It has just crossed my mind that DUP with 10 MPs will be in Brexit negotiations but SNP with 35 won’t. Slow clap Scots.



As you may have noticed, I’ve never really been a fan of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The events of the last few months have hardly served to make any fonder of the place.

John Major always refused to rely on DUP as he realised the consequences for Ireland. Tories today put their career before peace in Ireland.



First the UK voted to leave the EU. A mistake, in my opinion, and handled incredibly badly by the UK government, given the narrowness of the overall result and the massive variations between the constituent countries.
Part of that was a chronic quality of leadership up for offer and the terrible choice that the Tories made in “Strong and Stable”.

Says much about the London commentariat that they are now shocked at what appalling knuckle-draggers the DUP are, not having noticed before.



If there were a time to hold an election, it would have been when the Tories chose a new leader, and with her, a new direction. Certainly before the notification to the EU that Article 50 had been invoked and the ticking of the clock had commenced.
However, Strong and Stable kept telling us that she had no intention of calling an election… until, that is, we were on borrowed time.

Tory/ DUP? No deal better than a bad deal.



Then, assuming that the polls were correct and that she could get herself a whopping majority, she decided to shake the illusive ‘magic money tree’ and fund an election. (Cabinet Office minister Mark Harper estimated that the 2010 election cost the public purse £113,255,271. This was broken down to £28,655,271 for distributing candidates’ mailings and £84.6million for carrying out the vote.)

Sinn Fein says the Tories are breaching the Good Friday Agreement for favouring one side over the other, they’re playing with fire.



In common with everything else the woman does, it was a misjudgement. And in addition to wasting over a hundred million of our money, she put us through weeks of misery listening to her pathetic wailing, cost our political parties (that don’t have a magic money tree of off-shorers to donate), hundreds of thousands. And in the end, she lost her majority, made a fool of herself and her united kingdom, and delayed the start of the Brexit talks by a further 6 weeks.

Strange that she’s apparently so exercised about DUPs execrable LGBTI stance but was happy to defend the Rape Clause



It’s quite difficult to credit that one woman could be quite so incompetent and could have caused quite so much inconvenience to so many people. But she was and she has.

And now she has decided to compound it by teaming up with some neanderthal party from Northern Ireland, who won’t work on Sunday, believe that the whole of life is descended from Noah and his Mrs, consider gay people to be worse than paedophiles (remember Mrs Robinson), and have police check women’s homes to ensure that they haven’t bought any abortion pills over the net.


Just seen someone describe the DUP manifesto as “basically just the bible, with fortnightly bin collections” Too real


Never mind that it will put the Good Friday Agreement at risk by showing favouritism to the Protestant side over the Catholics. Never mind that it makes the EU talks much more complex. Never mind that it may even be illegal.

And will she go? No, she will not.

She says she’s here (to be laughed at?) for 5 years.

Of course, her party says the opposite. And she’ll be gone by the end of the summer.

And we may have to shake the money tree again for another £113 million.

Oh, what it is to be British and have all that money to waste on her vanity.


  1. Theresa May does not do considered thinking, like Cameron before her. She lurches from problem to problem seeking the quick fix without thinking about the consequences. A superficial solution and them rams it in to being.

    It is how she ran the Home Office for yonks and we know how that is still panning out. She is known by the Civil Service a Submarine, any problems and she submerges, nowhere to be see,

    She appoints some schmuck between herself and the decisions she makes so they can take the flack and be sacrificed as needs be.

    She is aligning her Gov, our Gov with the most flat earth neanderthals to save her erse from her latest fekup and has dispatched her to strategic advisers, thereby maintaining her fragrant innocence from the political stench around her.

    She will need to rescind EVEL and probably impose on Great Britain some the 17th Century policies of N Ireland.

    She has torpedoed the the Good Friday Agreement by favourising one of the two sides and maybe ensured a hard Brexit with a hard border of the two parts of Ireland. All to save her erse.

    Stand by for the powderkeg of N Ireland to start smoking and threatening to spontaneously combust.

    Remember that the position of N Ireland is one the three initial points for agreement on the agenda of the Brexit negotiations. Also remember that all 27 countries of the EU have to ratify the Brexit deal and any one country from Malta to Germany can reject it. It then falls and Hard Brexit gets concretised.

    The Tories need to waken up and get rid of her pronto before she creates immeasurable and profound damage to the UK

    The Tories need to wake up and


    1. I suspect that she will be gone by next weekend.

      Boris probably can afford a very splendid set of knives to stab her with.

