And so it begins…


The exit poll shows the Tories to be at 314 seats, 12 short of a majority, rather than with 12 of a majority.

So, if it is anywhere like accurate, Mayhem’s plan, like so much of the rest of her plans, has fallen on its butt.

Personally, I hope that the SNP figure is better than 34. It’s still over half the seats (30 would be a winner) but it would be a disappointing vote and mean that we would lose some really first rate MPs.

So, the night begins.

Feel free to add any comments here. I probably won’t respond to them all… (we all need to get sleep at some point) so we’ll just let it be an open forum for any points anyone wants to make.


65 thoughts on “And so it begins…”

  1. Tris
    If the SNP drop that low I will be surprised and it will be portrayed as we know it will as a defeat even though it will be a win. I have blogged before in my comments that the SNP have been playing the centre and are not radical enough, the Labour manifesto in some ways was more radical. A lot of work to be done after the election and a lot of sound searching.


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    1. No, I doubt it will be that low, Bruce. That said, they have been pretty accurate in the past, even in Scotland, where you imagine that the BBC and ITV will not make as much of an effort

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  2. If that SNP result is true, and ah hae me doots. a boring campaign probably meant not enough former voters were enthused to brave the pishing all day rain.

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    1. yes‏ @free180914 21m21 minutes ago
      Replying to @GrahamP58
      Exit poll only conducted in the borders calm down everybody

      Just read that on Twitter


  3. Our turnouts were high, even given the rain. We are being squeezed by people who think they get Corbyn if they vote Labour – despite his Parliamentary Party hating him – People who are Brexit and don’t want to stay in the EU, and the Rotweiler enraging the hard core anti indy constituency. And we have the endless propaganda from the truth ministry day in day out.

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  4. Gutted if the SNP figure is that low as some good if not great MPs will be lost and it will be spun as a huge defeat. Which tbf it would be. Obviously hoping that the hung parliament aspect is correct. But I don’t see those figures providing strong and stable (ehem) government unless it’s a grand coalition. I think we could be having yearly elections at this rate.

    Twenty Scottish seats are apparently too close to call. But I think Angus is going to be out. Dreadful if true, talk Alex Salmond is out too. Don’t think it SNP had a good campaign. They need to up their tactics. I’m about independence so the largest pro-indy party better pull its socks up.

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  5. I’m reading on Twitter that the exit poll for Scotland may be inaccurate as it was based on limited figures due to technical difficulties.


  6. Ooft!!and so it begins indeed.. Jeane Freeman just said only 10 polling stations used in exit poll in Scotland- betcha we get more!! All the talk on beeb about the bad night SNP are gonna have, s.f.a. about the disaster this could be for Theresa!! Glenn Campbell is one smarmy git -he is not even hiding it talking to Jeane earlier ” so would it be fair for your opponents to say we have passed peak nat and you no longer have political momentum…” (Cheeesie fake grin)
    First results announced through a dodgy mic.. Ooft!

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    1. Well, 10 polling stations isn;t anything LIKE an exit poll. So that’s nonsense. I assume they did a proper poll in England.

      I think it might be better to watch something other than BBC Scotland for the benefit of your heart!! 🙂


  7. Depending, of course, on the results… it is may be time for the FM to take up another role within the re-independence movement with gratitude for everything she has done, and continues to do – a time to regroup? A role for her as – out the top of my bonnet – to assume the mantle of the Scottish Republican President In Waiting? Mr Salmond, Scotland’s Mandela type with a freelance international diplomatic remit? A Nobel Peace Prize awaiting him as well as the current FM and team representing Scotland at Hollyrood, WM, and the EU? A collective honor?

    Other candidates to start operating with out of the UK mind-set and start behaving like global agents for change? Not parish pump, UK lite mirror images.

    Angus Robertson the Scots go to person to liaise with the EU with Alyn Smith cogently and inspirationally still vocal there?

    Pete Wishart, a Scots Ambassador-at-Large?

    If these polling exit results hold true, they are appalling. Off the radar; so, and May “God” forgive the JockBrits plus the vacuous “Jock” Corbynistas for their bone-idle minded, crass stupidity, the half-wits of yet another generation of the conned are really, really going to have to full-on grasp the thistle and make their democratic destiny in full and not some plastic approximation of it. Additionally, may their god forgive the tactical, floating SNP voters. God Almighty find somewhere for them in either purgatory or full on hell.

    This is looking like the turkeys have voted for Holyrood dissolution and post Brexit zombie status quo. Brit soldiers on Scots streets. Everything the SNP ScotGov have attempted to shield us from.

    Suspect the gloves are now going to have to come off.

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      1. Nicola’s not up for re-election. If the exit poll is correct the SNP have won this election and we won the Scottish election last year. We need Nicola to keep doing the good job she is already doing for us. Let’s not make panic moves. That’s exactly what they want us to do.

