With apologies to Hans Christian Andersen


The Tory Manifesto appears to have, erm, disappeared from their website…


Thank goodness IT wasn’t written on parchment. Shredding that would have caused problems!


Austerity Britain. We are all in this together. Well, except the crown, which didn’t want to get the underground.


18 thoughts on “THE QUEEN’S NEW SPEECH”

  1. Please tell me that is not a cheque of the Bank of Conservatism & Unionism, for the refurbishment!!!!!! Oh how lovely……..

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  2. Unfortunately I believe the Duke of Edinburgh has been taken into hospital with an illness.
    Even more unfortunately all the “furriners” who would have helped the Duke have gone home to Europe because they they are worried that the Tories are going to send them away shortly.

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    1. Well, I wish Philip well. Apparently, he has an infection.

      I think though, that the kind of hospital he’s likely to be in will probably only employ the crème de la crème from the better families.

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  3. Love this tweet from Pete Wishart:

    Pete Wishart‏Verified account @PeteWishart
    This is a Queen’s Speech without the carriages, a majority, the DUP in tow, a clue about Brexit and a PM with credibility.

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  4. My cynicism about Westminster has now become absolute hilarity.
    What a complete and utter joke.
    As far as the Monarch’s speech goes the old joke about the shortest speech in history comes to mind.
    Ladies and Gentlemen,it gives me great pleasure.
    I think we separatists are in for a great deal of that over the coming months.

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    1. If Arlene is asking for the amount that people are suggesting, and they have to give the same (in proportion to the other countries) maybe things will be looking up. Nothing like a politician hanging on to power to get the money tree a shaking.

      But it is funny. Of that, there is no doubt.

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  5. Tris

    How galling is that, people who survive the fire treated like shit but the Queens hat gets its own limo. You just cannot make it up in this shitty country.


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    1. Don’t know if it’s true… it’s fantastical, but with this lot you really never know… but I heard these poor folk were being told to take a place in Birmingham, or they’ve made themselves homeless.

      And yeah, it might have been slimmed down, but on top of the £150 million she spent on the election, today’s bash will have cost a pretty penny.

      Shitty is a good word for it.


  6. You have to wonder how this is perceived in Europe. They must be right on the verge of saying “bugger off and come back when you have a govt”. If it wasn’t for Ireland I’m sure they’d have done it already.

    Oh and despite dire warnings of “heat-death” (or whatever) we only hit 31C in Leics today. Scary that I view this to be normal now and am relieved when that’s where it tops out.


    1. I can only imagine that they are choking themselves at the UK. It’s like some caricature of a state, like Grand Fenwick in the Mouse in the Moon. Margaret Rutherford was much more amusing than Tessy May though.


    1. Be fair though, Terry. It’s hardly using up a LOT of bandwidth. There’s nothing in it.

      No wonder the Queen made the 2 o’clock at Ascot.


  7. I know it’s hard not to laugh at the carry-on that is Westminster, but really for the people of the U.K it’s more of a tragi/comedy. No wonder Armando Iannucci gave up writing The Thick of It, saying that he couldn’t compete with the real life events taking place in Downing Street.
    Just when will it dawn on the No voters, and the ones who voted for the unionist parties in the recent General Election, that this is the future they have condemned the people of Scotland to, at least for the foreseeable future. Doesn’t it resonate with them even when they hear that powers over environment, farming and fishing, when these are returned to the U.K, will be fully retained at Westminster, or are they still delusional that that the fairy queen, or whoever is in charge, will wave her wand and replace all the E.U subsides that they are present in receipt of. Really? And in the case of the fishermen, guarantee that only Scottish boats will be allowed to fish in Scottish waters? Some hope.
    A shambles doesn’t begin to describe the present Westminster administration, as they stumble from one disaster to another. It wont matter who is Prime Minister in the future, or which unionist party is in charge, the reply will always be the same, sit in the corner, and eat your porridge.
    While not wishing to sound alarmist, I believe Westminster’s plan is to strip Holyrood of powers, not enhance them, and condemn it to the role of a community council, with us being almost totally subservient to an English Parliament.
    So what then is our plan? I hope we have one, and one that deals with the continually changing scenario that is Brexit, so it’s going to have to be fluid enough to cope with a situation that will become increasingly chaotic as the days and weeks progress.
    And what happens if the Scottish Parliament votes down the Brexit settlement, defying Westminster? Will they in turn refuse to allow us to hold a second Scottish Independence Referendum? More importantly, will we have the guts to stand up to them, and go our own way? Time will tell.

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    1. I agree, Alex.

      I’m sure that they have discovered that far from satisfying Scots with a parliament, and satisfying them more by enhancing the powers of that parliament, what this beneficence actually does is make us aware of how much better Scotland is at running the country than the UK is.

      And that’s not just the SNP. It was the same when Labour was running the place with the Liberals in tow. Simply, without the SE of England to satisfy, the Scottish parliament can get on with doing what ordinary people want.

      So what they will do is take powers back through their great repeal bill, which won’t really be properly debated in Parliament and most of the work will be done by statutory instruments. (Read Terry Entoure for what will happen if this can’t be done by the time that March 2019 comes round.

      Scotland will be dragged out of the EU against the will of 62% of Scots. Leaders of the opposition who only a few months ago considered this to be a disaster, are now 100% behind it. Probably because the SNP is not.

      Does anyone have the foggiest idea what Willie Rennie thinks? Does anyone care?

      The governor of their bank has told us we will be worse off under Brexit. So has Hammond.

      Labour doesn’t really have an alternative. Is Kezia Dugdale for or against Jeremy Corbyn today? What about tomorrow?

      What about that wee eejit with the union jacket who resigned because Jeremy Corbyn was the worst thing in the world? Is he behind his leader or is he out there on his own?

      Where is Ruth? No tanks to climb on?

      Do we have a government in London? Is Mrs May going to give Arlene Forster £2 billion so she can run another scam, or possibly donate it to another extreme campaign?

      Where’s the money for the NHS, Boris?

      Returning to your post, I think the Supreme Court made it quite clear that the Sewel Convention is just that…a convention. And like everything else in this benighted country, if can be wafted away when it suits those and such as those to so do.

      The UK doesn’t have to ask Scotland for permission to do anything. It can simply ignore us. I suspect that it will.

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