      I heard that she has left senior ministers in place… I’m assuming that’s Boris and that Rudd woman who only got back in after 3 recounts, and the long-faced bloke at No 11.

      I can’t imagine that 10 days away from Brexit talks she could get rid of Davis, although I suspect that she will wear him down if she stays around and eventually he will re4sign.

      If Northern Ireland can get a special deal I can’t help but wonder why Scotland can’t.

      I pondered what is the difference between us.

      And I can only think of one thing.

      Is she saying that unless there is a threat of violence, she simply ignores things?

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  2. Such great timing too – no NI govt, DUP in bed with the Brit govt (again) and the marching season about to happen.

    Also worth noting that (unlike the IRA) the UDA are still active and armed – they killed somone the other week in a supermarket car park.

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    1. You wonder if she takes any of these things into consideration.

      You wonder if she ever listens to anyone who knows what they are talking about.


    2. As Gerry Adams himself has stated often enough, the IRA are not going away. I take this to mean that should the need arise, they will meet force with force. And remember too what May has done to decimate our forces. I don’t think we could “do” another NI.

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      1. Certainly the people that the DUP associated with haven’t gone away.

        I suspect that it wouldn’t take too much provocation for some people on both sides to return to armed struggle.


  3. Big friends of Israel too – as anyone scratching their head at all the Israeli flags there are in NI would have found.

    Just get the popcorn in, this is going to be a drama before it becomes a crisis.

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    1. Oh heavens… What Liam Fox conjures up at any time, anywhere is something I’d prefer to have NO knowledge of.

      I’m just thinking though that Ruth, who may be taking a principled stand, or maybe is taking personal stand… is also taking a risk.

      Not everyone in her Tory party will wish to see any kind of division between Scotland and the UK.

      For whatever reason.

      She may run the risk of a schism!!


    2. Now I know that was nothing to do with what you posted, but it at least expunged the thought of Liam Fox from my head for a few minutes.


      1. Ha ha ha Conan.

        The thing about Boris is that even though he’s an evil Tory and utterly self-obsessed, he’s so amusing and good humoured that you don’t have this feeling of utter revulsion when you hear his voice, unlike most of his ghastly colleagues… Fox, Davis, Fallon, Gove, May, et al.


  4. If there is one thing you can rely on this current crop of torys for its that if you think a thing cant happen in modern Britain then they’re just the crew to make it so. Now we have them publicly in bed with the bigoted religious zealots of the DUP. The British government always supported their side during the troubles but they at least tried to keep it secret back then.

    We as a society have watched these torys wage war on the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable, the asylum seekers in fear of their lives etc… and that’s in our own country. There’s a whole lot of other nasty shit being done in our name abroad. They are currently, in Scotland, telling us, aided and abetted by their Media, that they won the election which they clearly didn’t. Call it hubris, brass necked or plain living in moo moo land they do the lot without blinking and tell us it’s the right thing to do, that they know best. People seem to be so institutionalised into lying being the norm that it’s quite alright as long as you can say the other side does it too.

    I believe that leaving the EU may be the biggest con job ever perpetrated on the economy and way of life of a civilised democracy. Our way of life is under attack folks and has been for some time.

    It’s dog eat dog with our checks and balances proving to be not fit for purpose.

    Here endeth the rant.

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    1. Good rant though…:)

      I think we are all saying the same thing at the moment.

      W H A T?

      It’s almost surreal. And still she hangs on. She has no sense of decency and certainly no shame. She has some meeting in Europe this week and everyone else there is going to be tittering behind her back…possibly to her face.

      Of course, it would be difficult now to have another leadership election while the clock continues to tick on Brexit. (It won’t be 5% done by the time the two years is up, and this lot will blame the EU…when they spend their time on vanity projects.)

      I dunno about you guys, but I couldn’t stand another general election now. In fact I would be very happy for them all to go away on holiday for the summer, and maybe never come back.

      Brexit is a mess. Even handled well, it would be a mess. And she is making a complete hash of it.

      Today she fired her advisors because “senior Tories” told her to. She has been told she has to lighten up, go for a light Brexit and she also has to stop being a “bloody difficult woman”. I wonder how that will work out.

      And they can’t put virtually ANY of the manifesto into place, so what did all these Tories vote for? What are we going to get?

      It is incredible.


    1. Arlene will look at her watch and say: Sorry it’s nearly the Sabbath. The day of rest. The day when you read your bible and spend the day in prayer. Come back on Monday.

      Doesn’t May look grey and ill?


