Munguin is perplexed.

On Sunday, in the Tory “Sunday Post” it was reported:

DAVID Mundell has promised Scotland will get a funding windfall if any extra cash goes to Northern Ireland as a result of the Tories striking a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

The Scottish Secretary said he’d block any “backdoor funding” for Northern Ireland if it meant the other devolved nations missing out.

Today Colonel Davidson, who may be Mundell’s boss, or not, as the case may be, said the opposite.


So, which is it?


As far as we can make out both Fluffy and the Colonel are members of the UK Cabinet in England. So who has Mayhem’s ear? Both? Either? Neither?

Who speaks with authority?

What is going to happen?

Surely if Mr Brokenshire* is to get a billion pounds for the province from some serious shaking of that magic money tree which, only a few weeks ago didn’t exist, then surely England, Scotland and Wales should be getting some money in proportion to their populations.


After all, it’s not just Northern Ireland’s health service that is falling to pieces. It’s not just their nurses that have had a reduction in pay in real terms since 2010.

So, we know this is not a well put together government. We know that they are at daggers drawn. We know they pretty much loathe their useless leader. What we don;t know is if this bribe to the troglodyte party has consequential or not.

Any chance we can get that clarified?

Theresa May to a nurse who hasn’t had a pay rise in 8yrs: “there’s no magic money tree” May to DUP: Here’s £1.5 billion so I can keep my job.

*I say ‘Mr Brokenshire’ because, as far as I know, he is still in charge of the day to day running of Northern Ireland since Arlene Foster brought down the government there because she refused to stand down as first minister while she  was investigated for corruption or incompetence over her wood burning scheme which cost Northern Ireland nearly half a billion pounds. This refusal precipitated the resignation of the then Deputy First Minister, and the subsequent inevitable collapse of the power-sharing government.

20 thoughts on “OH, WHAT A FLUFFY MUDDLE…”

  1. I bet all the no voters from 2014 are jumping through hoops over this news. Yet another awesome example of Better together working … erm … NOT!

    If anything what Feartie McFeartie has done today with her new bestest mates is nothing other than rip to shreds the already extremely dog eared Barnett formula.

    Now that thanks to Feartie and her shredding machine destroying the last vestiges of the Barnett formula there is only one thing left to be done … SNP walk out of House of Commons … for good. I suggest next PMQ’s would be a good time to do this, after all it was only last week that a load of MP’s walked out of the chamber, right past Ian Blackford whilst he was talking in the chamber.

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    1. As that lad said on the day after the 2014 vote… This is what you voted for. Embrace it!

      That display of crass ignorance, on the man’s first speech as group leader, was beyond belief.

      The trouble with the SNP walking out is it will give their opponents the chance to point out that the SNP don;t serve their constituents.

      Of course, the Tories have already said that they represent people who voted NO, but because it was the Tories it got very little press coverage. If it were the SNP we’d never hear the end of it.


  2. There goes Buffalo Tank Walloper with that £15 billion black hole again. The only black hole where she’s concerned is the one in the front of her face. You know, the one that the lies keep coming out of.

    She’s a disgrace and Mundells a non-entity. Imagine voting for any of the two of them, it beggars belief.

    A pair of unprincipled opportunists and no mistake.

    I was tempted to insert some sweary words there but I’ll just leave it at that.


    1. I can supply all the sweary words, if you like. I find that where BumbleMundell and Colonel Buffalo are concerned I have an inexhaustible supply.


    2. Well, from all I hear today from the likes of Sir Fallon, it was Colonel Ruth that was right, and Fluffy has been left to sit there in his corner picking at his beard and looking ever more silly than normal.

      And yes, no matter how many times academe has rubbished the figure out comes the military with the silly black hole theory.

      I wish people would have a look at the lists of the most happy prosperous nations in teh world and tell us where Scottish people differ from them. Are we really so poor and wee and stupid that we can’t be like
      New Zealand
      With only 2 exceptions, small independent countries.


