What is hilarious is that the Tories had the effrontery to warn about a coalition of chaos?

Labour, Plaid, the Greens, SNP…

But in this comic opera world with “leaders” like Trump and Mayhem, Erdogan and Netanyahu, I’ve given up being surprised at anything.

Thank heavens for Macron, Merkel, Sturgeon and the Nordic leaders.


Thanks Andrew!



  1. WTF is that thing with the white hood? I mean, seriously, what does it think it looks like? And BTW, I bet his head goes all the way to the top.

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  2. Didn’t I read somewhere recently that the polis / counter-terrorism people are concentrating in Scotland on right-wing sectarian groups as presenting the highest risk of terrorism? I rather think I did. And then there’s this- / – which contains the following line: “A Scottish Dawn activist we filmed also revealed he’s a former member of UKIP and claimed that he got drunk with David Coburn, the party’s leader in Scotland.” I have to say, I can’t look at a picture of David Coburn without thinking of this guy: Yes, if the ineffable David Coburn could shed a few kilos, I think he’d be a dead ringer for Ernst Röhm.

    Such fragrant, such savoury characters – to my proudly Scottish and social democratic, civic mind, they’re a clear and present danger to Scotland, its future and its freedom.

    Here’s another little blast from the past, quoted by Gerry Adams earlier: in 1921, Sir Edward Carson (no friend of Irish nationalism he, though he didn’t have much time for the Ludge either) said “What a fool I was! I was only a puppet, and so was Ulster, and so was Ireland, in the political game that was to get the Conservative Party into Power.”

    Here at Schloß Freeman, it has been decided that it is pointless arguing whether today’s bunch of robots, zombies, cads, bounders, rotters and nincompoops at Westminster (“statespersons”, shurely? – Ed.) are aware of the history of their Party’s (indeed, “British”) treatment of and involvement in Ireland. The reason is perhaps the one reputedly advanced by Talleyrand in reference to the Bourbons: “They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” What is undeniably constant is the Tories’ naked, short-termist self-interest; their underhand, devious, grubby abuses of power; and their pandering to their own and to others’ worst instincts.

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    1. Good post Ed.

      I remember reading about the right wing Nazi groups and the bloke who professed to be matey with Coburn (although Coburn said he didn’t know him).

      The far right is very frightening, and no, I doubt very much of the load of half wits have any idea bout the history of their party.


  3. The OLs paramilitary threats are the least surprising thing I’ve hard all week. When, at some rally, one of the chief fat red faced bigots said ‘No surrender to independence’ broadcast as part of a BBC news story back in 2014 just what did folk think that meant. There’s been plenty of speculation regarding what would have happened in George Square if yes had won and it would have just been the start.

    It’s very sad that the biggest obstacle to us achieving self government is our own countrymen and I don’t just mean at the ballot box.

    And as for SNP and catholic outrage, I’m certain there will be quite a bit of Protestant outrage as well. Funny how the Sunday Herald neglected to print that.

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    1. Quite right, Greig12. Although I shook the dust of the West of Scotland off my shoes many years ago now, and sectarianism is abhorrent to me, I suppose I could still say mine is Protestant outrage. I can’t stand those f*ckers.

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    2. Aye that’s all true.

      We all saw the pictures of them with their union flags and Nazi salutes when THEY won.

      I can’t imagine what they would have done if they had lost.

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  4. I have to say that I’m coming to this conclusion, either Scots don’t really care what kind of a country they live in, as long as it’s not happening to them or the reaction to all this various wretchedness is too diffuse to be seen.
    Certainly the 4th Estate has failed entirely, OK there is the National, so not easy to get a focus on the issues. There has never been a reaction from Labour and the Tories, indeed they were the prime promoters of the sectarian divisions and still after decades haven’t come up with a solution.

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    1. There is no solution.

      It seems loosely to be based on religion and you can never reason with religion.

      I don;t mean to insult anyone here who is religious in any way, with that statement, but I believe it to be true.

      You can’t reason and compromise with someone who says it is the world of God, or Allah or any other deity.



    Which more or less corresponds to what I think of the DUP.

