Oh do look, Philip, that dreadful woman’s bringing the DUP with her. Tell her one’s out.




59 thoughts on “LAUGH WITH LIZ”

      1. We are quite amused at the caption of the picture. Interesting to contemplate the crisis that would arise if her Britannic Majesty simply declared herself to be uninterested in the formation of a new government under such leadership.

        One surely DOES hope that the orange -faced moron will not be coming to dinner.

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  1. Very funny.
    Maybe part of the deal with the DUP will be to replace the guard with a daily OO parade outside the palace.
    Simply Ghastly.
    Tourists will like it however,something not seen since the stone age,at least not in England.

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      1. LOL. Love it! A cry of “release the dogs” from nice old Mrs. Windsor has lost a lot of the impact that it had in the old days. Is it imaginable that William I or Henry II had corgies for example?

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  2. Aye, enjoyed that. Unfortunately we, the hoi-polio, are the recipients of this bad joke that is the current Westminster comedy show.
    No friends of Scotland, even the Institute of Directors (I.O.D.), have now announced that business confidence has, “gone through the floor”, and that’s before the shambolic Brexit negotiations begin.
    While I want an independent Scotland so that we can insulate ourselves as best as possible against an increasingly dysfunctional Westminster, I really do feel sorry for all the real people of the present U.K , as they are the ones going suffer from the ongoing circus that passes for Government.

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    1. Every set of figures that comes out, whether it is growth (we are at the bottom of the G7 list) business confidence (as you mention) or the spending of ordinary people, needed for tax takes and keeping businesses afloat, is down.

      Strong and stable?


      1. And yet it’s the hardest Brexit that is still the official policy of the Tories and Labour. The only difference that the GE has made is that the Tories will now need Labour help to make it happen. Labour will be only too happy to comply. If Labour miraculously get into power they will follow exactly the same path but will need Tory help. They’ll be right there to lend a hand. The UK needs to actually puts its hand into the fire to work out that it’s hot in there.

        My contempt for Corbyn is at least as great as it is for Jack Straw. Labour have the perfect chance to unseat a fragile government and they’ve missed it. On top of that, their illiberal position on Brexit is astonishing. What kind of Labour values favours the free flow of capital over rights for citizens? All the GE did was shore up Corbyn and his inner circle but that’s the last thing we need right now.

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        1. I heard Davis this morning saying that it would have to be hard Brexit.

          But I also heard St Ruth (the new darling of the Tory party … I’ll bet May is sticking pins in an effigy) saying it has to be soft Brexit… meanwhile the flat earth society are (literally) banging drums about how THEY see Brexit.

          And Nicola is saying (not, I suppose, unreasonably, given that NI is getting a say) that she wants to be involved.

          I can;t understand the Labour Party’s views on Brexit or on Scotland. It seems mad.


  3. Guys, I had a major surgery last Monday and spent the whole week in a diamorphine induced daze, not really conscious of what was occurring.
    Luckily I had postal voted before that, and since Stephen Gethins only got in by two votes that turned out to be important….
    However, having returned, more or less, to what purports to be the real world, I’m not sure that I have.
    OK, the omnishambles that is Brexit is still an omnishambles as you say, but some other things just seem so out there….. many thousands of Scottish Lib dems throwing themselves at the Tories in the north east and borders to diss the SNP, thus keeping May in power, but only by adding in the most poisonous people in UK politics, the DUP, into th UK govt mix…… is this real? The DUP FFS? And much else….
    I am bewildered
    We still face economic and social meltdown in this crazy Brexit, but thats ok because that Alex Salmond has got his comeuppance and the SNP lost by beating everybody else 35-24…..
    Maybe I haven’t come round yet…….

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    1. First of all, EN, I’m sorry to hear you were ill and needed surgery, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for us all here when I wish you a very speedy recovery. Even Munguin, himself, sends his love.

      Also thank goodness you voted. A majority of 2 is… well, pretty scary.

      However, I have to say, I agree with the meat of your post. It doesn’t seem a real situation now. I accept that if we are in a ‘united kingdom’ we must accept that the representatives of NI are every bit as entitled to their views as those of Scotland. But it reinforces how unfortunate this ‘united kingdom’ is that we appear to have (or are on the verge of having), some neanderthal religious maniacs, not a stone’s throw from terrorists, involved in our government.

