amay4So, it’s all kicking off this morning.

There’s a vacancy for UKIP leader if anyone wants the job. Yes, I know…again!!!

Apparently he’s going to spend more time on winning the world cup and leading a manned mission to Mars in his spare time while living in some of the houses he owns but never had time to visit.

The SNP is licking its wounds having lost some truly good people. Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson are the two most high profile casualties, but there are many others who have served us well who now find themselves seatless.


It’s comforting to know that they still have more than half the seats in the London parliament. That is to say, more than the Liberals, Tories and Labour put together. And supporters need to remind themselves that there was no way ever, that they could replicate the 2015 result.

And no matter that Dugdale, Davidson and Wee Willie Rennie together with the Press and the BBC made this election about the SNP record in government in Scotland, it was not. And the SNP remains the government in our country, albeit not the one that holds the purse strings. However, no one could call it a good night for the SNP and they will need to look very carefully at how they go forward.


Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone on the campaign trail. He drew massive crowds and seems to be the person who persuaded vast numbers of young people to go out and vote (although I heard Munguin trying to take the credit for that this morning).

In a strange election, with no clear-cut result, Corbyn is the undoubted “winner”. Dugdale may try to take some credit in Scotland, but we know that she opposed her leader every step of the way and her lieutenant, Murray, actively put him down at every opportunity.

It will be interesting to see how the right wing of the Labour party deals with a strong left-of-centre leader with electoral gains on his side. Will Dugdale and her crew take note of Corbyn and cease their endless attempts to undermine him, or will they continue with their “destroy” mission?

The LibDems have in the not too distant past both refused to rule out, and ruled out working with the Tories, so probably one of these is true, if anyone cares very much.

amagic money

As for the Tories. Well, they are happy with themselves in Scotland, of course. They took some long-standing SNP seats in the North East and Mundel increased his majority, presumably because he’s done such a great job of standing up for Scots and getting us the very best possible deal from his London bosses. Or not.

Theresa May is clinging on for grim life having made a massive (but doubtless strong and stable) decision to sacrifice her slim majority to look even more strong and stable in front of all those Presidents, Chancellors and Prime Ministers, who must be chuckling a bit at how stupid she looks.

She “shook the magic money tree” that Tories can always find when they want to but the people “were clear” and said: “enough is enough”.

She has been humiliated. And more, her precious ‘united’ kingdom has been humiliated, because the EU has had to say that it is prepared to stall the beginning of the Brexit talks, scheduled to start in less than a fortnight, until Britain sorts itself out. (Note to Europe: Now is your opportunity to start reading War and Peace, like you’ve always promised yourselves.)


Will there be a coalition with the right-wing Protestant party of Northern Ireland and what price would the religious zealots demand? How will EVEL affect the arithmetic? Disgraced DUP leader Arlene Foster, whose actions caused the breakdown of the administration in Belfast, has said that she is waiting for a call.

The fact that May has said that she will not stand down means very little. It is almost certain that some of the Tories will wish to depose her. Boris Johnson was rumoured last night to be putting out feelers. She may be gone within days. (“We fight on and we fight to win”)

Unstable government at a time of crisis… and withdrawal from the EU is a time of crisis as anyone who has read anything about it knows… is unlikely to survive for a long time. So there may have to be another election within a year.


Lots of thoughts about yesterday and last night are still running around in my head and I don’t want to make this post into a second volume of War and Peace, so I’ll finish up with the thought that won’t leave me:

What an incredibly stupid, vain and incompetent woman Theresa May is, and I think I’ve realised that when she talks about being “Strong and Stable”, what she really means is “Stubborn and Awkward”.

51 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. Just grabbed a few hours sleep. Good to see the smiling fascist gone, others… not so good. We still have Mhairi and Pete by the skin of their teeth thank the flying spaghetti monster. Who for deputy leader? Tommy? Any guesses?

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  2. If memory serves through my bleary eyes this morning, some of the results were quite close and I think with a strategic re-think the SNP have it all to play for. The Scottish electorate is a fickle beast. I would like to see a more aggressive stance though, particularly in relation to these most powerful of powers the Scottish Gov are supposed to have but not to be using. Jaquie Baillie was at it last night on STV and this needs publicly called out because there is a lack of awareness re what is devolved and what is not so they get away with it. Silence from our lot is frustrating for folk like me and to others means agreement.

