1. http://scotgoespop.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/sturgeon-sticks-firmly-with-policy-of.html


    I agree with both James Kelly and Stu Campbell.

    There has been no change whatsoever in SNP policy, tho’ as Jamie Ross has outlined above the pressure on Theresa May intensifies. Early days yet, but this is beginning to look like (yet another) full scale constitutional crisis.

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    1. So do I.

      I’m not that surprised that even some of the so-called broadsheets are saying that she has climbed down, but I put that down to the fact that I’m used to them lying.

      I see Jim Naughtie was on the Today programme this morning taking the Tory line that David Mundell will be speaking for Scotland in Brexit negotiations, and that the GE result gave the Tories the right to do that.

      I wish someone would point out to them that David Mundell and an underwater hairdrier have a lot in common, and that 35/59 seats is a majority.

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      1. But it HAS been u-turn.
        Nicola has actually now made a speech about indyref2, which has been pretty much the preserve of the unionists since indyref1.

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      2. I’m in the minority here but I think her position has slightly shifted. At the press conference, when she announced that there would be a Holyrood vote on a 2nd referendum, Nicola Sturgeon wanted it concluded before the UK left the EU. The timing would have been roughly coincident with the EU vote on the Brexit deal, about 3-6 months before the exit date. Her position now is to have it after the UK leaves the EU. That is a difference. It’s not a climb-down, her plans are not on ice, it’s not a u-turn, but it is most definitely a change.

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        1. Yes, true. And she has said that the plans are flexible in that if Mrs May (or her successor) changers her time table, then the Scottish government’s time table may be changed in line with the British one.

          I think the main thrust is that the press and opposition have been talking about a climb down. In fact the Colonel seems to have taken the position that she has won the battle. That hasn’t happened.


    1. Just a tad puzzled why my comment was moderated. I’ll stand corrected but that hasn’t happened to me for ages and ages.

      Moving onwards, I’d quite like opinions on the date of the next General Election. My own bet is on this autumn, however David Mundell appears to be conflicted about his role, and perhaps if the Tank Commander could be persuaded that he has the right of it, it could be sooner? I’m not sure that that would suit us. We need to let the omnishambles that is Brexit role out a tad, ( a bit like The 100, which started pretty Young Adult and grew) into a Shakespearian tragedy, which is where I think this will end up.

      Just asking.


      1. I think that they will try to hang on for as long as possible.

        Hopeless though she may be, they know that if they get rid of her, they would end up with another numpty.

        The press has unearthed a real spat among the top people in the government. Hammond and Boris appear to be at war. I doubt anyone likes Gove. Everyone hates her, Can anyone see Amber Rudd as a popular person. And Damien Green is like “something of the night”.

        When they make a mess of Brexit they will have to go.

        That’s my guess.


      1. OK, cool. I shall not make a song and dance about it ever again.

        BTW, went to Edinburgh Zoo yesterday with the grandkids.

        Meercats are pretty cool too. Perhaps you could squeeze them into soppy Sunday sometime? It is verging on ridiculous, but in, what I assume, is a completely safe area there is still one designated to occupy the highest point and look out for ‘danger’. Lovely wee animals.

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      2. I think ( although you can never be sure with WordPress) that the “moderation” thingy kicks in if there is more than just a single link and any post.

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        1. Ah, could be.

          It’s a crap platform, but I feel disinclined to change it, and Munguin doesn’t want to spend any of his second hand gold on paying for an upgrade.

          He’s saving for his retirement. 🙂


  2. I think the tory party are aptly described by this quote by Groucho Marx. ” The art of politics is looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies”.

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  3. We shouldn’t be surprised by the actions of the Tories.
    They don’t and never have believed in devolution of power and now that,in their minds,the threat of independence has been removed,they think they can do what they like.
    Sadly,they can.

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    1. Yes. That is true. They were dead set against the devolution process in 1997, rightly thinking that it was the thin end of the wedge, whereas Labour thought it would satisfy the Celts.

      I have no doubt that if they got a chnace, or thought that they could do it, they would close the parliaments/assemblies, and rule direct from London.

      Colonel Davidson could be found a top job in English politics, or indeed the military.

      I doubt they much care about the fate of the lower orders in the Scottish Tories.


      1. Portillo said on the last bit of BBC political guff I could bear to watch that Colonel Davidson was the only one with the standing and charisma just now to be the next Tory leader.