      It’s another reason to get the hell out of it. The future looks very very dodgy.

      ASnd yeah, I agree. Just in case you think it’s the drugs, we do indeed have a situation where we got more seats than all the other parties put together, and still we lost. It’s over.

      And yes, “strong and stable” is off to Europe which is tittering at how weak and wobbly she is. Well, if she’s still PM by tonight.


  4. Having just discovered that the Queens Speech, now delayed, has to be written on goats skin parchment paper, watch out any of you out there who own a goat. You might have to find a coat for your animal if Theresa calls. Mind you, since she, and her party, have just about taken the shirts of the backs of the rest of us, it should be no problem for her.

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      1. ANOTHER transfer of cash, so that they can take out ads in the London Metro, because they aren’t covered by UK election law?

        Ahhhh, that’s easy, or at least it was last time.


    1. LOL Alex.

      I was choking myself laughi9ng when I heard that they were wondering about the Queen maybe not wearing the crown, and maybe travelling to Westminster in a car instead of a golden coach. (I think they are a bit hard up… she should get a bus pass at her age). Now I hear they aren’t doing it, because he’d have nothing to read.

      “My Lords and you common people, my government has a programme of being strong and stable because there isn’t a magic money tree and enough is enough. I think you!


  5. Lizzie looks a bit worried in that pic – she’s probably wondering if her house will have to be sold after she dies to pay for her care in old age. Oh, of course, I forgot…we’re paying for that.

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  6. Wonder what Betty is now thinking about the sainted Theresa, as it seems she may have to miss her first love, the cuddies, next week. Are they going to take the “Royal” out of Ascot, or will she detail some of the minors to attend.
    I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the single-end at the top of the Mall when the most useless P.M in the history of the U.K explains herself to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s. Since the Torys, assisted by their new partners in larceny, are intent on taking us back centuries, could it be that transportation to the colonies would be a fit punishment for displeasing the Monarch. Nah, that would be unfair to the new world.

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    1. Aye, herself won’t be best pleased at having to work rather than a day at the races.

      Maybe she’ll have the radio on while she reads her speech to see if she’s won anything…

      “My government will cock up everything it touches.

      “My government will… oh hold on…. cumon Neddy… move ones backside.”


  7. Apologising to the 1922 committee it seems is the P.Ms limit. So that’s O.K then. No apology to the hard pressed, the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled or indeed the rest of us for the cost of an entirely unnecessary G.E costing in the region of £130m.
    No magic money tree for people having to use food banks even when they are in employment, but never mind, as long as her camp followers are happy then everything is O.K.
    Frankly, and I say this as one who believed the “One Nation” mantra of the tories in the 1950s, this present-day bunch of heartless, intellectually deprived morons disgust me, and that is putting it mildly.
    And this what her collaborators in Scotland have lumbered us with. And I mean by that anyone who voted No in the Scottish Referendum, and anyone who voted for any unionist party since.
    How these people can live with themselves is beyond me, because if I thought for one minute the S.N.P, for all its faults, was lying to me, or didn’t have the best interests of the Scottish people at its heart, I would leave immediately.
    However, with the support for independence still standing at 45%,if you believe the polls, I’m hopeful the ongoing shambles at Westminster, followed shortly by a hard Brexit, will concentrate the minds of those who are still not convinced that independence is the only way forward for our nation.

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  8. In the discussion above, Terry raised an interesting question. Why wasn’t Jeremy Corbyn able to form a government?

    So how could he have done that? How does the fact that Theresa May had been weakened by the election have anything to do with it?

    What actually decides who gets called by the Queen and gets asked to form a government? What could Jeremy have done to be the one? No party won a clear majority, so it’s not a matter of having an ELECTED majority in Commons. Is it just that the Tories won MORE seats, but not a clear majority? OR is it a matter of cobbling together a working majority with another party? Was it the fact that she had the Northern Ireland nut cases with her that allowed her to be called? If Jeremy could have assembled a coalition, would he have had a crack at it? And in that case, if they BOTH claimed to have a working majority, who would the Queen have called to the palace?

    And if the Queen really has a choice in the matter, it seems to give the lie to that silliness the Brits spout about the reigning monarch not having any real governing power. Seems to me that she is above the law and above democratic elections, and the reigning monarch can do anything she really wants to.

