When it comes to saying something stupid, you can always trust Muddle. According to him, the new Tory MPs from Scotland are going to represent people who voted no to independence.

And there was me thinking that they were obliged to represent ALL the people in their constituency, old and young, black or white,  Scottish or English, unionist or independentist, Tory or Liberal, whatever.

Maybe Mr Muddle could supply a list of alternative MPs who will be available for people in these Tory constituencies (including his own) who are supporters of a free Scotland. And hopefully, he will bring ‘his influence’ (snigger) to bear to overturn the rules that say that MPs may not deal with issues from people from without their constituencies.

In the meantime, Mrs May proved that once you have become known as an incompetent clumsy, useless idiot there is simply nothing that will go right for you. She should ask Gordon Brown. He knows all about that.



  1. So does that mean that SNP MP’s can now just represent their constituents that voted YES, and the ones that voted no can be ignored.
    Perhaps he thinks it would be easier to move them all about so all the No voters in my constituency should be moved down to his neck of the woods (they can take their marching bands down with them) , and all the YES voters in his constituency should be moved into mine.

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    1. Oh Gerry, heaven only knows what he “thinks” if at all.

      I’m amazed that she couldn’t have found someone a bit more capable than him for SoS. Of course she has her faithful Ruth for the real work… but maybe now she’s chummed up with Arlene…

      Who knows…actually, who cares?.

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  2. Come on now, tris,
    Mr Muddle can’t be expected to represent all those others. He’s elected under the Representation of the People Act and all Tories know that those pursuing Scottish independence are not “our kind of people” and so, by extension, not really people at all. Good heavens, you’ll be expecting the Tories to care about the disabled, the ill, the poor next – where would it all end? As to the loathsome Theresa, here’s a clown that wants to keep the country together but can’t manage to keep a few sheets of paper together. Maybe somebody should tell her about “strong and staples”.

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  3. It just shows what a cynical trickster Mundell is when he talks about his new buddies. I mean it’s patently obvious that he hasn’t got any pals so why lie about it.

    Stop pretending anybody likes you Fluffy, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

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    1. Any of them that are any use at all, once they find their way to the canteen and bars and what have you, will be looking for his job.

      He’s so patently out of his depth.

      Buddies? I think not.


      1. I hope I’m not straying too far into stating the bleedin obvious territory here but Mundell and his buddies eh? The torys are in the process of trampling over us, over our freedom. They are further tipping the balance of an already stacked deck, in their favour. Take, take, take. They say that for us all to prosper we must allow those that can, to create the wealth, so it can magically filter down to everyone else.

        It’s not my intent to over simplify human behaviour, there isn’t room here for anything else, but when your political philosophy is rooted in blatant self interest. When I’m all right jack is the glue that binds you together. Can proper fellowship or even a sense of community exist?

        Thatcher began the process of dismantling the checks and balances on their behaviour won by ordinary people in the 20th century through industrial action. The question for society now is about striking some sort of balance. (there’s that word again) Not so much, how far will they take it, but how far will we allow them to go? As a society we should be facing forward not backwards but these right wingers lack the imagination to realise that looking after one another is good for every one, including themselves.

        I don’t think it’s been said here for a wee while (maybe 20 minutes or so) so I’m going to say it. We gotta get away from them!

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        1. True.

          If you look at the best societies in teh world; the ones with most contentment and least crimes, there is a common thread.

          There is a lower than average disparity in income and wealth between the rich and the poor.

          It can be done in different ways, whether it is the wage differences, or whether it is the way that social security makes up the difference, with no idea that to accept social security is to be a scrounger.

          So the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Japan… are the kind of societies where things work, people are neither ridiculously rich or ridiculously poor and where the government seems to care more about making services work, than about being seen on the steps of the White House, or in the royal palaces on Riyadh ,

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      1. Conan……unbelievable article indeed! I saw this on American TV this morning. Absolutely beyond belief! How on earth could fire spread so quickly all through a high rise building? Some question of non-working fire alarms has been reported. I don’t know anything about building codes in Britain, but in the US (even with building codes which vary by state and municipality) smoke detectors in almost all rooms of a dwelling are as far as I know universally required, and requirements of fire suppression sprinkler systems are usually required for all new high rise buildings (at a minimum)…..often with requirements for retrofitting older structures.

