Munguin’s man in America (well one of them), Danny, sent us this video this afternoon.

I laughed out loud.

So, I thought you might like to share the fun.

Nothing much to do until midnight or so.

If you haven’t voted…. Munguin’s coming after you! (unless you’re a Tory voter!)

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I know you registered to vote: But have you voted yet? For all our tomorrows, particularly if you are young, please, please vote!




  1. If you haven’t voted…. Munguin’s coming after you! (unless you’re a Tory voter!)\

    My team are on it already, for the bracketed votes.

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  2. They won’t let me vote, but I’m pulling for Jeremy. Seems like a decent sort, although maybe a little charisma-challenged. (Angus would be a long shot for PM as I understand it.)
    Maybe I can find a vote count on Cable TV someplace, or internet streaming.

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    1. Well, yeah, if you are in England Jeremy is the man. If you’re in Scotland then it’s SNP because Labour won’t win, and we need as many opposition seats as possible.

      If you go to BBC radio 4 website, you’ll find they will be doing election coverage. all night.

      If you can stand the nauseating Jim Naughtie.



      1. Thanks Tris….I will check that out. I heard it was raining in some locations today. I see that the Guardian and Telegraph are referencing 10:00 PM exit polls that are predicting a hung parliament.

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  3. The Scottish exit polls were conducted at only ten polling stations out of over 4,000 so hardly a definitive or in any way reasonable cross section of voting intentions. Anything coming out of the MSM has to be seriously questioned and treated as toxic bullshit.

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  4. Why is a Labour snp alliance a coalition of chaos
    (meaning unpatriotic )
    and yet the Conservative and UNIONIST
    (They now tack onto every utterance )
    having a coalition with.

    The DUP—racist, homophobic, anti-abortion bigots with a history of violence

    All fine and dandy.????

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    1. Beats me, Niko. I guess it has something to do with a common interest in all things Orange… from Trump’s face to marching bands… Dunno that everyone’s gonna be happy though.


    1. Alex has done a lot for Scotland.

      I’m sorry to see him go. And to a Tory. Jeeeez.

      And even though I think Clegg let himself and his party down seriously badly in 2010, I can’t say I’m pleased to see him go either.

      At least he was talking sense on citizenship.


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