When Theresa May sacked Gove’s miserable backside when she took over as Prime Minister in July 2016, he got a payoff, redundancy money if you will, of £16,877.

Within a year he was back as a cabinet minister.

Will he pay that redundancy money to a charity?

23 thoughts on “HERE’S A THOUGHT”

  1. This only happens in the (totally corrupt) Westminster parliament & HoL.

    When councillors are “sacked” from their role they get no payoff, they simply lose the extra allowance they were entitled to. Ditto ScotParl, Welsh Assembly, NI Assembly.

    One rule for them….

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    1. I’ve never understood it. It is to compensate them for a reduction in salary of something like £70,000 when they lose their job as a minister. But they already have a job as an MP which must pay over £70,000, so it’s not like they are going to suddenly be on the breadline. I mean they’re not down at the dole office begging for £70 a week, are they?

      And by and large, these people are sacked for either not being very good at what they are doing, making an utter mess of it, doing something illegal or immoral, or plotting against the PM.

      So why pay them compensation for that…?

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    1. I suppose that’s teh logical thing to do, but that way Philip Hammond just gets it to spend on more crap.

      Even Govey must have a charity somewhere he’d like to donate to. That way it doesn’t get spent of Royals or nukes.


      1. Thanks. It appears then that the govt is legally obliged to make these payments. Doesn’t make it right of course. They (the MPs in question) should be “encouraged” to give the money to charity. It’s unlikely that the majority of mps will want the law to be changed.

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        1. Like so many things in this mess of a country, these “rules” need to be changed.

          Despite their cries of all being in it together, the crash doesn’t seem to affected these people in any way other than good.


  2. Yeah Gove the instant “EXPERT” first in education then in law
    and now the Enviroment boy he must be so very clever or just
    a two faced Cnut (u see wot I dun there ).
    To be honest and not wery pc he seems to me a bit of a freak
    His face is a mess which gurns nearly as much as Mrs May
    With the body coordination of a spineless jelly fish a duck billed
    Platypus of a man ???

    Still the good Lord has punished him I mean just look at the
    Wife he has …..yuk !

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  3. About Trump and power to pardon himself and his family
    Guilty then ?

    At a 2014 panel discussion, Ford’s lawyer during that period, Benton Becker, explained another part of the President’s motivation was a 1915 Supreme Court decision, Burdick v. United States, which made Nixon accept his guilt in the Watergate controversy by also accepting the pardon.

    The Court’s ruling in Burdick was that a pardon carried an “imputation of guilt” and accepting a pardon was “an admission of guilt.” Becker said he took copies of the Burdick decision to California when he met with former President Nixon, and under Ford’s instructions, he walked through the Burdick decision with Nixon.

    Becker said the discussion with Nixon was very difficult, and the former President kept trying to change the subject way from Burdick until he acknowledged Becker’s discussion about what the Supreme Court decision meant.

    After he left the White House, Ford carried part of the Burdick decision with him in his wallet in case someone brought up the pardon. In a later interview with Woodward for Caroline Kennedy’s book, “Profiles in Courage for Our Time,” Ford pulled out the dog-eared decision and read the key parts of it to Woodward.

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  4. Nikos right about the gurning face. That picture looks like he’s been asked a particularly difficult question by teacher.

    Right Gove, how many 16ths are there in an inch?

    Erm eh. A thousand.

    Sit down you stupid boy, you’ll never amount to anything in life.

    I could go on and on.


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