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        1. It’s heartbreaking. I listened to the catalogue of failures of government, council, the people who manage the building.

          Can you imagine being on the 20th floor of that building with the fire raging up towards you and no chance of getting out.

          Heaven knows someone will have to pay for this. May’s new chief of staff, a Tory MP till he lost his seat, as housing minister, sat on a safety report.

          Heads MUST roll.


      2. Danny there are pretty much no enforced fire codes in the UK. The Fire Brigade stopped inspecting properties 40 years ago and have no statutory right to do so now.

        Pretty sure everyone who has the slightest bit of knowledge on building knows what happened. The refurb was done on the cheap (£10.6mill after decades – cheap isn’t the word!) and the priority was on protecting the 1960s/70s concrete structure from rain/rust/concrete “cancer”. When that was done the firebreaks (every window, every floor) clearly weren’t installed properly.

        Were this the USA people would be going to jail for life over this. This is the UK & its a tory council so they’ll shrug and go “a few less muslims, who cares”.

        Fire codes/standards? Don’t make me laugh.

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        1. The cladding has to have fire retardant outside (I heard), but it was polystyrene and hardboard inside… They had no chance.

          Of course maybe if the fire alarms had worked, people might have got out.

          I have no idea if these regulations are country dependent.

          I hope the Scottish government is now looking at this as a matter of urgency.

          You wouldn’t get me visiting a tower block in the Uk, never mind living in one, now.


      3. Vestas…..Unbelievable to imagine a sum like £ 10.6 million to properly refurb an older building like this. I’m aware of some costs involved in bringing up to code a really old and large three-story building which had minimum firebreaks and open stairwells. The proper construction of firebreaks, automatic closing fire doors, etc, was enormously expensive. As was the installation of a fire sprinkler suppression system throughout. Sprinkler systems, while costly to retrofit, contain fires very effectively. Hard to imagine feeling safe in a high-rise building (beyond the reach of fire department ladders,) without such a sprinkler system.

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      4. Danny you have to remember that these buildings date from the “build it concrete with embedded steels” era. They’re not “old” buildings, most are under 50 years old but the structural fabric of the building gives it a very short lifespan – most won’t last more than 20-30 years now. Owners/managers know that.

        Also remember we’re in a temperate climate so worst case (Central England) in the last 30 years is -12C to +36C (those are extremes, more likely -4C to 30C real-world).

        No excuses for them but that’s the way it is here.

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  4. In other news Voyager 1 is now 20.6 billion km* from Earth.

    Its not far enough away from the tories for me 🙂

    * 19 light-hours, only another 94 billion light-years to go (estimated size of universe)….

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      1. Where but on Munguin’s New Republic would you find contributors who know that the diameter of the observable universe is 94 billion light-years. 🙂

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      2. Its a somewhat disputed figure TBH.

        The universe has been expanding for 13.8 billion years so in theory the universe should now be between 80 and 100 billion light-years “wide”. The last (AFAIK in 2015) measured distance was 46 billion light years but do the maths & that isn’t close to being right regardless of which model you use.

        More things in heaven & earth etc – and still not far away from the tories 😀

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        1. Now now. If you ask the good Arlene, she will tell you that god made the earth about 4,000-5,000 years ago.

          So no more of yer blaspheming, Vestas.


      3. Actually, if you accept the Lambda-CDM concordance model and the FLRW metric as the “standard model” of cosmology, which is widely accepted these days, you calculate the current distance to be a bit over 46 BLY, a radius which makes a diameter of about 93 BLY in round numbers. (Wiki actually gives the calculated radius and diameter as 46.6 and 93.2.)

        It’s also interesting to run the redshift number of the most distant feature of the universe that can be seen in light…..(the source of the CMB radiation……the redshifted big bang energy,) and see how that compares. Using the published internet “Cosmology Calculator” I use to do the mathematically messy redshift calculation, and inputting the measured redshift of the CMB radiation as 1089, you get a distance of 45.36 BLY…..which sits quite nicely just inside the 46.6 theoretical maximum observable radius.

        Still not far enough from the Tories? I feel the same way about the Republicans and the orange faced moron who is currently in charge of things here. 🙂

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  5. Monty Pythons’ “Galaxy Song” seems appropriate :

    “And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space,
    ‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth!”

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  6. She must be thinking that simply nothing can go right for her. Not even the wind. The lady does seems to be bilingual. She expressed her appreciation in French as Mssr. Macron got her papers sorted for her.