    There will no doubt be much brainier folk than me on the case over the next few months so let’s see what happens.

    Gutted to see Eck going, I never did get the marmite thing, I think he’s great. Angus as well, I hope they’re both back soon.

    It’s time to dust ourselves off because we did win after all but we’ve obviously got to win even better to make headway in the lose, lose situation created for us by the opposition and MSM. It’s a bit like Andy Murray winning Wimbledon but the trophy is given to his opponent because he didn’t win in straight sets.

    And as for them what voted Tory! They can away and F##%>€****€¥##!!!!!

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    1. Could have maybe seen a shift from SNP to Labour on the basis of Jeremy Corbyns quite astonishing performance. But a move to the Tories? Someone, please, explain that to me. Who the hell is so enthralled with Ruth Davidson who was – on the BBC – briefly suggested as a future UK Prime Minister. That is boundless steps too far for a woman that understands publicity but hasn’t a sentiment in her body.

      Weird times, perhaps.

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      1. I can’t understand why anyone who isn’t at least a millionaire could support the Tories.

        Davidson is a heartless person. Anyone who can support policies that deny sick people benefits, or demand that women who’ve been raped disclose their details to the DWP has to have something missing about them.

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      2. I live in south Ayrshire where Corri Wilson lost her seat to Tory boy Bill Grant, labour were 2nd placed last time so can only assume many switched from labour to Tory. A rural constituency the farmers and estates have always been the core vote here, however an element across the south is the ‘infiltrators’!- those moved here to reap the benefits Scotland provides.. in my particular area it is northern Irish farmers coming for larger farms not available at home, and English mostly elderly for their ‘little bit of England ‘ out bidding locals, making housing out of reach, free insulation, grants for renewable projects, free prescriptions and social care, and not every one, but the vast MAJORJTY are no voters/Tories and to a lesser extent leavers in the EU ref.. Such a flood a few years back, since the events from ’14 it has crossed my mind if mi5/6? Have sent them specially…!! Throw into this patches of orange (we have the main road from Belfast to Glasgow, coupled with traditional masonic streaks, it is a complicated picture..
        Agree with Greig12 the powers the Scottish govt. control need simply explained, go even further and lay out the full truthful situation for Scotland in the UK/EU and the impact of Brexit? Put on a disc or in a magazine and into every home in the land.. Be best done from grass roots I would say to garner as many as poss to at least have a look.. Anti-Sturgeon and anti-SNP may also apply!

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        1. Hi Jamie. Thanks for that.

          I think that we need to look at some sort of control, at least of the state funded or sponsored tv and radio, when these debates are taking place, that questions can only be accepted when they bear relevance to the powers and responsibilities of the parliament that is being elected.

          Clearly local hustings would be much more difficult to police, but it’s not beyond the wit of people, in this day and age, to police it themselves and to record on phones anything that is without the law.

          I was at a hustings where thy went on about health, education,and the registered person legislation.

          At least half the questions seemed to be about something that wasn’t on offer. And of course it got the Tory woman (who wasn’t very bright and couldn’t answer serious questions on finance, for example) off the hook.

          Thanks too for your info on the demographics of your arse. It kinda explains some things.

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    2. Yes. The Tories and Labour and the BBC STV and newspapers never had the governing party on the ropes over their policies. It was all about Scottish government policies.

      I think the Electoral Commission should look at that and issue guidelines.

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  3. Loved the ‘Orange’. If anyone tells me it is a satsuma I will stamp my feet.

    One of your finest pieces, btw.

    If another election is staring us in the face we need to regroup at Westminster, and a more feisty candidate than Mhairi Black would be hard to find. She would shake up PMQ’s more than most. And, we desperately need to shake up the agenda so’s that is is we that are setting it, not them.

    And my MSP and First Minister needs to attack, rather than defend.

    Just my thoughts.

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  4. What May seems to have succeeded in doing through her cunning plan is to replace one lot of right wing nutters with another lot of right wing bigoted nutters (DUP).
    What concessions will she have to make to the DUP in return for their support?
    This will not be strong or stable governance and we can expect another Westminster election in the not too distant future.
    As far as Scotland is concerned,it never ceases to amaze me how people can think that having your government elected by people in another country is a good idea.
    We should arrange an Edinburgh Cringe festival so that people from around the world can come and marvel at this phenomenon which is fairly unique.
    The Cringe is deeply embedded in the minds of a significant number of Scots and no matter of reasoning will eradicate it.
    Good tactics,however from the Tories again as the results speak for themselves.

