mass produced junk food.
    there is more steroids in american food than the
    entire american olympic team.
    Talking about food Tazzy is being a bit odd with
    his eating him being a nationalist mutt .we have always
    fed him hearty meaty healthy food as any nat would
    Not like Unionist feed all sweet sugary fattening
    muck almost american shite which feeds into
    our sugary servile cap in hand to our masters

    now he wants to eat like us next he will be sitting
    at table and not under it. we put different dog food
    in front of him but he turns his nose up the other
    night he ate a curry rather than some tripe.
    that cant be right.


    1. Tell Taz he needs to learn to use the toilet before he gets to sit at the table with the big boys and that it’s a once in a doggy generation opportunity. When he fails as he inevitably will, then he must shut up about it for ever. That should put an end to his grandiose notions of equality with his masters.


    2. Did I read that correctly, Niko? Defunct?

      Taz and I have been telling you that for years. Even Spookie told ya.

      But nah, you would believe all that Rule Britannia cobblers.

      Bit worried about Taz eating curries. Munguin tried that, and then drank me out of house and home trying to cool his beak.

      I wouldn’t have minded if water had been acceptable fare for a media mogul, but Chateau Lafite (1787)?

      You just watch that Taz doesn’t decide that it’s you that sits under the table.


    3. I do wonder about our farmers.
      In order to compete with cheap American/Asian imports they are going to have to cut corners and dump all the EU “red tape”.
      This,apart from any tariff barriers,will prohibit them from selling produce into the biggest trading bloc in the world which is right next door.
      Also,I believe,they are being told by the Brexiteers that subsidies will have to be earned and not a given right (I think we know what that means).
      Sorry if this is going off the reservation a bit but should demonstrate to Tory supporting farmers what that really means.
      The maniacs are determined to do anything to cut themselves “free” from the EU and at any cost.

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      1. I heard that fool Gove going on about farmers having to earn their grants, but I thought they already did, with set aside and planting trees, etc.

        I don;t know much about it, though to be fair, but I reckon that after the EU small farmers are going to be stuffed.

        The EU won’t lower its standards one tiny bit for UK produced food, in or out of the single market. So we either produce it to their standards or… we lose the market.

        Still we can always haul our stuff all the way across the world to New Zealand and Australia.

        Very Green.


  4. Seth Meyers is in good form here. I think that Scaramucci might turn out to be as entertaining on “Saturday Night Live” as Spicey was. 😉

    Here’s what ‘The Mooch” USED to say about Trumpy:

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