What a displeasing sight. Where’s her suitcase? Which bedroom is she having? That’s not a male of the opposite sex with her, is it?
And you thought we were joking about them being loonies. If only Jesus had turned water into beer, maybe things would have been different.
They don’t care for freedom of choice in religion. If you’re not a hard right Christian infant, tough.
Remember the Tories threatening that Corbyn would take Britain back to the 1970s? They forgot to mention that the Tories would take people back to the 1930s, and with the DUP on board the 1750s. I wonder when the witch duckings will start.
Amazing this irresponsible woman, with her woodchip burning scheme and her obnoxious beliefs, is holding Scotland and Britain to ransom.
Better hurry. They just sold off another chunk of the health service to Branson.


The Vicar’s daughter getting a lecture about the Bible. There is no such thing as evolution. It all took 6 days, right?
I always thought she had a rather fluted voice. Now I know why.

And Finally: Today Mrs May in is France to meet with President Macron. She is sure to congratulate him on the stunning success of his new party “En Marche” in the first round of the National Assembly elections. He will probably tactfully reply that the weather has been somewhat indifferent this summer, n’est ce pas?



31 thoughts on “COHABITATION IN HELL”

  1. Well Ruth will take comfort from the fact that while they are homophobic bigots, they are at least British homophobic bigots and that is better than a tolerant believer in Scottish self determination any day.

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  2. Re Alison Sutherland’s post; doesn’t the bible say that man was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath was made for man?

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Suffer little children”.
    I think it was here I read that the DUP’s manifesto was the bible with fortnightly bin collections – brilliant.

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  3. Nope, still no idea what you’re on about Niko. I know the difference between hate and love even if you don’t. Your statement above would be flattered by being called drivel.
    The Tories are vermin, I agree, but you are generally incomprehensible.

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  4. Just out of curiosity, I seem to remember singing as a callow youth:

    We don’t want Polaris,
    We shall not be moved..

    etc, etc.

    Nowadays that song of rebellion is, for me at least, hard to find.

    Anyone able to help?

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  5. Though ‘Strong and Stable’ was the cry
    It’s now ‘Surrender or you’ll die
    I’m most confused, how can it be
    That the Country’s run by the DUP?
    Will Arlene Foster now demand
    That every town has an Orange Flute Band?

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    1. James,

      I hate to say it but that’s right,
      This deal is DUP’s delight.
      Far less you’ll hear of SNP
      But more, I’d guess, of “FTP!”
      So many flutes, like stuck pigs squealing,
      Will have your poor head truly reeling
      And the boom of Lambegs for King Billy
      Will fairly drive us all but silly.

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  6. The DUP came over the water
    To prop the Tories up.
    They had a chat with the vicar’s daughter,
    Then sold the bitch a pup.
    She made a deal she didn’t oughter
    And so it’ll likely come to pass,
    The end of peace in Ulster,
    Just to save her threadbare arse.

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  7. Ignoring their terrorist connections the DUP are EXACTLY the same as the Wee Frees in Scotland in the 1980s.

    I lived on Lewis in the 70s/80s and the Wee Frees (Officials 😀 ) were just like this. I was somewhat gobsmacked when, transplanted from Glasgow back to Lewis at the age of 12 I found out at a school assembly that sectarianism is inherent in most of the Western Isles to an extent WAY beyond Glasgow. North is wee free, south is catholic & every wee free church at the time on Leiws (30 years ago) preached that the pope was the antichrist twice a day – no joke, this was for real.

    So while the DUPs views belong in the middle ages, please don’t forget their “soul brothers” in the Wee Free’s across the highlands. They are EXACTLY the same scum I’m sad to say.

    Not a surprise if we’re honest with ourseves. “Ulster” and its problems are intimately tied to Scots religious policy at the time.

    The thing to look at with the DUP is the fact they’ve had talks with the UDA after the UDA murdered someone on the 29th May 2017. In theory the UDA are disarmed, in practice they are gangsters – at best!

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    1. Oh yes, the religious policies are the same. My ex-boss went to Lewis on his honeymoon, and had things thrown at him when he and his new wife rode off on their motor bike on the Sabbath.

      Paisley called the Pope the anti_Christ… to his face in the EU parliament, if I recall.

      But as far as I know the wee frees have never bombed Catholic children in school.


  8. Tris

    It is disgusting in so many ways but could also be a benefit to the SNP in the long run when people see how far this Tory Government are going to move to the right and it might also get Sinn Fein into parliament now and that would be the price the Tories will have to live with. The SNP can to a degree sit back and watch it all unfold as people like Davidson are forced into the corner more and more and have to explain why the most subsidised part of the UK is getting even more. No more subsidy junky Scotland arguments now. The other interesting thing about the yoons having MPs back at Westminster is that they are now accountable, 56 SNP members were never really accountable in many ways as they had zero influence but the blue and red Scottish yoons can’t say that anymore, so when the poo hits the fan they are going to have to answer for it, not by the media right enough but by yes supporters and any journalist with some professional integrity.


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    1. Yes true. They will be more prominent now, and let’s be honest, most of them would probably be best to be less prominent.

      Muddle’s already made a ass of himself.


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