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According to Reuters, there are moves at the top of the Conservative Party to depose May and replace her with Hammond. Davis would be deputy prime minister.

“I think Philip is the only plausible candidate for a couple of years, with DD (David Davis) running Brexit,” the paper (The Sunday Times) quoted a serving minister as saying.

A former cabinet colleague was quoted by the paper as saying that Hammond believed he could do the job. Not all cabinet members were in agreement, however, with some backing Davis and others favouring Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

A spokesman for May’s Downing Street office declined to comment.



The trouble seems to me to be that Hammond is only “better” because he and Davis may work together a bit more harmoniously to see if we can get a softer Brexit than May was proposing.

Of course, that would be good for some of us, at least. Remaining in the Customs Union and the Single Market is essential for Scotland’s economy. The trouble is that to be a part of these, countries must accept the now famous “four freedoms”.

These are freedom of movement of goods, capital, services, and labour.

And the EU is saying, if you want one, you get them all.

And of course, there is the EUs oversight of the laws that surround all of these freedoms, by (horror)  European courts. And at a cost.


Now, that might be acceptable if they hadn’t run a campaign that vilified everyone who was foreign, and played big, with the help of the comic press, on the “send them home” rhetoric. That campaign ran pretty in tandem with “bring back control of our laws” to English courts, which played well with some people. Well, until the English High Court found against the government at which point, of course, the English courts became the enemies of the people! (Go figure!) The third part of the campaign made it clear that the savings to Brits would be enormous. Remember £350 million a week to the desperately underfunded Health Services? Who could resist that?

If that was the three-pronged attack that the campaign came up with (and won on), it’s a bit hard for it now to say, “erm… well, actually, the foreigners won’t go home; the European courts will still have sway, and we probably won’t save any money”.

Then they’d have to explain that, whilst being in more or less the same situation as before, there won’t be any more EU social or infrastructure grants, farmers will have to rely on the UK government for subsidies and finally, the UK will no longer have any veto on the regulations that it has to obey.

Some might say that Mrs May was right, no deal is worse than a bad deal…

I just wonder how long the Tory Party could hold it together if that were the outcome,  regardless of leadership, if that was what they had to put to the people in 2019.



Return of Farage and UKIP, backed by the EDL, DUP, Britain First,  and England’s own Marine Le Penn: Tommy Robinson?


For a more detailed (and knowledgeable) coverage of Brexit, I advise a regular read over at Terry’s blog.


  1. The only good deal for HM government is what they already have, access to the single market,free passporting for financial services etc.
    A PM who is leading a government seemingly trying to settle old scores with the EU from her former job where the EU courts thwarted her immigration/expulsion policies is a huge price for us all to have to pay.
    Playing to the xenophobic tendencies of many in England is proving to be a dangerous thing to have done.
    Every PM since the UK joined the EEC was well aware of this possibility and steered clear of it,until that clown Cameron felt lucky after the Scottish referendum and decided to go for it.
    May has been left holding the baby with no discernable way out.
    Shame,couldn’t happen to a more hapless person.

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    1. bringiton,

      This is starting to fry my very small brain. You say:

      “Playing to the xenophobic tendencies of many in England is proving to be a dangerous thing to have done.”

      Is that because they are outnumbered by the decent majority or what?

      I doubt, before this farrago, that the topic over the hedges in downtown England, was particularly exercised about immigrants, the European Court or any of the other things that seem to exercise them now. I am suggesting that this is a media based frenzy that does not compute.

      Tories at the top of the tree, seem incapable of judging English public opinion correctly. I, for one, was unaware that Cameron couldn’t have told UKIP to just go where the sun don’t shine. I was unaware that Theresa May would have thought that she was in any way whatsoever capable.

      Both these thoughts of mine have been proven to be wishful thinking or summat.

      Isn’t here some sort of expression about ‘nurse is worse’?

      We are up a gum tree, imho.