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    1. LOL.

      There’s an irony that the Tories played on the connections between the terrorists in teh IRA and Corbyn (neglecting all the while to note that Tahtcher and Major dealt with the same people). And now the DUP are sitting in agreement with the Tories.

      Not so well known, perhaps, but none the less, terrorists of yesteryear, just like the IRA. But on the side of the queen so that didn’t count. A very unpleasant bunch of people. We should never forget grandmother Mrs Robinson MP, AM and local councillor, who promised to look after her friend’s 19 year old son when he died, and did so mainly in her bed. Nothing wrong with that if he was willing, of course. But she was regularly on the radio calling out sinners everywhere, abortionists, gays… in her opinion worse that paedophiles.

      Not savoury people.

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  5. Woke up this morning feeling strangely dirty – yes I held my nose & voted Labour in Leicestershire (Charnwood). Made no difference but having told the kids to get out & vote “anything but tory” I felt I had to do the same.

    In England I’ve tended to vote LibDem, Scotland SNP. I didn’t vote at all in 2015 as I didn’t really think the English parliamentary elections were anything to do with me. I know how that sounds but this is UKIP/BNP/EDL territory – they might all be pensioners around here but that’s how they vote. Years ago the BNP membership list got leaked and suffice it to say there was a large number of (current) tory councillors on that list.

    So I’m reassured that England hasn’t become a totally fascist state (yet) and hopeful that someone with an IQ over 120 in the Tory party will get rid of May/Boris/Davis/Fox/Hammond. The current crop of idiots/fascists/racists beggars belief.

    Re the SNP. Well overdue wakeup call IMHO. Nicola needs to get a grip & define a 2 year plan towards indy because she doesn’t look like she has one now. The party as a whole is too rigid and not enough of the people at the top understand the various electoral systems in Scotland or have ANY clue how to maximise the vote in any of the systems. Despite that level of incompetence (and it is!) they still have 35 seats due to indy voters. The slower the progress to indy, the more indy voters will detach from the SNP. You have one purpose Nicola, be brave like Catalonia or drift on into insignificance.

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    1. There was a suggestion in the papers that a ‘victory’ for Theresa May might put the independence percentage up to above the magical 60%. Are we not in that territory now? It has a bit to do with the SNP but it has more to do with what ordinary people think. People like you and me, well, me least-ways.

      Nichola Sturgeon needs to lead us out of this mess, rather than compromise with Westminster. For compromising with them is a complete, utter mistake, imho. For they will play you, for as long as it takes, forever, even.

      A strategy, and a statement about what the ‘breaking point’ might be, and what our various escape paths might be, would be a useful start.

      I think the SNP leadership needs to be told ‘enough is enough’. For it is the nation that is being messed about whilst politicians dilly – dally.

      Shoot me down.

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      1. I wish I knew. If I thought there was the appetite for it I’d say go for another referendum, and if Blunder-woman doesn’t like it, tough.

        To be honest, I think we are all sick of elections and referenda at the moment.

        People need a break.

        Let’s see after we’ve had one, and we know who is going to be in Downing Street.

        I just don;t see the coalition of crap that is teh Tories and Orange people ever lasting.

        And I’m not sure how sharp the Tory long knives are

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    2. Interesting the cross over between BNP and Tories is still there.

      As it clearly is with the DUP. Racists and religious nutters.

      I think the SNP will have to look very carefully at where they are going to keep their membership on board.

      I think at the moment no one really knows how anything will go.

      Will there be another election? Will there be another leader?

      Will Brexit EVER start?

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      1. There’s a lot of warning signs coming out of many of the EU27 that they’ve had enough. I suspect that any further “drift” in beginning negotiations over A50 is likely to result in the EU27 pretty much walking away. That will bump food prices by 15-40% (WTO tarrifs) and is likely to stop pretty much all processed food production in the UK – why buy grain/sugar/etc in what will be a volatile currency (Sterling) when you can buy in Euros, produce in the single market (mainly in Euros) & then export the finished product to the UK?