  3. Just a thought…The Electoral Commission, in its Summary of Electoral Offences, states, “Bribery –
    The offence of bribery includes where someone directly or indirectly gives any money or procures any office to or for any voter, in order to induce any voter to vote or not vote.” Funny how if I gave someone £100 to vote a particular way I could be subject to the full force of the law for buying their vote but the Tories can buy 10 votes for £1½ billion and that’s O.K.

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    1. They’ve all been out this morning using the same words to defend the bribe.

      It’s really funny to hear them reading from the same script the spin doctors have supplied them with.

      Fluffy’s must have been sent in the second class post… or maybe they left it to the privatised National Health Service of England communications system and it was, like all these diagnoses, filed instead of being distributed.

      Of course, I’m happy for the people of NI that they are getting all that money. I’m glad too that Arlene Foster would get her grubby hands anywhere near it. It would have been nice if we have been given some too. By the formula, it would have been around £3 billion. Image what that could have done.

      But there is no chance that they would dream of giving a government that they desperately want to fail, that kind of money.


  4. This is all such utter madness there must be a plan behind it!

    Jeremy Cortrump after his triumphal speech at the Glastonberg Rally is poised to lead the unthinking youth of the UK, Pied Piper fashion, off to a socialist utopia……

    Another day, another impossible thing bethought before breakfast!


  5. I hope Sinn Fein pull the plug on the GF agreement completely.

    The EU would go batshit and England could forget about any deal other than WTO terms and visas to visit EU member states.

    Eire would unify and perhaps then the “proud Scot but” morons might see that England cares for England. Nothing else.

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    1. I heard SF say that this bribe makes it less likely that the power-sharing talks will succeed.

      I really shudder to think what that means.

      Direct rule, discontentment, the UK government no longer honest brokers?

      It’s a shame Mrs May didn’t listen to wiser, more experienced people on every side who worked so hard to bring peace to NI. For heaven’s sake, she wouldn’t even listen to John Major.


      1. The British govt has never been “honest brokers” on any matter related to Ireland. Their actions are motivated purely by self-interest (money mainly) so when the IRA started bombing financial/legal centres rather than troops/plebs then of course something had to be done to make it stop. That’s what drove the whole GF process.

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        1. Well, maybe so, but at least there was a facade of honest brokers in partnership with the government of Ireland.

          Now any pretence has vanished.

          They are now visibly on the loyalists’ side. The side of the protestants. They are against the republican side, the Irish.

          Goodbye peace process as it currently is configured.

          Thanks in some part to Arlene (and her refusal to stand down as FM, while she was investigated) and in some part to Theresa who would deal with the devil to be prime minister.


  6. ” The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable”. Maybe not exactly what applies in this absolutely corrupt “bung” between the tories and the D.U.P, but near enough. I know that this present bunch o intellectually deprived retards, who are trying desperately to convince us that they are a capable Government, some hope, don’t seem to have given any thought as to how this will effect the negotiations going on in N. Ireland to try to form a viable administration, talks which have to conclude this week. Did this thought not enter their increasingly frantic attempts to hold onto power at any cost?
    In our constituency the tory vote increased nearly three-fold in the recent General Election. I wonder what those who voted for them think now? Do they agree with this grubby manoeuvre, or are they appalled?
    The only good thing about this latest farrago is that the fragrant P.M is merely hurrying us farther along the road to independence, as surely it becomes more and more apparent that Scotland, and its people, are, once again, being taken for mugs, by a Westminster administration whose only intention is to stay in power by any means possible.
    And all this before the economic disaster that is Brexit is due to be visited on all the people of the U.K.

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    1. Yep, exactly.

      I’m not sure about May. We don’t know that much about her.

      She was a useless Home Secretary, but then, to be fair, can you think of a good one?

      I don’t know whether she is just too stupid to take wise counsel from people who know about these things, or if she genuinely thinks that this will work.

      To be honest, I’d go with the advice of those who were involved.

      As far as Brexit is concerned, it’s not going to work out well, no matter what happens.

      Maybe that’s why no one else wants her job.

      Let her make a mess of it then move in to pick up the pieces the best way possible.


  7. Liked your Calamity May illustration. But, might I suggest: May’s head, photoshopped onto a still of Doris, wearing that lovely yellow gingham number covered with mud, from the same picture, might have been better.

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