  5. Rant on Greig12, et all.. Here I will have a go.. Was reading over on wilderness of peace that this election SNP were the real target, given the results it makes good sense.. Now with these latest manoeuvres could we be witnessing the quiet ulsterisation of our country by the yoons?
    As I explained previously my area has its orange patches, and having read of the recent mobilisation of the unsavouries in NI for the most recent election to get the unionist vote out against the rising fortunes of SF.. A link on Craig Murray’s recent post.. Again on the results, this job was effective.
    It is a hunch, but I would not be one bit surprised if similar tactics are at play here, mobilising the yoon vote through orange and masonic lodges, especially here in the south west..
    We underestimate the task at hand at our peril, and need an organised set up that can operate as effectively as they could WITHOUT the internet.. Let’s face it, without this method of communication the yes movement would be severely hampered. If we gain any ground they manipulate the media, and if they feel under threat this will be the first pin to be pulled..
    Secret monthly meetings anyone?
    Don’t wear the tinfoil hats till we get inside!!
    Apologies for all the military terms, I’m really a war-hating hippie, but I love my history, and know that in the previous wars of independence we won by having a well trained and completely loyal army, knowledge of the enemy and their movements, and having our ground well prepared.. Same principles apply here, now who is up for scuppering a few orange walks this summer by pulling some fishing gut tight across the street in the middle of the procession.. ?Flags pulled down, huns tripping up, bowlers rolling doon the road.. Lol at the lol.. Prepare the ground, a bag of marbles could also do the trick -lets make it a bash st kids battle with the big boys who like to play drums and whistles and dress up!

    Ridicule their institutions, this, the beeb, the papers(talking of which I was in the supermarket the other day, no National, they only get about 5- j menzies it is😬- but plenty other tripe.. I could take that whole pile of sun’s and mail’s, I thought in my trolley, and distribute them throughout the store under those large bottom shelves they have with enough space below for cleaning… or papers.. Just a thought!
    Good last few posts btw Trispw, should have said before..many thanks.


    1. Thanks Jamie.

      I’m seriously worried about her wanting to take away freedoms on the net. Of course the excuse is religious fundamentalists (but not her “friends” in the DUP), but why not control all sorts of things the way the Chinese do?

      I’m disturbed by the fact that Ireland seems to get special consideration in the Brexit deal, and Scotland was told to go away. I have to ask if that is because Scotland is a relatively peaceful place, and Northern Ireland…. is not.

      Well, Munguin will go on working for an independent Scotland no matter what… and where goeth Munguin there goeth I.

      You can come round to Munguin Towers and wear yer tin foil hat. 🙂


  6. The DUP,being a party from a country separate from England are likely to only get concessions particular to their country….so much for “unionism”.
    NI legislation will not be enacted in England.
    So,the problems their alliance with the Tories are going to create will be limited to NI.
    It will all depend on what they manage to wring out of the Tories and how their opposition react to that,probably not favourably.
    It will be beyond unforgivable if the Brexiteers are responsible for reigniting the troubles in NI and for what,selfish political ends?
    England’s Tories are entirely responsible for all of this and Scots who voted for Tory MPs will also have blood on their hands,not that many will care probably,so long as it doesn’t directly affect them.
    Brexit was a disaster but what might happen next as a consequence of May’s cunning plan having failed doesn’t bear thinking about.
    Very angry about this.

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    1. Having read what Terry says about how Brexit is likely to turn out, I’m still convinced that at the end we will have our referendum and we shall win.

      They can suggest all they want that we will have a softer more decent Brexit than they had previously thought thanks to pressure on May from the 1922 committee. But you can’t please all of the people. If they want a really soft Brexit we will end up with a Norway or Switzerland situation which will demand a great deal and cost even more… and which will not satisfy any of the demands of the troglodytes who read the Express. Freedom of movement along with the other freedoms.

      And EU courts will still be ultimately responsible. They will ahve brought home nothing.

      Except there will be no money from the social fund or the agricultural fund, etc.

      And the hard-liners will be incandescent.

      I can certainly imagine situations where there will be trouble again in NI, which may well spread to England if it gets the chance.


  7. The longer lame duck (a la’orange) May waddles on the better.

    Hopefully long enough to make a complete arse of the Brexit process.

    The longer we can put a General Election off whilst we enjoy the spectacle of these scumbags f***ing everything up the better for us!

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    1. Oh very clever!!!

      I couldn’t handle another general election now.

      I only barely survived this one.

      They really have to concentrate on making a mess of Brexit now.They only have about 15 months.


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