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      1. I agree Douglas, most things I can follow and see the logic behind whether I disagree and/or just don’t like them but I can make no sense of this whatsoever. A soft Brexit is a stupid pointless waste of time because it leaves us with the same rules only worse off. A hard Brexit is a dangerous gamble that leaves the feisty go-getters to go-get trade and wealth that leaves us with uncertainty and poorer for a number of years, maybe permanently. Trouble is these greedy gits are not sharing the wealth as things are so who exactly is this brave new world going to serve? Not working folk if present experience is any thing to go by that’s for sure.

        Are we the victims of a failing media that has explored every sensationalist avenue to try and curb its falling readership, who now, having lead us down this cul de sac, cannot back down.

        Eh ok folks we’ve created a shitstorm, we were wrong, sorry, erm it won’t happen again, um, eh, best we don’t get in to who did what to who and forget the whole thing. Whadyasay.

        I know the answer will be a helluva lot more complicated than that but it’s worth a thought all the same.

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        1. The trouble is when you promise that things will be so much better, with Brexit and you stir up racial hatred (along with religious hatred, along with class divisions), you’re going to have a very angry population on your hands if you turn back.

          They may have to do it, becasue your summation of hard and soft Brexit are both bang on for my money, but it will split the Tories, revive UKIP and people like the EDL and National Front.

          Ye know, if you offered me £1 billion now, I wouldn’t be prime minister.

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    1. Well, the problem is that it’s Britain that’s in a mess. Because it’s our jobs and our pound and our workers and our friends she’s messing with, as well as her own.

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    1. Better them than society, Douglas.. They started the ‘fire’ in the first place- the press have fanned the flames sufficiently to get us to this point, what happens next is anyone’s guess.. A summer of discontent coming for quite a few already, given recent tragedies and the aftermath of Grenfell in particular. Hold on tight..

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  2. I would love to find out which Tories are talking to each other and what they’re saying. It’s really hard to imagine how anyone could propose that their leadership would conjure up a working majority and magically rustle up detailed negotiating positions that would unite the party.

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    1. When you have a party so split as the Tories, it is impossible to imagine anyone could please them all, but they do always have knighthoods and promises of seats in the Lords.

      But then there’s hubris.


  3. Perhaps this is just cynical of me but: what if Tories only love power, if they would trash four nations for the sake of it?

    (I am arguing that Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, in no particular order are these four nations)

    I am pretty convinced that Tories love power and will do whatever they have to do to hold on to it. More than anything.

    I too would love to know how many Tories would rebel. Sadly, I think it would be a handful. Tho’ that might be substantial given the razor thin majority that any leader, or preumptive leader of the Conservative Party might have.

    We live in interesting times.

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    1. As you said, it only takes a handful to rebel and the PM is in trouble. The Tories are extraordinarily good at maintaining power but this seems like a lose-lose situation for anyone thinking about making a leadership bid. If it was me I would bide my time until this is all over so I could blame someone else. I would guess they all think Brexit is going to get worse before it gets better so why not just let Theresa May take the heat?

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      1. Completely agree.

        No one could do the job now.

        Whoever tries it will be doomed to failure.

        One failed PM is enough, they may think and leave her to make a complete mess.

        Someone with sufficient self confidence will come along afterwards and try to sort out the mess.

        On the other hand, the kind of self confidence these people have… who knows.


    2. Yeah, and that is why they need the DUP.

      But you’re right. Some will do anything to hold on to the power, the job, the status, the salary.


  4. ‘Tht’ is not a word. ‘That’ is.

    Is there any way that we could be allowed to correct our own errors.? I am frankly, error prone. You may have noticed 🙂

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    1. “You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.” Winnie-the-Pooh

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    2. Erm… some of mine are corkers. I try to notice before I publish, but I’m afraid, at least when I’m in a hurry, loads of mistakes slip past.

      Sorry, this crappy website gives no opportunity to self correct.


