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Apparently, Mrs May spent £20,000 on an RAF flight for Ms Foster from London to Belfast after their talks last week. The magic money tree must still have been bearing fruit at that time because there are cheap flights for as little as £14 from London to Belfast.


I know they are new besties, but seriously, as Arlene doesn’t actually have a job in Northern Ireland, what with her being the cause of the breakdown of the power-sharing government, it wouldn’t have hurt her to go to the airport and wait for RyanAir like the rest of the human race have to do.

Ruth must be incandescent. I bet, despite her being a colonel, May has never laid on military transport for her… and she HAS got a job….well, two actually.


I’ve always thought that Michael Gove was some sort of a cartoon character, not to be taken seriously, from his idiotic beginnings as Education Secretary, to his ridiculous position as Lord Chancellor.


On tv today he defended the tuition fees charged in England (the steepest in Europe) and said that people who didn’t go to university shouldn’t have to subsidise those who do. Mr Gove went to university in 1985. There were no tuition fees then.

Mr Gove went to university in 1985. There were no tuition fees then.


Most enlightened countries realise that it is to the benefit of everyone if we have an educated workforce. More and more jobs indeed require that people be educated to at least bachelor level. So in most of Europe governments make it as easy as possible for people to get to university. And most recognise that people’s ability to take up tertiary education should be based on their ability to learn, rather than their ability to pay.

Of course many people benefit from the education of doctors, lawyers, dentists, nurses, engineers, architects, teachers, etc. That seemed not to occur to Gove.


It’s a pity that Mrs May was “persuaded” by whoever to return Gove to the Cabinet. He may be an asset to Mr Murdoch inside the cabinet but he’s a bit of a liability to the rest of us.



Well, who would have believed it? And the car companies are mainly in the North East of England, which voted so decisively for Brexit.


So, if I had voted to put the country at a huge economic, cultural, education and social disadvantage because I was bent out of shape about us using the metric system and wanted my £ : s : d back along with Sts : lbs : oz and Gallons, quarts, pints and gills, not to mention furlongs, poles, yards, feet and inches, and all the rest, then I think I’d probably be ashamed to write to the papers about it. Oh, and I’m not entirely sure that someone who prefers a system based on the number 10, to a system, build around any number other than 10, could necessarily be called a fetishist.




Reminds me of the story of the supermarket queue in California where a woman was talking on her phone. A man behind her thought she was talking in Spanish and told her that she was in America, she should speak English. The woman explained that she was actually a native American, and she was talking Navajo, NOT Spanish. She politely suggested that if he wanted to speak English, he should go to England!

Incidentally, although I enjoy languages and always try to learn a little of the lingo of whatever country I’m going to visit, I’m not ever able to do much more than say hello, thank you, please, and a few other words. I’m pretty grateful then that no Hungarian launched an attack at me on a bus in Budapest for speaking English. Hungarian has to be the most complex language I’ve ever heard spoken.



It’s as well, when the Orange Order are marching anywhere near your house, to be prepared to clean up after them as you would with your dog.  A bucket of disinfectant and a brush will be nnecessary. They seem not to be potty trained.


This would seem to be a reasonable response to them, though.

I’m a great believer in freedom of speech and of freedom to assemble, but these people, quite apart from their lack of toilet training, shout racial abuse at Catholics and Irishmen alike.

I have to ask myself if we want this kind of racism and sectarianism on our streets.


28 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Tris, the RAF were DUPed into flying Arlene back to Belfast because they were told that the mission was to carry incendiary, toxic payload to a location well-known to harbour many fundamentalist, religiously-motivated, anti-democratic, potentially dangerous extremists. It’s a pity that when they realised what they were actually carrying, and to where, that they didn’t jettison at high altitude and return to base.

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  2. Tris, love the pic of the Tangerine bandsmen on “relief duties” – at last, pictorial proof that they’re always spouting pish. I suppose that’s where they acquire such dexterity at flute fingering too.

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    1. I am angry, not of course that Northern Ireland got a billion or more. They do need the money.

      But that:

      a) they’ve lied about it. They say it is because NI needs the money because of what it went through. So, why wait till now?
      b) again they lied and said that it was like a city grant. Northern Ireland isn’t a city.
      c) there are areas of Wales, Scotland and England that are in desperate need of a boost. Why wasn’t there a consequential?
      d) Arlene herself is the cause of the breakdown of the government in NI. She ran a scheme that was toxic, that cost the province over half a billion pounds. Martin MrG asked that she stand down while an investigation took place; she refused. Martin McG resigned as deputy FM and the government crashed. She still refuses to stand down temporarily until the investigation is carried out. Her party is behind her. All this unnecessary time and money is being wasted because of her.
      e) Theresa thinks that it is worth another £20,000 to save her from having to go to Heathrow, like anyone else, and take a £14,99 flight to Belfast.

      The whole thing is wrong.


  3. Damn good article Tris, thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up cos it makes my day. It’s the back of 2 and we’ve had a wee drinky and your ma best feckin neebur etc… Sincerely meant though, don’t stop what your doing, it’s important.

    Shit I’ll wake up later today and think, what the fuck did I post last night? Then I’ll read this and breathe a sigh of relief. I hope.

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  4. Best thing to learn first when visiting another country: “Désolé, je ne parle pas français. Parlez vous anglais?” (Thanks to Google Translate)

    Can we start the argument about which base is best again? Base 10 (Roman) sucks for practical use. Base 12 (Babylonian) and base 16 (geek shorthand) are so much more useful.


    1. Though the Romans used a decimal system for whole numbers, reflecting how they counted in Latin, they used a duodecimal system for fractions; which Imperial measurements reflect, an uncia was a coin which was 1/12 of another coin and became our “ounce” and had 12 pennies to the shilling and 240 to a pound. Of course they may have nicked this from the Carthaginians…

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      1. I think I forgot to say: Translated into the local language.

        I picked French because “The Lingua Francais”, but it applies everywhere: Learn the local translation of that phrase, and you’re going to get a better response.

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        1. Yep, I’ve found that useful.

          The important thing is not to think that if you talk loudly in English, and stick “o” on the end of every English word, they will understand you.

          Unfortunately, language learning is much more complex than that!


  5. Given that he was born and educated in Scotland has anybody ever been able to trace the remotest sign of a Scottish accent when Gove opens his mouth.

    Even the English Public School educated offspring of our Scottish Aristocracy manage to retain a sort of easily recognised Scottish accent albeit a very weird one.

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    1. Munguin who is half penguin says that OO are far smellier than penguins, and most of them don’t pee in people’s gardens.

      Anyway, orange is rather a common colour which reminds him of Mr Trump’s face.


  6. Don’t really like to comment on peoples looks (not being an oil painting myself). However, it appears the OO have inherited the ‘ugly gene’ both inside and out.

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    1. I agree. But you’re right. I’ve yet to see an attractive OO member.

      I’m sure there must be some, somewhere?

      Well, one at least?



      1. Tris, I doubt there are any attractive OO members. You must remember they don’t believe in evolution and they might have a point because most of them look like Neanderthals. Of course, Neanderthals had a bigger brain.


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