…ie, in a balanced fashion…

I just discovered this guy on Youtube.

He tells it the way we’d never hear it from the BBC.

Worth a look and maybe a follow on Youtube.




  1. The bbc is a arm of the state
    Whomever controls the state
    Controls the state (bbc) media .
    Your the snp whinge is the media does
    Not follow the snp dictat. If the snp were able it would be
    Like 1984 in Scotland .

    The bbc is biased for sure but
    Then the bats are no better

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      1. Niko:

        Question for you.

        It’s been suggested that the Tories will get rid of May after they have had their extended summer holidays in Tuscany, Switzerland, Maldives or Bahamas…or wherever the smart set go now.

        If they do, and they call an election in October or November and Corbyn wins, will he take back the money that the Tories paid the DUP as a bribe to buy their vote?

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    1. The UK print media in general and the BBC in particular are elite parts of the British establishment along with the Tory and Labour parties and others (see so it doesn’t matter which political party is in charge at Westminster the BBC will cuddle up to it temporarily but overall still remain the voice of the British establishment and defend it against anything like the SNP that is perceived to be a serious threat to the British establishment order.

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      1. Interesting article; thanks.

        I agree. The BBC belongs to the state because of its constitution and of course its funding.

        Simpler. Displease the government in London and the Secretary of State for English media and Sport will bar your licence fee increase.

        The print media is largely owned by rich foreigners. Murdoch from America; Barclays from Sark; Rothermere from France and some weird trust fund for the Guardian. I’m not sure about the Indy. It used to be some Russian billionaire but I have a feeling he sold it.

        Point is that not many of them have much in common with people who work in Asda. But they do have a lot in common with people who lunch at the Dorchester.


    2. Well, you’re quite right about the BBC. Royal Charter obliged by its constitution to support the UK and its government.

      I’d not argue.

      All we’re saying here is this is the news you didn’t hear this last week.

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  2. We need more voices like his, I think.

    Though the first half had too many ‘facts’ to be easily digestible, he certainly hit a rich theme in part two.

    David Hooks could be a rising star.

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  3. So our much vaunted BBC is actually the British state propaganda machine. Quelle surprise! Well that’s alright then I’m glad that’s been cleared up, my flabber is well and truly ghasted.

    Of course it’s one of the realities but that doesn’t mean we canny greet aboot it. Weve so far been lacking an effective way to counter it and maybe these YouTube clips or similar are part of the answer. I wonder who’s behind it? Does anybody know?

    Not only are we presently suffering an onslaught of British Nationalist propaganda but we’ve all to pay a specific tax in the form of the so called TV Licence to fund it. I don’t know if even the Politburo in the Soviet Union had the brass neck to pull that one on the population when funding their much maligned (and rightly so) Gosteleradio

    Hats off to the young guy and everyone behind the scenes of the YouTube programme. This for me on first viewing was an uplifting alternative to the one sided shit we’ve had to endure and with publicity from sites like this will hopefully gain more viewers. It is after all, only providing a different view to the one being stuffed down our throats at present. How can anyone who believes in democracy say that’s a bad thing.

    Scotland good, for a change.

    And for Niko – To present an argument defending something that is clearly wrong by claiming the other side would be just as bad is no argument at all.

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    1. I don’t know who else, beside David Hooks, is involved, but I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s a great thing that we are getting people making this kind of video and challenging the BBC Brit view of everything.

      The internet is changing everything we do. It has done so in such a short time. I mean 20 years ago few of us had a home computer, and no one knew how to do any of these things.

      I remember a very cool mate of mine sending me a video on Youtube, in I suppose 2006. I’d never heard of it. Now, where would we be without it?

      Likewise blogs. Where would we be without the voice of ordinary people without big business sponsors feeding into our lives every day?


      1. Niko – That extra ‘far’ was one too many really. As a means of emphasising your point it was a tad too theatrical for me. It made it a bit immature and pretentious, in addition to the contents lack of objectivity. Yawn

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  4. greig12,

    I am not too sure how difficult it is to create a You Tube programme. It requires some audio-visual stuff and a washed down wall behind you. But what it really needs is confidence in your voice, and that your voice will be heard.

    For instance, you could do a similar video.

    You could, probably, do that video solo, though a good friend and editing out the bloopers would add post production time, and improve your ‘product’.