  5. I intend to mull over all this and give it some thought later. But just one point for now.

    The Libdems cannot lose any more seats. They have already tasted the ministerial cars and the salaries. The ones elected in Scotland only got there by Conservative collusion, so they are already really just the Mooths junior coalition partners. I have a feeling they will “reluctantly” abandon their principles and provide the government with their majority for another 5 years. Long enough for them all to do well in this kleptocracy we live in.


  6. I see that the Tories have now concluded their pact with the DUP (Dinosaur Ulster Prods). I wonder how much – of our money – it has cost us to pay for this shameful pact. Surely a case of, “We were bought and sold wi’ oor ain gold – Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation!”

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    1. Aye, just back from delivering S.N.P literature , and this is the news that greeted me Andimac.
      Last week I described this unholy alliance as a Faustian pact, if it went ahead. It only goes to show the depths that the Tory party will sink to in their quest to retain power, and impose their inhumane doctrine on all the citizens of the U.K. This completely unacceptable, and probably illegal agreement, should hopefully be the last straw for any right-thinking person in Scotland, and coupled with the shambles that the Tories are making of the Brexit negotiations, surely must galvanise support to end our political dependency on this bunch of chancers.
      It now becomes more important than ever, when the second Scottish Independence Referendum comes along, to convince as many people as possible that the only way out of this quagmire of filth, is to become an independent nation once again.

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      1. You’re dead right, Alex! We now know that it’s costing about £1½bn, which means no extra money for Scotland, of course – presumably not loyal enough anyway. You wrote about a Faustian pact. I’d have to disagree with you in one respect – at least Faust had a soul to sell.

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    2. Dinosaurs? What are they?

      I love the name but…

      God created the Earth in 6 days 6,000 years ago, and there were NO dinosaurs, Got it?

      I heard a billion this afternoon. Dunno if that’s right. I just got home.

      No consequentials for bribes!


  7. I’m weary of debates about Europe, the constitution, brexit and separation. Remember when we all debating stuff like healthcare, education, mental health access and affordable energy? Those were the days, when we all focused on the stuff that actually directly changes lives.

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    1. Aye, Dean, but Brexit will dominate all our lives for the foreseeable future, I suspect.

      And I fear that Brexit, whichever way it goes, (hard, soft, or not at all) will affect our every day lives unless they can sort out all the problems they face.

      The fall in sterling has already impacted inflation, and availability of foreign workers. And I suspect that unscrupulous companies are putting prices up regardless of that.

      My home insurance has just increased by 10%. I wonder if my income will make a similar leap. I suspect not.

      But I agree with you… Brexit is ennui inducing! 🙂


  8. Tris

    I think mayhem might tough it out for a while now, with Labour leading in the polls and the city deal wink wink with the DUP she is probably a bit safer than she was as there will be no desire to go to the voters. Brexit is further down the road and the enquiry into the fire won’t report for years and she will be implicated by the look of things but enough distance to let her cling on. I don’t see a so called soft Brexit, there could be a new treaty vote before that happens and I still wouldn’t put it past the EU to have a new treaty vote within two years that makes the UK weaker as far as things like rebate and veto but enough to keep the UK in the EU. The EU hold the upper hand but they will get hurt by the UK leaving no matter how much they want to say otherwise and the risk of a successful UK will damage the EU, I know most people don’t see that happening but you never know what is around the corner. There could be another major conflict that changes everything again, who knows.


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    1. Let’s face it Bruce, we’re really in uncharted waters.

      The EU made it clear that they don;t want Britain to leave.

      They want a good deal for both, but it HAS to be less advantageous to the UK than being a member, otherwise the EU will fall apart.

      They’ve made it clear that the UK can change its mind…

      The UK may well be successful after it leaves. Maybe it can turn itself into an offshore tax haven with low wages and low taxes, and make its money that way.

      Not sure I’d like to live in that, but we won;t have any choice, unless we are lucky to have European ancestry and we can get out.


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