        I suspect that many in E&W think that after last night’s results there is hope for rescinding A50.

        I think that given how disruptive the UK has been over 40+ years that more than a few EU states would say “No, you chose to leave so please do so & get a move on. We know what you (England) think of us now”.

        I don’t think Scotland is going to escape this maelstrom sadly – the SNP don’t seem focused enough, or TBH interested enough for any sort of indyref anytime in the next 3 years. I wonder whether some of the senior members of the party have been there a bit too long and are enjoying the perks of the job. ie – institutionalised with a very nice salary….

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        1. I heard that they are now saying that talks will start in 10 days… ready or not.

          They need to get started. We don;t have much time left.

          But tonight on the radio news as I drove him I was hearing that senior Tories want rid of her. They don’t just dislike her; they loathe her.

          Will they end up having a leadership contest.

          I think that SNP has been clear what it wants. Stewart Hosie was talking tonight about the fact that they still want a referendum, but only once the terms of Brexit are known.

          In fairness that is the only time that people will be sufficiently informed as to how to vote.

          I can’t imagine that anything will change that much., unless people start taking to the streets.

          Over this weekend we have to worry about an invasion from England of thugs, bent on coming to Glasgow to cause, if you pardon the pun, mayhem.

          I’m not sure we need any more of that.

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  6. Lower turnout. Lacklustre SNP campaign with nothing to grab the imagination of younger voters. Some Yessers stayed at home. Anti EU Yessers moved to Labour. Orange Labour voters moved to the Ruth Davidson No Surrender Party.
    Lots to think about, but a commitment to a EU vote after Indy is a no brainer.
    We need to grab the idea of Indy and enthuse folk with it.

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    1. Yes, I think thats a good idea.

      There’s one thing that Kezia should think about, and that is that she probably denied Corbyn his place in Downing St by telling Scots voters to tactically vote Tories where they could beat SNP to protect Union.

      Now we are going to be government by Orangemen.

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    2. Dangerous for the Tories to buddy up with these nuts though.

      As Ian Dunt is saying every daft thing they do… abortion, gay, women…. will reflect on you. She’ll always be waiting for the next

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      1. I had a minor thought, all my thoughts are minor, that just to sabotage this, this might happen. I am glad mightier minds that mine also see it as a possibility:

        “A more unlikely wildcard move would be for Sinn Fein to take their Westminster seats for the first time, which would wipe out the Tory/DUP majority.”

        That would be the Rev from Bath.

        It would be interesting if anyone who has a knowledge of NI politics has a view on that as a possibility?

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        1. I once spoke to a SF man, who said it would never happen, becasue they point blank refuse to swear allegiance to the queen. Or the British state. Of course many Labour MPs used to take their vow of allegiance with their fingers crossed behind their back, a gesture which is supposed to negate the promise.

          I mean, it’s such a load of old nonsense anyway. I’d just mumble my way through it, whisper “my are I will” at the end of it, probably in a foreign language, and take up my seat at the table.

          We need SF to do their duty… At the same time, it wouldn’t be enough. They only have 7 seats. DUP has 10.

          I looked at all the figures. She’s got it covered all ways. Even with EVEL.

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        1. Tony Benn said in his diaries that he took the oath and crossed his fingers behind his back, as did a lot of his colleagues.

          If there were a chance to help bring the government down, it would be worth trying it. They could demand to take it in Irish.

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        1. A few weeks.

          I reckon the price of co-operation will be some special deal for NI. so that they can go on trading with the people they dislike so much, in a union they loathe.

          Everything I’m reading suggests Mays days are limited.

          In any case, to run a minority government even with the help of a set of religious fruit cakes, takes political maturity, diplomatic and interpersonal skills, charm, compromise and intelligence.

          So, I’d be surprised if she gets to the end of next week.

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      2. Turkey, the Saudies, Trump, DUP, is there a patern emerging here? It’s starting to look like the queue of desperadoes in Blazing Saddles.


    1. Doesn’t that sound a bit like something they used in Brexit. Taking back control or something?

      Mind you, Jutie, I’ve not got a better idea! So probably I should shut up till I do.

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        1. That sounds good.

          Terry ends most of his posts on the frightening prospects provided by Brexit with “This can all be avoided by voting Yes in a second independence referendum.”


