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Taken from Owen Jones’ Twitter timeline.

I never tire of saying it, and so, one last time:

Please use your vote today. How you use it is up to you, although of course if you are in Scotland I’m sure you know what Munguin would advise you to do.

During the Blair and Brown years it was reasonable to say, nothing changes, voting doesn’t make any difference. They are all the same.  It was untrue but totally understandable.  Blair and Thatcher were only distinguishable by the lack of handbag in Blair’s wardrobe.



But today there is a choice. There’s a choice for the UK… it’s Corbyn or May. And they ARE different. And there is a choice for Scotland too.  The SNP has made a difference in Westminster. OK, they can be, and often are, outvoted by the English, en masse. But you can count on 56 votes for decency. Can you imagine if there were Scottish MPs (apart from Muddle, who barely counts because he says what is programmed into him by whoever his boss is at the time) who were voting for rape clauses, and taking money away from disabled people, voting against pensioners’ rights and, as Ruth so clearly put it in her tweet of today:

Massive thanks to all candidates, activists & helpers for such a happy, energetic & disciplined campaign. Let’s smash tomorrow.x

(bold type is mine)

So younger voters, it’s up to you.

If you are happy for your parents and grandparents to decide on how life is gonna be for the next 5 years of your life, and a great deal longer, given the momentous decisions that will be taken… and the ramifications of the great repeal bill… then don’t bother about this voting malarky today.


Leave it to your mum and dad, grandad and Auntie Gloria. They usually know best about most things, don’t they? Remember that sweater they bought you for Christmas?


14 thoughts on “JUST GO VOTE…”

  1. This OAP is going to have to look out the wet suit before voting today.
    Unfortunately,the weather is likely to favour the Tories whose support can always be relied on to turn out,no matter what.
    Expect the Tories to make gains in Scotland,especially if the turnout is low.

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    1. My care assistant was telling me this morning that she had been calling and texting all her friends to tell them to go and vote or she would Never Speak To Them Again. She’s a young lass, and I found this very heartening.

      It was stupid of me to clip my nails this morning – nothing for me to bite in the wee small hours tonight!

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      1. Well done here. There has been a surge in young people registering to vote. May should be worried about that. A few may be Tories, but I’ll bet only the ones that went to private schools and have stockbroker papas.

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    2. I just read a heart-rending tweet from a man who said: “I’m 67 and terminally ill and I just walked a mile in the rain to vote”. Bless him.

      But hopefully the weather will improve as the day goes on. It’s looking brighter here already, and it was a beautiful morning.

      The Tories will make gains. Scotland hasn’t only got nice people just got nice people.

      This is a good read. I think, if you click on it, it should be big enough to read. Tere’s a few typos, but it makes a lot of sense.

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  2. Had a PM from my MP first thing this morning preaching to the converted but as he did not mention a pint I’m left in two minds. It’s a great day here and the polling station is busy – relatively speaking. Strangely I did not receive any offers of bribes from Labour and Tories so I imagine that they are supremely confident or (a)pathetic. One thing that may influence the vote here is the prospect of enhanced fishing rights due to Brexitt but, on the other hand, they are concerned that the tories would sell them down the river again. I imagine that voting will be tight in ‘marginal’ fishing communities.

    One way or another, it is going to be a long night so good luck to all Munguin minions/devotees and Niko!”

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    1. Damned tightwad. I’d vote UKIP just to spite him.

      I’m not sure why fishermen think that the Tories won’t sell them down the river. They did last time.

      Do they seriously think that the English Conservatives give a flying toss about fishing villages in the highlands and islands? They’ll be traded off for multi-billionaires to get access to Europe.

      The more I read about Europe from the likes of Ian Dunt, Jo Maugham and Terry Entoure, the more I am convinced that the UK is completely finished, especially in the hands for the four idiots we have at the moment. May, Johnson. Davis and the Disgraced Fox. Can you imagine a more inept bunch?

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  3. The polls are all pointing to a Tory win here in Dumfries and Galloway, but both myself and Mrs L cast our votes for Richard Arkless today. Completely agree with your post-Get out and vote!

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    1. As I said the other day, it would be silly to imagine that they won’t take some seats back. So-called Ruth’s candidates (because they are shit scared to even mention the Tories, and not sure that they should mention the dithering idiot that is their actual leader) are going to take some seats.

      And doubtless they will back May’s intention to weaken our democracy and make us more like them.

      Ted Heath did it, trying to make us one country.

      It didn’t work.

      Good luck to Richard…

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  4. Yes people of all ages but particularly the young VOTE Unless you are thinking of voting Tory in which case terrible day you might want to stay in case you get wet.

    I have no idea what will happen. Ideal world minimal SNP losses and a hung parliament. But I think May might sneak it but not big enough so she’ll get “removed” by the Tory grandees. They are nearly as ruthless with each other as with the plebs.

    Are you doing a running blog Tris, or should we post comments here when the results come?

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    1. LOL If you’re a Tory voter stay home, snowflake, lest you should dissolve in all this howid weather.

      It will be interesting, I have to admit, to let May lose on the Europeans and show just how strong and stable she is as they outmanoeuvre her on everything.

      I read that Nick Clegg is working on a scheme whereby those of us unlucky enough not to be able to claim joint nationality, would still be able to retain our EU citizenship. Personally, I think it is a diabolical affront that May can take my citizenship away from me when I’ve done nothing to deserve it. (Mind you wait till she strips us of the rest of our human rights). So, in this, I say power to Clegg’s elbow.

      I’ll doze in between times PP, so I think what I’ll do is set up a new thread… because this one is getting longer… and people can post anything they want to share with fellow Munguinites.

      Munguin himself will be holding a champagne reception for those and such as those.

      So that’s none of us then.

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  5. Sitting here drookit after voting; two horse race according to the gents outside the polling station (I was much burlier BTW), SNP v Libdem.

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