    Don’t completely agree with Brian Powell above.

    I am an atheist, and I seem pretty comfortable in a modern Scotland. It seems to me that religion, of any colour, is not very popular with the nation right now. Church attendance has fallen dramatically. And is likely to fall more, this is not good DUP territory. It does mean that being an atheist is unlikely to get you killed, which is good.

    Today, I was happily listening to a fascinating You-Tube video from the USA about Arduino Drivers (you don’t want to know) when my concentration was interrupted by an Orange Walk down Kilmarnock Road. For these happy, clappy folk managed to penetrate my headphones with their cheery tunes. But not for long. For there were far less of them than I remember in my youth. I suspect that the Orange Order are going the way of the KKK and will only be used in future comic books as nightmares for children.

    Also, we seem to actually think a bit more than we did in the past.

    Not completely convinced about it all going backwards.

    Or to pot.

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    1. Maybe they are failing to recruit many young people to their ranks (I mean the uniform is hardly cool)

      And the last time I saw a group of them, they did seems to be rather overweight, so maybe heart attacks and strokes are carrying them off. Given how angry they always are, I’d not be that surprised.

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  6. tris and other snp acolytes

    Not so long ago Wings over Scotland
    Led with a blog which stated clearly
    If Westminster continued to ignore
    The snp version of how The democratic
    Will of the Nationlists was being traduced
    Then perhaps the Bomb and the bullet was
    The only way for Scotland to achieve
    any comments ???

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    1. I didn’t read it, so I can’t expressly comment but if it was said seriously then it was stupid.

      Mind you, a government minister (I think it muight have been that fool leadsom) asked about the extra billions going to NI (to which I have absoloutely NO objection at all) said that Norther Ireland needed the extra money because of a variety of situations and with their difficult past, and the possibility of them descending into violence, it was money well spent.

      Thre inference is that if you are going to decend into violence they will spend money on you. If you are peaceful you can sod off.

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    2. Not something I recall, Niko. I can’t imagine the Rev. Stu advocating violence of any kind (except against people who don’t put in paragraph breaks). It’s true, of course, that people who are oppressed in their day-to-day lives – I’m thinking Palestine, Kenya under British colonial rule, and so on – will indeed take up arms, in rather the way the Americans did way back when.

      I don’t think anyone here advocates violence. Warning that the conditions are being created in which it is likely to happen is not the same thing as inciting it.

      Please give us a URL so we can find the article in question; I’ve googled, but I can’t find anything that fits the bill.

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  7. Em, this is from the truth ministry , so it is obviously suspect. However it kinda looks like most folks don’t have any skin in the skypixie game.

    If we get OO terrorists once we are independent, then I suppose the government will do what every other democracy does. Proscribe them, ban their parades, and jail them. Maybe there will be boatloads of them seeking asylum in Ulster. Of course the Mooth will be living in exile with her £300 a day stipend as a member of the Lords.

    And we will all live happily ever after.


  8. Having been born into a brightly coloured family, I can attest to how angry these people are. I hope this is just empty bluster, as others above have pointed out, their membership is falling.

    The hatred for Ireland that I was raised with actually made me very curious to learn as much as I could about our near neighbours.

    The first group in Ireland to take up arms against what was then a campaign for home rule was the loyalist Ulster Volunteers. The ‘troubles’ began in 1966 not 1969 as the media would have us believe, with loyalists starting the killing.

    During secret talks to try and get Ireland to enter WW2 on the allied side, Churchill offered De Valera the possibility of a United Ireland.

    Everyone thought that the anti treaty warrior would of course jump at the chance, after all he had made his whole political career on unity.

    What put him off? The thought of inheriting the charmers of the Shankill Road and their fellow travellers. Better to let the British deal with the problem was his assessment.

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  9. The trouble is that it it only takes a couple of arseholes on their side to stoke up enough trouble to make a couple of arseholes on our side retaliate. The great British impartial media then wades in and before we know it Brittania sends in the troops and it all turns to shit. The Indy side will of course be to blame.