  7. A wee verse…

    As they file through the division lobby,
    DUP and Tories hand in hand,
    Will they “walk” as they do in Belfast
    To the Lambegs and flutes of the band?

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    1. LOL

      One thing I was wondering was, given that Ruth is pretty tight with Tessy, and goes along to cabinet meetings, how will she get on with the DUP at these meetings.

      Ruth, completely openly, to her credit, lives with her partner. I’m sure I read that they were to be married at some stage. The DUP flat earthers abhor homosexuality. One of them described it as a worse sin that paedophilia.

      Is that gonna work well?

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        1. Ha ha …well, oh dear.

          There seems to have been a falling out of Davidson and her boss over this. I’m not sure if this is Ruth standing up for the LGBT community, or just for herself.


  8. Conan the Librarian,

    Apologies for not replying to you directly, the AI around here ain’t that good.

    You would appear to be correct, according to this post from Bella:

    “Edward Andrews 3 hours ago

    While it is a nice idea, and something I would love to see, I don’t think that it is likely to happen. While Dev took the oath of Allegiance in 1927 it was much watered down from the full blown queen and her heirs of the Westminster oath. I seriously don’t see how they could take it and retain their winning position vis a vi the dissident Republicans who still see the 2nd Fail as the last authentic Irish Parliament.
    Unless it is your special interest it is almost incomprehensible the subtleties of Irish Republican politics “The first item on the agenda is the split” attributed to on of the Behans.
    SF would prefer to be in government in Dublin, where they could have real power, than simply propping up Corbyn which would bring problems for Corbyn given the amount of the brown stuff which was thrown at him about his alleged relationship with the IRA. The Unionists would claim the this is payback time and this might embarrass Corbyn in the next Election which might just happen.
    Sorry to the so negative in what except in the context of Ulster is a lovely idea.”

    So, another one bites the dust. Ho, hum.

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  9. Tris

    Hope you don’t mind but can I just post my taking stock ideas.

    Sometimes things are better in the cold light of day, today is that day for some of us as the result of the General Election sinks in. There were no real winners yesterday, not really. Scotland appears to have found its level, the Tories didn’t win, they are now in coalition with possibly the only party in the UK more disgusting than UKIP, that will come back to haunt them. Labour could have won if many in their party hadn’t been actually campaigning against their own leader here in Scotland and UK wide. The SNP have suffered a set back, but we mustn’t forget, as Peter Bell at Scoop It says, the SNP did actually win the election in Scotland, it just doesn’t feel like that when they have lost people like George Kerevan, Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond. A comment on my last blog really makes sense in so many ways though in the cold light of day ,


    Thing is the SNP need to put the lid on independence and any referendum for the foreseeable future, with 60% of the Scottish electorate again the idea, bit of a dead duck. Don’t get me wrong I want an independent Scottish republic within Europe, nothing less. However realpolitik dictates a move in another, not dissimilar, direction. The SNP should forget about trying to come to any kind of working relationship with the Holyrood opposition parties, they’ve tasted blood so will refuse any approach. Would it not be better to negotiate with the Parliamentary (Westminster) Labour Party for Home Rule, it was their idea. That gives everything except defence and foreign affairs. Corbyn is probably well against Trident renewal, the SNP can support him in that and with the fatally weakened Tories, unlikely they’ll get any offensive operations plans through Westminster. As for foreign affairs, Brexit kills it, if Brexit fails then situation normal. Work needs to be done here to win back votes from the fishing and agricultural interests, the map is blue where Scotland is strongest in both of these.

    I don’t agree with the foreseeable future part regarding the next referendum but George is correct in a lot of what he says and his ideas are sound. I just think that we probably need to wait and see the result of Brexit. Davidson has put a lot of stock in the deal that Scotland will get, esp the Fisherman on the East Coast who resoundingly appear to have backed the Tories, as did their communities. They will be sold down the river in the Brexit negotiations as the EU will accept nothing less than access to Scottish Fishing Waters, lets see how they feel when that happens. The yoons do smell blood right now in relation to the SNP and the wider YES movement, let them, the numbers for YES have held up well since 2014 and we are going nowhere. Some might have went back to Scottish Labour and some to the disgusting Conservative and Yoonionist Party, but we remain strong and need to just keep our powder dry to use terms that Ruth Davidson would like.