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      1. LOL……I’d be quite proud to use my high school French in such a fashion. I could even manage “oui.” What would be considered conversational fluency I believe. 😉

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        1. Oh heavens. It more or less makes you a linguist by British standards. You could clinch it by being able to say deux bières and you’d probably get a degree in it.


  7. 757,949 Scots voted Tory. 28.6% of those who voted. That’s up 13.7%

    And the SNP in their arrogance said ‘Scotland v the Tories’.

    Seems Scots listened, and very nearly a third decided they were Scottish and Tory; and the SNP don’t get to dictate how we think or what we believe anymore. And they don’t get to determine how meets the definition of ‘Scottish’. It’s our flag as much as theirs, and we’re taking it back.

    Meanwhile on planet Nat they lost nearly half a million votes, collapsed by over 13% vote share and lost 21 MPs. All in the space of two years.

    But hey, nothing to do with the unwanted and hated #indyref2 right guys?

    Goodbye Alex (how is that ‘tory hubris’ about taking your seat now?)
    Goodbye Angus (seems your voters didn’t agree with your smug pronouncements about ‘evil brexit’)
    Goodbye Weir (seems your voters noticed you facing both ways of common fisheries policy)
    Goodbye John Nicolson (your voters preferred a LibDem to you)

    Only 26 votes and next time we’ll get Wishart out, and 1,500 votes we’ll dethrone Cherry (who goes around lying about nurses asking Queen Nicola difficult questions)


    1. Well, the Tories and their SLAB & LibDem bedfellows certainly poured out the vitriol about indyref@ being “hated”. If they’re so confident about the majority of people in Scotland not wanting independence, why don’t they just let indyref2 happen? After all, if that “majority” again voted NO, that would be the certain way to put independence off the agenda almost indefinitely – what are the Tories and fellow-travellers so scared of? And since when did the Tories start listening to the “majority” of people? They’re usually too preoccupied with barking out formulaic soundbite slogans to be bothered listening to anybody. (“Strong and stable”, “national interest”, “divisive independence referendum” – probably soon to be joined with “No surrender!”) As to the SNP losses and “collapse” in two years, the Tories had their own “collapse”, failed to gain May’s enhanced “back me on Brexit” majority, lost their overall Westminster majority and will now struggle to enact any meaningful legislation without propping up by the Norn Ireland knuckle-draggers. I’d say Empress Theresa’s coat’s on a shooglier nail than Queen Nicola’s. Still she’ll soon have the chance to show Johnny Foreigner how strong and stable she is, eh? – Brexit means Fuxit. By the way, I grew up on the edge of farmland. “Strong and stable” always conjures up the same thing for me – the pungent smell of horseshit.

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      1. Yes Andi. That’s all true, but I’m not sure that Dean can see any of it.

        Of course the main point of the post was that Muddle has said “his” Tories, his buddies, are there to look after NO voters.

        I’m not sure if that is actually illegal, given that the state pays these people to look after the interests of all their constituents. It’s certainly taking money under false pretences.

        But I don;t mind the Tories have a wee gloat.

        Why not?

        For a generation they have been roundly despised in Scotland and now, at least for a while, for a variety of reasons (tactical voting seems to be one of them…see Stuart’s post on the subject) they have recovered a bit of ground.

        Ruth is indeed the queen of the Tories, although she may have done herself a bit of harm by her self interested demands about gay marriage, which her boss cosies up to the Paisley Orange Troglodytes.

        I applaud her standing up against Foster. It’s a pity she were not more vocal about other matters of social policy that Tessy’s new best buddy advocates.


      1. Well, that’s OK, I reckon. We’re an open country unlike the UK with their overweening concerns about hating foreigners . Even if it may change the political complexion a bit.


      2. Don’t kid yourself, Juteman, there are plenty of Scottish Tories. Every nation, every society always has a proportion of its population who care firstly and predominantly, if not exclusively, for themselves. I’ve never met a Tory (and I’ve met many) who really cared much for anyone else – except for a few relatives and like-minded friends. I also know English – and British – people who are generous-spirited, socially-progressive and decent: none of them are Tories.


      3. I don’t think they were voting Tory, though. Many of them voted Ruth No Surrender No 2nd Indy Ref Davidson Party.


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