        I just don’t know where to start with such a volume of pish taking possibilities never mind the invocation of sheer terror but it’s definitely one for the, ‘could happen’ category regardless.

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        1. Well, I saw a poll somewhere that showed her to have the best balance between those who want her and those who don’t. I’ll put it up at some stage.

          The trouble is that she would have to stand for an English seat, because a prime minister who was Scottish wouldn’t be able to vote on most of the legislation of the HoC.

          Personally I think she’s far too hotheaded to be PM, but frankly I don’t much care one way or the other. No more than I care who the president of Botswana is.

          Brexit would be a mess no matter who ran it, and as long as the Tories are ruling there will be an endless amount of poverty and despair.


    2. I don’t know about that. If they genuinely think that the threat (?) of independence has been removed I have a bridge to sell them.

      What I do fear is that they will try to change the electorate, y’know mess around with eligibility criteria, etc, perhaps disenfranchise anyone with an estate of less than a million acres, summat like that. And those pesky 16 and 17 year olds, hell mend them!

      I imagine, more seriously, that the votes of EU citizens living here might be abrogated. Whilst folk from England will have their second home in Scotland giving them rights. We ought to be wary of any change to the electorate.

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      1. What I believe they will do Douglas, is continue what they have been doing for hundreds of years, asset-strip Scotland. The only difference is that they will accelerate the process, as they are only too aware that it is very likely they will lose the second Scottish Independence Referendum. Their aim will be to denude our country of as many of our riches as they can, and they have plenty of history in doing just that.
        The brainwashing, courtesy of the M.S.M, will increase to a crescendo never seen before, all designed to dissuade us from voting Yes. The unionists will stoop to any tactic to try to frighten the electorate into rejecting independence, and I’m afraid in some cases they will be successful.
        Are there enough of us to stand strong and make Scotland an independent nation once again? Time will tell.

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  4. Some monumental diversion is required, I think the torys are going to need another war to get out of this one.

    What a thought, surely Joe P. wouldn’t fall for that again. Ahem.

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    1. Well, they thought about Spain for a bit, did they not? Over Gibraltar or summat. When push comes to shove I wouldn’t put it past them.

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    2. Well, a war used to be the answer. I’m not so sure after the last 20 years of war that it still is.

      But they won;t know that.

      So I expect that they will probably encourage Trump to tell them where their next war is.


  5. Tris

    Tories find the Money Tree

    But we’ll call it a City Deal, that will shaft the Welsh and Jocks. The Tory Government have reached an agreement with the DUP today for their support in propping up the disgusting Tories in Westminster.
    The cost to the rest of us is £1 Billion pounds over two years plus another half a billion already agreed. The so called city deal, the DUP are saying, will be spent on a host of things that might or might not actually qualify as a city deal.

    Just last week the Governor General of Scotland, no not Ruth Davidson, David Mundell said, he was “not going to agree to anything that could be construed as back-door funding to Northern Ireland”. Mr Mundell told BBC Scotland: “I certainly won’t support funding which is deliberately sought to subvert the Barnett rules.”We have clear rules about funding of different parts of the United Kingdom. If the funding falls within Barnett consequentials, it should come to Scotland.”

    Lets see how long it takes for the Guv Gen to backtrack as Theresa Mayhem has said this deal does not come under Barnett, what it does do is make Northern Ireland even more subsidised than the rest of the home nations, I suppose we can argue the right and wrongs of this, but it stinks. The DUP support things like stopping women from Northern Ireland being able to get abortions in England, are climate change deniers, have strong historical links with Loyalist paramilitary groups, and are basically like the Tories not very nice.

    Tommy Shepherd, SNP MP, has said ” this is a sordid deal that should not stand. If it does then the government have abandoned the notion of allocating public funds on the basis of need”. He went on to say that ” if the Scottish Tories do not oppose this they will be exposed as people determined not to stand up for their constituents for the sake of their party which is clinging onto power by its fingernails”.

    It does make you wonder though, in 2015 we had SNP bashing and jockophobia, in 2017 we had SNP bashing and jockophobia from all sides. Obviously a deal with the DUP is better than any deal ever with the dirty nationalists from the Tory playground that is called Scotland. Is Scotland the dirty word? Is a deal with Scotland the line in the sand the Tories won’t cross for fear it breaks their precious union? I’ll tell them a wee secret, this deal with the DUP just took it a step closer.


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