    I believe the SNP need to re-group, re-think, work on the domestic front and try to figure out a way around the fiscal trap that was the Smith Commission, I still believe that it should have been rejected outright, the agreement, that will run out in 5 years, could see Scotland really punished financially. However, the SNP should just concentrate on that, get our services into a place where once independence comes they are ready on day one to cope, what ever that takes. The party, I think, should also take the pressure off of Nicola Sturgeon, the media have turned her into a hate figure for the ignorant, time to let Nicola Sturgeon be First Minister and others in the party need to take on some of the constitutional slack. We may have lost some good MPs but we haven’t lost them, there is your planning inner circle for the next referendum, they are there. Give them time to rest, to re-charge then let them loose and they will take the yoons on with good ideas and good policy.

    As far as the yoonionists are concerned we really can sit back a little and let them destroy themselves, but we can’t be complacent, re-group, re-think, get back on the horse and get ready. But Theresa May is not going to last, as I have said they now depend on a disgusting party for power, that can’t last. The Scottish Lib Dems might have gotten 3 seats but they are irrelevant to say the least, they just don’t matter. Scottish Labour might recover but there might be a clear out now and the Blairites like Dugdale, Murray might be on borrowed time and the left of the party, you know real Labour members, not the Tory ones, can be brought around in some ways and most are anti-tory. UKip are finished and Ruth Davidson is a disaster walking, it really is only a matter of time when she does something really disgusting, her over confidence and complacency will be her un-doing. Lets also not forget they are still Tories, they will act like Tories, they will govern like Tories and they will punish like Tories, some in Scotland might have forgotten but they are about to get a reminder.

    It feels bad today but it might have been exactly what the YES movement needed, we have been given a reminder of the battle that we are involved in against one of the most organised and disgusting political machines the world has ever seen, the masters at sucking the hope out of countries the world over. No, this isn’t over, we got a bloody nose but you know what, the bleeding stops, you learn from the experience and you get back up. I’m 100%YES, and I’m even more determined today than I have ever been.

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    1. Of course. I read it last night over a your place.

      Love the line. “we got a bloody nose but you know what, the bleeding stops,”



  10. Rather strange that Davidson and Dugdale with less combined seats than the SNP are so arrogant that they feel they are in a position to lecture the SNP on what their future direction and policies should be and are backed in this stance by the media? Nicola should state that she will decide on a referendum dependent on Brexit negotiations and not before. Given the chaos in the Tory party there could well in the near future be another GE where that chaos and in-fighting could adversely affect the Tories.

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  11. In all my years of being interested in politics, from the 1940s to the present day, I have never witnessed such a shambles that passes for a U.K Government. And with some of the rats now deserting a rapidly sinking ship, it’s only a matter of time before May is forced to step down.
    Not that that manoeuvre will in any way help an increasingly inept political party about to plunge headlong in the Brexit negotiations without any clear plan of what they hope to achieve. And have you seen the list of probable successors. Personally, I wouldn’t trust any of them to run a menage. Along with the U.K having another unelected P.M.
    This bunch of incompetent chancers now hold the future of the U.K in their hands, without having the slightest clue about what they hope to achieve, except of course, the continued dominance of the Tory party over all of us, for time immemorial.
    All the while, the E.U 27 must be finding difficult to stop laughing at us, and yes, since we chose to remain in this increasingly dysfunctional union, we are part of it, unfortunately.
    This whole scenario isn’t going to end well, whatever the outcome, another General Election, walking away from the E.U exit negotiations with no deal, it’s going to effect every one of us. Well, every real person. Obviously not the well-off and the well-connected.
    How anyone in Scotland could vote for this bunch empathy free balloons is beyond me. Why can’t they see that they, the Tory party, do not care about real people, especially the poor, the disabled, the disenfranchised, that their only concern is that they continue to rule over the rest of us, for ever and ever.
    And surely now with the proposed tie-up with the D.U.P, any Tory voter in Scotland possessing one ounce of decency will reject this out of hand, because if they don’t, they will be tarred with the same brush.
    Or is the pursuit of power their only concern?

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    1. My mum said about the same thing, Alex.

      There are any number of things that could happen now, and they are all bad.

      Except we could get the hell out of this dreadful kingdom and have a republic in the EU.


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