Fun with Fred…

You should enjoy this. In the first few minutes, there’s a lovely notion of the Labour Party and Sinn Fein… which is strangely prescient given the coalition of chaos dreamed up by Theresa the Terrible.


Warning from Munguin: This is Frankie Boyle. Expect bad language… and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t watch if you are going to be offended.


4 thoughts on “Fun with Fred…”

  1. tris and other Nat/snp losers where it matters

    As Conan said he being one of the worlds dreamy
    romantics about the snp Westminster debacle
    (Still a landslide ) er no in fact a backsliding !
    That’s put him back in his boozy box .

    In reference to the Tory / DUP duopoly
    Given the coalition of chaos mantra which failed
    Miserably and rightly so last week.

    The idea the snp can be in anyway comparable to
    The DUP is just beyond any normal reasoning.
    The snp are airy fairy romantic medieval fantasists
    With imaginary notions of a long ago myth of a never
    Existing Nation.

    The DUP are up the thier necks in blood and bullets
    Their support comes within the most violent and murderous
    In Northen Ireland.

    To climb into bed with that lot is beyond the pale

    Still they will get much tainted English gold no doubt!

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    1. Oh, I thought Mr Corbyn was open to that.

      Personally I’d not be that happy getting involved in British governance. Although on many things I like Corbyn’s policies.

      It all might change if Sinn Fein take their seats though and vote down teh Tories’/DUP’s queen’s speech.

      Coalition of Hell could be finished before it’s begun, and Ruth Davidson could be leader of the Tories.

      Well, look on the bright side. At least we’d get shot of her.


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