Quite a few people requested stuff over the last few weeks. I hope I’ve not left anyone out. Feel free to request your favourite animal/scene/country. Munguin’ll try to cover it. Oh, and if, perchance he forgets (because he’s a very busy media mogul), just gently remind him.

n ornag2
About time you arrived. I’ve been waiting for ages
n black bird
Is there anything prettier than a Blackbird’s singing…in the dead of night?
n saltwater croc
Saltwater Crock!
n octopus
Octopus for Danny.
n cecils cubs
Who’d hunt an animal like this for sport, leaving behind cubs?
n cephalopods
Cephalopod for Douglas.
n donegal castle
Donegal Castle for Conan.
n horses water
You can lead a horse to water…
n sutherland
n piranah-
n vampire bat
Vampire Bat.
n Torres del Paine chile
Torres del Paine, Chile.
n pristine peacock
Pristine Peacock.
n racoon
Rocky Racoon.
n moussa's castle leb
Moussa’s Castle, Lebanon, for John and Mrs Brownlie. Have a good holiday.
n cephalopods3
Another cephalopod for Douglas.
n Narsaq (South Greenland)
Narsak, Greenland.
n moss
The magic of moss.
n mates
Everyone has a best mate. Not everyone has ears that their mate can sleep under though!
N orang4
Well, I hope your visit was enjoyable. I’m here for Panda Paws, by the way. See you next Sunday.



25 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

      1. I actually talked to that guy during the festival a couple of years back. The High St was riddled with “Running American businessman with flapping tie” Three Imperial stormtroopers, one kilted, a levitating Yoda, two Aliens and a Predator. We asked them to be aware of an Eastern European pickpocket ring working the festival crowds.

        Oh for the days of mimes in glass boxes. I with Lord Vetinari on this one. Real glass boxes. Airtight.

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      1. Swines !

        Anyway goes to me biscuits put me hand to pull out
        One of me favourite tunnocks yummy ! Well the shock
        On me face when I pulls out one of the bics from
        Aldi you know the stuff they copy the packaging and market
        As just as good ……well I tells her not even in the age of
        Imposed austerity do we cut corners by replacing tunnocks
        Not now not ever….didn’t taste a bit like the real thing
        And what she doing in Aldi anyway so plebby .

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    1. I thought the bat was really pretty/handsome. The face reminds me of one of the mice that lives in my shed. I call him Mickey.

      Anyway, thanks Marcia. Have a good Sunday!


  1. Great stuff. But you’ve mislabeled one of them. You’ve called it a peacock when it’s quite obviously a butterfly 🙂
    Love the lion and the cubs – nice kitties and the rabbit and piglet – another pub name? And of course thank you, thank you for my orangs. Particularly cute specimens I think.

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    1. If they look sad it may be because they’ve heard that we were planning (given their wisdom) to recruit a few to replace the morons that are running the Brexit departments.

      Seriously who’d want that job!


    2. I am just a tad curious about how far back in the tree of life you have to be to look like a human or a cephalopod.

      Given that option, back then, I’m not sure I’d have gone for the human branch.

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      1. Replying to myself is totally sad, however I’d just like to ask, “where are the meerkats”?

        You only put this up here to hint that us nationalists might be human, don’t you? This sort of subtle attack on stereotypes is never going to work.

        We are bad, and we know we are….

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  2. Thanks for the photo of Moussa’s Castle. Have never seen it but I’m told that he built the caste all by himself over a number of years. Perhaps Queenie and her assorted lay-abouts could do the same for Buck House?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Get Andrew down in the basement taking out the asbestos. Sounds like a plan to me. Much better than golf for working off that drink belly.

      Have a good holiday, and if you get a chance go see his castle and bring back some tips on building for the Saxe Coburgs.


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