    It may seem far fetched because, hey, it couldn’t happen here but the fact is that folk not too far from Scotland have had to endure the oppression of the British state. We watched the troubles in Northern Ireland on the telly but we didn’t know the half of it.

    We’re on the arse end of a crumbling empire and it’s not going to let its last colonies go without a fight. It will use whatever resources it has at its disposal, to hang on to what it’s got, and that includes using ignorant stupid bigoted fascists. People it wouldn’t have touched with a barge pole (at least publicly) a couple of years ago.

    We can pretend that our independence can be won peacefully at the ballot box if we like and as a pacifist I would love it to be so. I’m afraid though that on considering all the possible scenarios I just can’t see it coming to pass without violence.

    They won’t let it happen peacefully.


  10. So, their Grand Secretary (I’m amazed any of them are literate) said the Orange Order “would turn into an underground force” – well, they’ve got a head start as they’re all effin’ troglodytes.

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  11. Is this a historical document?
    Notice the date of the article appears to be July 8 2001.
    However,since these Neanderthals haven’t moved on from the stone age,probably nothing has changed in their attitudes.
    At least an independent Scottish state would have a good idea of who these terrorists are and arrange for them to live out their lives with like minded people.
    Who would have them though?


    1. I don’t suppose much has changed in the ideology of a group that hasn’t surrendered to anyone since 1690, though it beats me who they would surrender to now even if they changed their minds after all this time. As their numbers fall away, I suspect that we’re being left with the hardest of hard cores.

      The situation over the water is the result of a long, long history of bad governance from and malign neglect by Westminster. The misrule of Ireland has had results which were pretty much entirely predictable even at the time. Here in Scotland we are left with the backwash from it, and I think it’s to our credit that we have largely succeeded in not going down that road, and it’s obvious to almost everybody now that Orangeism is an idea whose time came and went long ago.

      I am not saying that it hasn’t been bad in some parts of Scotland – sectarianism is a stain on our society, and it is still a danger. One thing should be obvious, though, especially now: we cannot expect any assistance from Westminster in dealing with the phenomenon, as it has been made even more nakedly obvious than before that this regime in particular neither understands the problem nor cares what the risks from it are to our societies. And they have the gall to call us independentistas “divisive”…

      I wish we had a better idea of just how many people we are actually talking about – we know that it’s more than we would like, but I suspect it’s also fewer than we fear. I think there’s been a significant change in social attitudes over recent years; I was just looking at this report on sectarianism in Glasgow – – from 2003, and it seems pretty outdated to me now.

      On the basis of that impressively broad statistical sample of one, and my own extremely reliable sense of what is what (Whatever is he on? I want some – Ed.), I can say that Scotland’s political reawakening and greater sense of self and self-awareness have been at least in part responsible for the improvement.

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    1. Niko – no. Just no. That is not what that article says at all. “The Scottish independence movement has been the most peaceful campaign in the history of national self-determination anywhere on Earth. Not a drop of blood has been spilled in its name in almost 100 years. … We fervently hope that the increasingly demented, belligerent, angry and provocative intransigence of the Unionist parties – along with their constant reckless inflaming of the known violent elements on their own side – does not succeed in what is an ever more apparent aim of changing that fact. There’s nothing they’d love more.”

      The threat, Niko, comes from the Britnat side. Not us. We explicitly reject it. We’re not the ones acting in such a way as to inflame existing sectarian tensions, we want rid of them. We want our society to be healthy and whole, not torn apart and scarred by violence or civil war.


        1. So what you are saying is that if there is a referendum and the Scottish people vote for independence, then the unionists will follow the OO and take to the streets?

          So it’s actually the Brit nationalists we have to fear?

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        2. Niko, tell me exactly how you think the SNP is going to force “its version of democracy” on Scotland? As for violence, we keep trying to tell you that it’s the Orange Lodge thugs and their friends who’re most likely to be committing it, as they did in George Square in September 2014. Now, whose fault was that? If you think that was caused by us pro-independence folk, who lost that referendum, then I give up.

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    2. Niko – Discussing or highlighting a possibility or consequence of action is entirely different from advocating that it should happen. You need to remove the blinkers my man because all your showing is your inability to be objective.

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