    She could dispatch Philip with a sharp kitchen knife and no one could do a thing about it in HER Courts under HER law.

    We Americans have done our best to show you that you need a constitutional republic. But you’re simply not paying any attention, and we find that annoying. Just sayin…… 😉

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    1. PS: I know that I’ve raised that mortal danger to Philip before, and I guess that a murder at the palace is not likely. But she is getting up in years and could possibly go bonkers…..what with having to put up with Philip and all.

      The fact that she has some say in who constitutes the government at Westminster would seem to be more of a problem in practical terms.

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      1. Reigning British monarchs going bonkers is something the Establishment has had to learn to deal with through the ages.

        It not so much a matter of if, as when.

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    2. Well, Danny, to a certain extent we were listening. And we thought a lot of your stuff was quite good. (Obviously I don’t mean that the people at the top thought it was good. They hate any kind of equality, or first among equals nonsense; but at least some of the rest of us thought that.)

      But then you kinda messed up… 8 years of Reagan wasn’t brilliant. 8 years of Bush was bad. Four months of the orange faced moron was the bloody limit. We are unlikely to emulate you now.


      As far as I know the largest party has to be given a chance to form a government. Tess must have given the Queen an assurance that she would try to. She is in the process of doing that just now.

      If the Neanderthal Party won’t reach an agreement, then May may have to go back to the queen and admit that she was overly hasty in her claims to be able to govern.

      In that case the queen will be obliged to send for the next largest party and ask Mr Corbyn if he can form a working government.

      I haven’t looked at the actual figures, but I suspect that he won’t be able to.

      You see, in addition to forming a government for the whole of the UK, he also has to be able to claim a majority in England, where London is the domestic parliament. (Yes, I know it is completely bonkers, but this IS Britain, and they are completely bonkers.)

      If that is true, I suspect that there will have to be a general election. (GROAN)

      Philip, though, can be charged with criminal offences. The only person above the law is Liz herself, becasue she IS the law.

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      1. Thanks Tris. As you describe the system of forming a government, it does seem at least rational. It would surely be embarrassing to have to go back to the Queen and tell her that you can’t govern after all. She would likely NOT be amused I should think.

        You make an excellent point about the problem of promoting the idea of an elected head of state when you’ve just elected a real estate huckster and self-confessed sexual predator to the job……a guy who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face, and falls asleep while typing official presidential statements on Twitter.

        As for the sad progression of Reagan, W. Bush, and Trump; it shows us that however bad you think a president is, the next one can always be worse. 😦

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        1. That, Danny, is a very scary thought.

          Yes, I wouldn’t like to have to go back to Liz and tell her I wasted her time.

          “Oh do go away, May. Do you think I have all day to waste meeting members of the Middle Classes?”


  9. The Tories can faff around as much as they like, propped up by the DUP, the media are quiet and mainly supportive,
    If however the Labour party had won a few more seats and were propped up by the SNP, all hell would have broken lose by now, they would be screaming, the biggest constitutional crisis since the auld King deid.

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  10. I think Liz went to the window because she heard a band playing outside. She’s used to that of course but this time it sounded different. “I say Philip, that can’t be a Guards band. It sounds as if it’s all flutes and drums.”

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  11. Just read an interesting article. Apparently, if the Queens Speech is not voted through by Parliament, then the leader of the opposition automatically becomes the P.M. This has happened four times in history, 1924, 1929, 1974 and again in 2010. In the last case, David Cameron was invited to the palace before an agreement on a coalition with the LibDems was finalised.
    While the figures suggest this wont happen, 317 Tories to 315 if all the other parties combined, that doesn’t include the 10 D.U.P M.Ps, with the ongoing chaos surrounding Westminster, you never know.

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    1. Nice work, Alex. I hear that there’s not a lot in the speech.

      The trouble is there may be some reasonable stuff in it designed to make people a little less angry with her.


  12. C.P.I up to nearly 3%. R.P.I up to nearly 4%. Never mind, the futures bright, the futures Orange.
    Any truth in the story that the D.U.P wanted B.B.C correspondent Jane Hill removed from Downing St before they had to walk past her?

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    1. It’s a scandal when you consider how tiny pay rises and benefits rises have been.

      Of course that is just the start.

      I wonder if interest rates will go up.

      Surely even the DUP couldn’t possibly sink that low.


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