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  8. If this was a Scottish General Election and the exit poll is correct the SNP would still have won a majority. That’s all any party needs to do. If we lose 22 seats it is disappointing but nothing goes in a straight line. To go from 6 seats in 2010 to 34 seats now would be hailed as a triumph but for the frankly astonishing result we achieved in 2015. That could never be repeated.

    This GE came too soon for us so don’t be downhearted. We’re in this for the long haul.

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    1. 34 seats out of 59 is a majority. A win.

      Depending on what the final result is, it may be better than a win. Of course you’d have to say that if May has taken seats that too is a win… and credit where it’s due. Strong and Stable they may well be some places.

      Of course, 2015 coudn’t be repeated. It was the result of a one off situation. of us being lied to by Brown and Cameron, and Labour
      choosing a complete hard right wing arse for its Scottish branch manager.


  9. 34 seats would not be good. It might however be a wake up call that we need to do more. I do wonder about those who voted Labour in the (understandable) hope engendered by Corbyn. How will they feel in 5 (or less) years when the next Conservative government is in power.

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  10. For a laugh…

    Mick Ryder Retweeted
    Keith Foster‏ @Keef76 17m17 minutes ago

    Paul Nuttall has ruled himself out of becoming Prime Minister saying “I’m not doing that again.”


    1. Yep. Probably makes things even worse for Theresa.

      Andrew Neil just tweeted that she started off with a 28% lead. How, he says, the mighty are fallen.

      Still, it’s early days.


    1. Well, she misjudged this, as she has so often in her career.

      Maybe she’s badly advised. Maybe she’s just unable to listen to anyone.

      Whatever. I look forward to the possibility (and it’s early days yet) of hearing her resign.


      1. A resignation would be sweet. I heard speculation about a grand coalition of Labour, Lib-Dem, and SNP. What could POSSIBLY go wrong with that?……LOL.

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        1. Well, the first problem is that no government trying to run the domestic affairs of England (which is at least 50% of Westminster’s job, can rely on any Scottish MPs.

          Cameron’s EVEL (English votes for English laws) means that if the SNP decided to support Labour (and they agree with most things) that would be fine for UK legislation… but for English-only legislation (NHS, police, justice, education, roads and transport and a pile of other stuff), the Scottish MPs couldn’t vote.

          That, of course, would go for Labour and Liberal Scottish MPs as well as SNP.

          Cameron didn’t think it through.

          Additionally, if Scotland elects some Tories, they won;t be able to vote on English legislation even if May has a nominal majority.

          The system is utterly ridiculous…


      2. Yes, Ridiculous! Almost sounds like they made it up as they went along…..LOL. (When they noticed that “England” doesn’t have a Parliament of its own.)

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        1. That’s the problem. England should have a parliament.

          As it is a Scottish MP (or Welsh or Irish) could NEVER be prime minister. They wouldn’t be able to vote on the bulk of their own legislation.

          Blair ‘s cack-handed devolution, and Cameron getting us back for having a referendum.


      3. No act of parliament binds the hands of another parliament. Evel can be repealed. Problem is Corbyn has won votes for a party that hates him. I expect him to seek mandatory reselection so his wing can be rid of the Blairites. This whole election is a mess for absolutely everywhere. May has cocked it up for all of us.

        We need the BBC devolved or we are wasting our time. And the Party is right. We have to forget EU membership. EFTA status. The people who voted solidly remain have not come to us, but a lot who voted leave have left us instead. I got it on the doorsteps yesterday in the pissing rain.

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  11. just woke up. Some absolutely gutting results so far. I’ve got a Tory MP for the first time in my life. Angus has gone as has George Keravan and nearly lost Pete Wishart – 21 votes he won by. Hell slappit into Moray when they need help from their MP and he’s off playing football referee. Still catching with results.

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  12. Jeremy Corbyn stole a lot of our policies, correct me if I am wrong, but free tuition fees, an adequate Police Service, an unwillingness to go to war just because the USA says we should, would be amongst a myriad of our policies he has plagiarized. I do not blame him for that, but perhaps we should return the compliment and claim a few of his policies as ours too.

    I am thinking about re-nationalisation of key resources, taxing the better off, though he was a bit short on tackling tax avoidance.

    Anyway, I think that would have been more radical and, perhaps, more attractive.

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    1. And there’s another story to come out there yet. Northern Ireland has now effectively polarised into two camps. Sinn Fein took the SDLP scalps, and the DUP took the UU’s. And there’s not a massively bigger vote between the larger of those two and the smaller.

      Ms May has done nobody any favours calling that election.

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    2. It will interesting to see if they get rid of EVEL to keep themselves in power. Like they walked over the 5 year parliament when they thought they it would serve them.


  13. Does anyone else think that the Conservative Coalition of Stays and Goes, Hard versus Soft Brexiteers, might result in a terminal breakdown of this once proud (ahem) Party? Their ‘wings’ appear to me to be completely separate from each other. If they are forced to call another General Election then I would expect them to crash and burn. Due to internal contradictions, if nothing else.

