Now, is that enough, Arlene dear? Do let me know if you want any more. You will let me be prime minister, won’t you? Now, don’t worry your pretty little head about the Colonel. We’ll send her off to the front line in Syria if she bothers you.
Yes, your majesty, whatever you want. Please let me know if you want anything else. You will let me be prime minister, won’t you?


So the Trogs get a billion or so and they can spend some of it on giving their nurses a bit of a pay rise.

And, just to show that we do care about old people and the safety of their accommodations, this elderly couple will receive an 8% increase in their income, taking them up to £82.2 million a year

Now, how many countries treat their elderly like that? Scotland would have a black hole if they treated their nonagenarians that way.

Doesn’t it make you proud to be British, with these broad shoulders, pooling and sharing all over the shop?

Royal accounts – some key figures

  • £82.2m – Amount the Queen is expected to get from the Sovereign Grant in 2018/2019
  • £4.5m – Cost of the Queen and the Royal Family’s official travel
  • £288,697 – Amount spent on the Royal Train travel for 14 trips
  • £1.2m – Cost of replacing doors on the orangery at Windsor Castle
  • £154,000 – Estimated cost of Prince Charles and Camilla using “Cam Force One” – the official government plane – to visit Italy, Romania and Austria


  1. As we all know,magic is just an illusion,a confidence trick and it is clear that money for public services and anything else e.g. what the DUP might want to fund,is a matter of political decisions.
    Austerity is another such trick as is Barnett and “Soft” Brexit,all illusions of probity in governance when the reality is they are just a bunch of lying,conniving crooks looking to line their own pockets at our expense.
    Nothing has changed since the French Vikings invaded England and that is the way the establishment like it but without the French connection.

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  2. ” We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns”. Naw we’re no. Not when this family, with their uniforms, customs and pageants more suited to some Ruritanian fantasy rule the roost. The class system will never be extinguished until the biggest benefit cheats in the land are made to hand over the keys to Buck House, and told they will be placed on the housing register as homeless. Well, that’s not strictly correct is it, because they own Balmoral and Sandringham so they could always live there and act out their lives much the same as now forgotten film stars who have faded into obscurity. Wishful thinking on my part I’m afraid when he have so many amongst us who are willing to bend the knee, in exchange for some worthless bauble.
    The only way out is to become an independent nation, but that will never happen while we have so many collaborators amongst us, the latest example occurring only yesterday.
    I’m not normally impatient but I’m getting fed up waiting, it may be due to my age, for us to stand on our own two feet, take complete control of our own affairs, and end this farrago of going to Westminster holding a begging bowl in order to receive a pittance of what is rightfully ours, and to pay homage to a bunch of inbred idiots who would be more at home in a Sigmund Romberg operetta.

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    1. Sir, I will not have you traduce the sacred name of Ruritania! I demand satisfaction. My second, Grand-duke Ludicruz von Artzlicher, Crown-Prince of Brexit-Delusia, will call on you at dawn tomorrow in a covered carriage which will convey you to the bright uplands of Exiteuropa where I shall await you. I trust you will not choose to sully the occasion by electing to use firearms but will meet me, as a gentleman should, to settle this matter with tempered steel. My compliments to you. God save Ruritania!
      Count Charles Edward William Andrew Hottenunterkoller von Faffen-Farten – Ditzi, BBC, DVLA, HMSO, PPI, KFC, EiEIO, etc.

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      1. LOL.

        Munguin says, could you make it a wee bit later. He likes to lie abed of a morning, and dawn in Scotland in June?

        Do you seriously know how early he’d have to get up.

        The crack of noon for our Munguin!


    2. If you have read Andy Wightman’s book “The Poor had no Lawyers” you will know that,on paper,the Royals don’t own Balmoral.
      It is “owned” by an offshore trust.
      A much misused word “trust”.

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  3. That tree is one which has its roots
    drenched in the blood of the innocent.
    a tree of sorrow and pain not of magic
    and if the Torys in pursuit of vain power
    disturb that particular tree god alone knows
    what could happen.

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    1. I don’t think there is much doubt that they will do that. I don’t see how they can avoid it.

      You have family there, Niko. What are they thinking?


  4. Give the DUP one billion
    Then the Queen a cool six million
    Firemen, nurses, police get nout
    Hear the Tories cheer and shout

    That’s a very selective money tree Theresa May has available in her treasury.

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