On reflection, no, you wouldn’t…


Good negotiating tactic there, Boris. What an asset you are to the UK team.


Before and during the campaign leading to the referendum on withdrawal from the EU, it is rumoured (and widely accepted) that David Cameron refused to allow anyone in government or the civil service to contemplate, even for a second, the possibility that his (remain) side would lose.

Indeed when Nicola Sturgeon said “You could lose this, David”, he replied, “Don’t be silly”.

As a result, when the admittedly unexpected result came in not one single plan was in place.

The EU had a set of rules and regulations by which it had to act. It only had to appoint a few people to make up the negotiating team which would work within these rules and regulations.

The British side had nothing. No plan, no staff, no negotiators, no trade people, no ideas, no knowledge. No nothing.


During our referendum, I remember Alistair Darling (his nobleness) rant on and on about the YES campaign not having a Plan B if the UK government refused to allow an independent Scotland to use the pound. Of course, it would have been impossible and illegal for them to do this. But without cooperation from the British Treasury and Bank of England, it might have been awkward for Scotland. But of course, the YES campaign did have an alternative plan. It’s just that a Scottish pound, tied to the British pound made more sense both for Scotland and the UK, something which the Bank of England an anonymous government minister admitted. Having a Plan B then seemed to be incredibly important for the Brits.

Having a Plan B at that time seemed to be incredibly important for the Brits. What changed?

Now, I’m not convinced that the self-same Brits have much of a Plan A, but we now have it from the near top of the government that they haven’t prepared for anything to go wrong?

What arrogance.  Can they be saying that Mrs May’s plan is so perfect there is no need for an alternative? Her history hardly suggests that that is a starter.

Can you believe this lot?


16 thoughts on “YOU’D THINK THEY’D LEARN”

  1. forget plan B plan A has a lot to worry about

    from the Torygraph aka the Torys reading
    room in the private library

    Workers’ rights should not be made an excuse to raise taxes and reduce flexibility
    Telegraph View

    So much for the great repeal bill Sovereignty of westminster my erse
    more legal protection of rogue employers tax avoiders and tory spivs

    “hamstrung by the regulations”

    such as those which caused the deaths of the innocent at grenfell tower


    they have learned crush your enemy , impose legal obstacles to ordinary
    people, indoctrinate the masses to respect the law then use law to enslave

    The Torys learned long ago how to rule the great unwashed we are the mugs
    for expecting to win using the legal and Democratic process which was created
    soley to keep the Torys in power…

    Do a deal with the snp who are mostly akin to a bunch of faeries
    dancing at the end of your garden is a calamity.
    whereas doing a deal with the dup home and supporters of
    killers is all fine and dandy.

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    1. Well, I don’t disagree with any of that.

      I was listening to Eddie Mair tonight at 5 pm.

      He got someone to explain just how disastrous NO DEAL (being better than a bad deal) would be.

      In fact everything would grind to a halt on day one. If we wanted to go on with domestic arrangements then we would have to do so with no regulation whatsoever. As for international stuff. It would stop dead. No flights, no trade, no customs, no nothing.

      And in the last day or two David Davis has said that there are plans for this, and Boris Johnson has said there are not.

      The world (in as much as anyone gives a damn) is choking itself laughing at Mayhem, while she plays pretty with Arlene and her racist, homophobic, thick pallet burners.


  2. The government conducted no impact assessment on leaving Euratom. Repeat that 1000x for every other EU initiative, scheme and agency. It is hard to believe but that’s the journey of Brexit. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed it but now it’s my first response.

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    1. The Tories only ever engaged with the EU when negotiating an opt out or veto.
      They left the courts and civil service to deal with all the rest of the stuff which is why they have no clue about how to “deal” with the EU now.
      Brexit means Brexit means exit without engagement.
      Absolutely pathetic.

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      1. They’ve had a year to sort out a strategy though. Why has someone in cabinet not done it yet.

        Don’t we pay them over £100,000 a year?

        It’s not so they can sit there and feel important.


    2. It never occurred to them that the isotopes used for treating cancer, for example, were sourced in the Czech Republic and Belgium; that the UK had no way of manufacturing these things themselves.

      It will take years to set up these things. It is beyond belief that they didn’t know that.

      ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ was a fantastically stupid thing to say.

      No deal and the country grinds to a halt.

      Is UK foreign and Brexit policy being written by Kermit and Miss Piggy?


      1. Oh lovely… but clearly not for them.

        A bit like Winston and his Cuban cigars and Cognac during the WW2, I’m sure there will be lovely bottles of “Domaine De L’Arlot Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Rouge Clos Des Forêts Saint Georges 2007”. Couple of bottles with lunch will go down nicely!


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