This week we’ll find out if the have tipped Scotland into recession. Time to take off the table and start listening.


So it seems that the Scottish economy grew at 0.8%. Hardly a startling figure, it has to be admitted, but it compares very favourably with the UK figure of 0.2%.

Of course, as always with these figures, it has to be remembered that both Scottish and English governments have input. In fact, that majority of levers for controlling the economy are held at Westminster. But the unfortunate tweeter, Jamie, was happy enough to blame an expected (by the Tories) downturn on the SNP, so it’s not unreasonable to expect him to now praise them for a performance from which his Tory counterparts in Westminster might well learn something.


And, just in the passing, we note from the illustration that the Scottish National health service has done so well that even the BBC had to admit that the rest of the UK could learn from it. Take a bow, Shona Robison. I’m not sure that Jeremy Hunt can share in that praise.

And since we are commenting on the news, it would be remiss of Munguin not to mention that the so-called (by Murdo Fraser, tweeter of this parish) her majesty’s Eleven has been found guilty (by her majesty’s supreme court) of trying to stuff her majesty’s treasury for rather a lot of tax. She must be particularly hurt by that, Murdo, with them being almost family!

It’s not been Rangers’ finest 24 hours. They lost 2-0 to Progres Niederkorn, a small team in the Luxembourg league. Part-timers, Niederkorn had never won a match in European competition before.

Maybe it’s retribution for stealing all that money from their most important supporter and Granny, Liz.

14 thoughts on “JAMIE AND HIS TWEET”

  1. Tris

    I wish they would focus on the day job and get their masters in London to do the same. Have you ever seen such a bunch of toilet stains in Scottish Politics, even at their height of disgusting et al Ian Davidson of Labour, he could learn a few things from the likes of Tomkins and General Davidson. I actually think I despise May and the current bunch more than I did Thatcher, Rifkind and the likes, at least they were smart, nasty but smart, this bunch of Scottish DUP/Tories are as thick as shit and full of hate. You have got to wonder who in their right mind votes for these stains.

    The economy being compared to England is also a joke, as you point out the Scottish Government have virtually no control of it, just more too wee too poor and thick as shit keep voting for us and we will hate the SNP for you. I don’t blame the SNP for the economy and I am glad they have the Greens as I think they will be decent partners overall.


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    1. The thing that really annoys me is how thick they are. For the money we pay them they really need to be a bit smarter.

      As I pointed out the other day they get twice to three times the amount that teachers, nurses and the likes get… from day one.

      I see the latest one, some pensions minister who has suggested that women in their 60s who had been intending to retire, but now can’t, should get themselves an apprenticeship.

      Where do they get these people?

      As far as the economy is concerned, the UK economy is in a tank. I heard that they have the lowest growth and the lowest productivity of the developed world.

      And still they go for hard Brexit.

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  2. I note also that Ruth D has been making waves about UK maintaining its commitment to 0.7% of budget to foreign aid, to the reported displeasure of the Tory right. Wonder how many of the latter will counter- propose that the cost of maintaining the foreign aid budget could be offset by abandoning the Barnett formula. And as an afterthought, would Ruth and her Tories be open to the trade off ?

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    1. Think they have done that with their bung across the sea to Ireland and for sure there will be Barnett consequentials as a result.
      Either the Tories have borrowed the extra money or it is going to have to be deducted from some other budget.
      Mmmmmm,I wonder what?

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      1. They could take it out of the fund for tyhe victims of Grenfell … or they could if they had put any money into that.

        They are going on with austerity though. No changes.

        Brexit is going to cost an arm and a leg. And keeping Arlene in private jets won’t be cheap either.

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    2. I thought she was off on her holidays?

      Don’t the developed nations have to aim for 0.7% for foreign aid in order to qualify for G7 membership?

      As we have seen this week, the Tories will trade anything for anything as long as it keeps them in power.

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    1. Embarrassing… The UK economy is powering ahead at the lowest level in the developed world. And one of the reasons given for that is the loss in value of the pound which is directly attributable to Brexit.

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  3. All the Torys have to do to stimulate the British economy is convince the rest of the world that there is value in farce, bullshit, stupid fools in power and kidology, then Britain will surely have the fastest growing economy anywhere.

    Whilst they gleefully coin it in, they’ll still ensure the rest of us are Fcuk’d though so it won’t matter. That’s because they are talentless, low ability cretins who still retain the uncanny knack of keeping all the benefits on the input side for themselves.

    Funny how such stupid people consistently seem to manage that.

    Oh, I’m just so unable to adequately express how much I would like to give the lot of them a very serious pointing at.

    I’m almost annoyed…….. again.

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  4. I’m delighted that Jamie Greene has been made spokesperson on something. That means we should hear a lot more from him which is always fun. Any chance Annie Wells and the glorious Miles Briggs could be promoted into the limelight. MSP James Kelly shouldn’t get all the fame.

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