    I am interested in 3-D printing. There are folk out there that do that. They are not all short of followers for video like that. Some have very high numbers, ( don’t quote me, but in the 50,000 range.) And that is for a hobby.

    It seems to me that there is a growing market for ‘talk to camera’ materiel on the Web.

    The danger is, as always with You Tube, etc, that we all just end up talking to ourselves.

    Wonder if you would agree with me that video’s of this nature ought to aim, first and foremost, at reaching a wider audience?

    For instance, most pensioners are a tad wary about what the Conservative Party really has in store for them. It seems to me that they told the truth in their manifesto. Talking to them, via video and on their own terms, might be persuasive for a few. And we only need a few.

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    1. I really don’t think it is THAT difficult to make a video, but for something like David did there, there is a lot of research, writing, then filming and editing.

      It must take up a huge amount of his time. I really respect him for doing it.

      I think we should support him and follow his work.

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  5. Couple of on/off topic questions for you trispw,

    Hows about you doing a video sometime? Perhaps these nice people at Phantom Power ought to interview people like you that genuinely popularise the independence movement amongst folk that come here because of ‘Soppy Sunday’? I personally think that you have got that ‘mix’ about right. You would be a difficult person to dislike, and you do a great job of adding humanity to all us mad and bad and wrong nationalists.

    They should interview David too. Greig12 would also interview well, I’d have thought.

    My point – there is a point, honest – is that it is from small acorns, etc, etc….

    My idea, is that there ought to be lots of folk like you and David and Greig12 on U-Tube. Mainly to emphasise that we are not flesh eating creatures from the deep, but normal people with a point of view.

    (I know you don’t care, but your subscribers are sitting comfortably above the 2k level. You are -almost – popular! So, you are doing something right.)

    Now for the off topic:

    I wonder whether Nichola’s summer revamp will actually spell out a strategy for independence? I recall the dreaded and hated milk snatcher stating that all we had to do was vote in sufficient MP’s to make a majority (in Scotland) in the House of Commons for that to be a mandate.

    If Nichola were to adopt that, for instance, vote SNP at the next Westminster election, or the next, then a majority of SNP MP’s would trigger separation. If it were in the manifesto. That would at least purify the point of the SNP being at Westminster? For, otherwise, what is the point? They are regularly treated with nothing much more than contempt.


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    1. Thank you again for your kind words.

      I’m not keen on the idea of doing interviews though.

      I leave that to the clever bloggers like James from Scot Goes Pop, or those with broadcasting backgrounds. I doubt I’d be an asset, but I don’t rule it out completely.

      It’s certainly flattering that 2,000 folk like Ole Munguin though. I’m kinda humbled by that. But from Day 1, I’ve always thought that what makes Munguin’s Republic is the thread of comments.

      So many intelligent and articulate people comment here. (That’s flattering of itself.) I love reading what other people have to say.

      I think Nicola will do as she said and work to see how much she can influence the best deal on Brexit for Scotland. Clearly she is doing that in concert with Labour in Wales.

      I suspect that, unless things change we shall have a hard Brexit. May is not strong enough to fight it and her expensive coalition partners hate the EU as much as they have Catholics. The SNP and Welsh Labour will be rejected. They’ve talked about deals for Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, but nothing for Scotland. May must really dislike us.

      I think that when it becomes apparent just what an all holy mess life will be after the Tories and DUP insist on Hard Brexit, it will be time for a second referendum.

      It will be one we have to win. If we lose to Britannia twice withing 5 years it really will be a generation before we can do it again.

      I think Mrs Thatcher’s viewpoint wouldn’t hold water nowadays.

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    2. Thanks for the kind words Douglas. I left the public interfacing bit behind when I retired and was fairly glad to do so. I’m content to throw my tuppence worth in on Munguin though and I think, including yourself that there are some very good posters here.

      I even have a wee chuckle at Niko from time to time despite the fact that he’s a complete tit

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      1. Maybe not “complete”. I always think there’s something missing… but even though he’s a unionist, he’s OUR unionist and we love him.


  6. trispw and greig12,

    The issue is that we just all agree with each other and live in our comfort zone. You guys are a lot better than that! It seems pretty obvious to me that both of you are driven, internally, to a nationalist perspective. That is not being externally imposed on you, it is who you are.

    Does that make sense?

    Niko has moments of lucidity. We need to encourage these moments into minutes, hours, days and a lifetime.

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