n chinstap
Welcome to Soppy Sunday. I’m a Chinstrap Penguin.
n congo rain forest
Rainforest in Congo. Looks a bit like my back garden right now after a week of rain.
n baby seal
I don’t suppose you have a spare bit of fish for a hungry little seal?
n beaver
Just beavering about…
Waverley, Just north of Crinnan, near Seil island and the bridge over the Atlantic (from Gerry).
n blue damselfly
Blue Damselfly.
n what
Hello, can I help you?
N Bryce Canyon Nevada
Bryce Canyon, Utah (thanks, Danny).
Don’t worry little fox, Come to Scotland. Munguin’s got your back. And Mrs May is a busted flush anyway.
n forest bridge
Woodland bridge.
n cordoba
n scotland
Scottish cottage.
n llama-at-the-machu-picchu-unesco-peru-andbeyond
Llama at Machu Picchu.
n donk
What d’ya think of my wall?
Maybe if you didn’t all stand on the same on, you wouldn’t get your feet wet!
n orang
n swallows
Swallows getting ready to flee the nest.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
n sunset
My friend Dani, in Sweden.
n harris
n elephant
Hmmmm, maybe when I’m a big elephant!



26 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. I found the little orangutan very heartwarming in these days of dark days of domestic tension and international brou-ha-ha. Nothing like a spot of quick anthromorphosization to lift one’s mood. Oook!


    1. As you might have guessed, I’m an Anthropomorphism expert! Well, that’s what Munguin says anyway!

      Given the shambles that is Downing Street, I felt Soppy Sunday would be more than ever welcome this week.

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  2. I would like to think the Tory’s lack of majority will scupper the fox hunting repeal bill. Her new Loyalist friends must surely love the orange coloured pelt and will vote no surrender to the horse n hound….. 😉


    1. The question is, are her new friends, actually friends?

      Last night at 7 pm Downing Street issued a statement saying that indeed they were and that the outline of some form of agreement had been reached. However, by midnight it appeared that they had been a little “previous”.

      It seems that they can’t do anything right.

      I hope that the Tory backbenchers, who now run the show, will realise that fox hunting shouldn’t be high on the list of things which need the crumbling government’s attention.


  3. Lovely photos. The woodland bridge is gorgeous – where is it? And who doesn’t love a baby elephant! And Harris – we have some lovely islands, one day I’ll get to them. Only one orang this week but then I guess there will be plenty of other orange men in the news. Perhaps the DUP could help save the orangs and the foxes – except the gay ones obviously, and those that believe in man made climate change or that the world is older than 4000 years.

    The way politics is going I think we’ll need Soppy Sunday every day to calm down.


    1. Sorry, I don’t know where the bridge is, PP. I saw it on here:
      and it doesn’t give a location!

      I’m not entirely sure that I’d trust the DUP to save them. The proviso would be that they stop doing anything much on a Sunday, and go to church!

      I can see more Soppy Sundays being required too.

      Much more interesting that all this politics stuffy.


  4. Lovely Soppy Sunday pictures! Dani in Sweden is nice. As is the baby seal. And the baby bird with the big toe nails. (Maybe an Owl?)

    The Scottish cottage is wonderful. Probably NOT Mr. Munguin’s country home I would surmise.

    Bryce Canyon is by all accounts an amazing place. Sadly, on the day I driving through southwestern Utah, time was limited and I had only part of that one day to devote to sightseeing in a National Park. So I drove past the Bryce Canyon turnoff to get to Zion.

    Anyway, my only quibble is that Bryce Canyon in in Utah, not Nevada. It’s CLOSE to Nevada on the map, but I don’t think that any of Bryce Canyon National Park laps over into any part of Nevada. 🙂

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    1. PS: I was thinking that the only racist homophobic nut cases who reject evolution and climate change are in the American Republican Party. Sounds like there’s some of those people in Northern Ireland too.


      1. @ Andimac……Still fighting the Battle of the Boyne I take it. For the Southern Republican right wing nutters, it’s the American Civil War of course.

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        1. Loads of questions there.

          Why is Northern Ireland, a part of our united kingdom, exempt from some aspects of electoral law. That means that anything can be got around simply by channelling it through a NI party.

          Not surprised that that bunch of nut jobs is tied up with Saudi and its ghastly royal family. Once again if they are trying to subvert what little democracy we have, why are the Tories so fond of them… and I mean the DUP and the Al Sauds?


    2. Ahhhhh, sorry, Danny. I’ll change it. Thank you.

      Yes, I think that that little bird is an owl. He or she is a wee beauty!

      I think Munguin’s 3rd gardener has a cottage rather like that. It’s rather too modest accommodation for an animal of Munguin’s standing.


      1. @ Tris……The Tea Party has an Ulster wing it would seem. Sounds like very much the same nutters. Nice that Munguin provides housing for his staff!

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      2. LOL…..Sarah is probably looking for new political ground, since she seems to have totally disappeared from the American media consciousness. I wonder if she was disappointed that a cabinet appointment didn’t come her way. I guess that even Trumpy is not THAT crazy.


  5. Love the baby seal, I see seals every time I go fishing but have never seen a baby one before! The sun-set reminds me of the brilliant Chrissie McVie’s latest song “Red Sun”. The photo of Harris is where my Mum and Dad have their final resting-place and in a strange way I’m glad that they are in such a beautiful place next to the sea.

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