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  14. It’s all a bit sad, but I’ll post here more or less what I posted on Wings. This may turn out to be for the greater good. Indyref2 due to Brexit was always too soon. The SNP got railroaded into that when (with hindsight) they should have been more circumspect.
    The Turkeys voted for Christmas. The fishermen will get screwed. The farmers will get screwed and sadly the service personnel at Lossiemouth and Kinloss will get screwed.
    Indyref2 is off the table for now. The SNP will have to settle back down to ‘Plan A’ and play the long game. The long game wins.
    I see Swinson got elected again. Fortunately, due to boundary changes she will not be my MP, but I have to say the Bearsden and Milngavie voters have awfully short memories as to why they got rid of her last time round. Dimwits!

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    1. I was gutted to see Swinson in again. Awful MP. Hell mend them.

      I wonder how Brexit will go now?

      Has Scotland has any chance of getting anything from the talks? Will we just be a county of England? Will NI get a very special deal?


        1. Teaching creationism? Gay people to be stoned? Compulsory church on a Sunday?
          The army to be sent into the Republic and the country taken over for the Queen,Orange order, Rangers and a Protestant Jesus?

          OK… maybe not quite that bad.


      1. tris,
        Aye, “Hell mend them” – unfortunately, that Hell will be visited on myself and many others in this benighted constituency. Swinson is a careerist of the first order. Frankly, I’m convinced she’d switch to the Tories if she thought it’d further her own ambitions. It was a bad night for those of us who adhere to the cause of independence and for those of us in East Dunbartonshire her election was salt in the wound.
        However, her campaign was persistent, nay relentless while that of the SNP, I felt, was lacklustre and low-key. I’m well aware that the SNP are still the majority in Scotland by a fair margin but they really must analyse this setback forensically and come back in more combative fashion with compelling arguments and policies that widen their appeal. At heart, though, I feel that yesterday too many of our countrymen and countrywomen opted for a new anthem – “Scotland the Feart”.

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        1. You have to watch her very carefully Andimac, and make sure you keep her busy.

          I’m not sure where the Liberals would have got the money for such a sustained campaign, but then, they sometimes have the oddest donors and they don;t pay their bills, so I suppose they have sources.

          The Tories, of course, have a magic money tree in a tax haven or two, which they shake when they call unnecessary eletions.


    2. I’m in East Dunbartonshire and can’t believe that Swinson is back. She is the very worst example of an unprincipled, self-serving career opportunist. Her voting record was simply abysmal, (ie Tory) during her previous tenure. She got a junior ministerial post, and that was all that mattered to her. I would love to know how much money was spent on her campaign as I received mail from her on almost daily basis for the last two weeks.
      Overall, the results are disappointing, but if this is was the overall number of SNP MPs that had been returned two years ago we would have been delighted. Always look on the bright side.
      Thanks Tris and Munguin for this great blog, I visit daily and appreciate your insights, humour and of course Soppy Sunday.

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      1. Thanks smac. 🙂
        Genuinely feel sorry for you being lumbered with Swinson. What were they thinking?

        I agree. It seems bad for us at the moment, but, again we have more MPs than teh opther parties put together, and as I said in an earlier post, it would be ridiculous to think that you can take 93% of the seats any more than once.

        It’s where the UK is going that worries me.

        If Mrs May thought that Labour and the SNP co-operating would be a coalition of chaos… how about a broken Tory Party and a bunch of religious zealots who won;t be able to vote on 60% of the Commons business, unless they repeal EVEL.

        And once again the EU has to wait around while the supremely stupid and incompetent bunch of amateurs mess everything up. How they must laugh.


  15. Tris

    What a shambles. We face a new election soon and the Tories trying to form a Government with the scumbags of the DUP, they are welcome to each other and it will be interesting to see how the Tory press report that coalition, will they rip them to shit as they tried to do with Corbyn and the IRA, doubt it. Def a loss with Kerevan, Salmond and Robertson but not so much Tasmina Sheik, always thought she was an opportunist and would last one term, not likeable at all. I don’t think many will admit to voting Tory but I think Scotland has found it’s level based on the support of the parties with the electorate, just a real shame that we lose good MPs, get really shitty horrible ones like Swinson back. The SNP played it wrong in my mind, as I have commented previously, they really need to get to work asap as the next election is just months away. The centre will kill them, they cannot play all sides as it just won’t work at all. Brexit will be on hold, EVEL makes it very difficult for the Tories and they might fall at the first serious vote on English Domestic English vote. Shambles but interesting all the same.


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    1. I think the SNP grew at such a rate after the referendum, that finding policies that would suit everyone became difficult.

      I too am really sorry to see Alex and Angus go, and I’m gutted that that Swinson woman is back. She was toe curlingly embarrassing.

      I’m dpoing another post at the moment with a few thoughts…


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