I don’t know… these bloody nationalists…



A giant scaffolding sculpture with an image of Britain's Prime Minister wearing the Union Flag and making a gesture towards continental Europe is seen on top of the cliffs overlooking the south coast of England and the Channel
Up yours, Delors… or whoever you are

Someone appears to hate foreigners so much that they have paid for this massive effigy of Theresa May standing on the white cliffs of Dover sticking her fingers up at anyone who arrives on a Ferry.

This will no doubt encourage European leaders to give consideration to the very best possible deal for Britain in the talks that start in a fortnight’s time. I mean who could refuse anything to such nice polite, open minded, cultured people?

According to Kent On Line, the figure has now been removed, but no one seems to know who put it up in the first place. Whoever it was had a bit of spare cash to throw around though, so best not look for the culprit amongst the lower orders. This wouldn’t have come cheap.

Can you imagine the fuss the BBC and the right wing press would have made if a figure of Nicola Sturgeon draped in a Saltire had been erected on our borders making the two fingers sign to the people wishing to visit our country?


34 thoughts on “I don’t know… these bloody nationalists…”

  1. “Can you imagine the fuss the BBC and the right wing press would have made if a figure of Nicola Sturgeon draped in a Saltire had been erected on our borders making the two fingers sign to the people wishing to visit our country?”

    No, I can’t.

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  2. If you look at the picture another way, noting how the cable from the crane’s jib looks like a rope around the effigy’s neck, it can be seen as a depiction of the imminent hanging of the Evil Theresa. “Just raise that jib a bit higher, craneman!”

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        1. Those in the know who think that she will get a small majority reckon that Gove and Johnson are gagging to get in and replace her. Maybe that Loathesome woman will have a second go.

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  3. Given materials used, location required for construction, plant hire etc.. I think it will be common knowledge locally who is responsible so the truth will come out. All that’s required is for some giant of the MSM to get off their arse and the internet for long enough to go and find out.

    The whole exercise is a perfect illustration of how a lack of good taste, common sense and decency transcends the boundaries of class and affluence.

    I.e. Even if you’ve got money it doesn’t mean your not a stupid ignorant bastard.

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    1. LOL That’s very true.

      Maybe someone at the Guardian or the Indy is looking ointo that now.

      I dare say the Sun will be fuming that they didn;t think of it first…unless?

      Up yors Delors, mark II? Such a pity that Monsieur Verhoffstadt doesn’t have an easily rhyming name.

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      1. TPW,
        No doubt you or one of the many other knowledgable afficionados on this site will be able to direct me to where it is confirmed (Great) Britain is an actual Country?
        I understood the Countries are (alphabetically) England and Scotland only (the United Kingdom); Wales being a Principality.

        These three were brought together as the United Kingdom (UK), within the PARLIAMENT of Great Britain.
        Northern Ireland, a Province, being added later and hence – as our passports -‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’.

        Thus, we are only a UNITED KINGDOM and not a Country. (Except individually as England and Scotland).

        I shall of course bow to those who can show me the error(s) in my presumption.

        Of course, you may only have been referring to England here!


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      2. Hi Grumpy – I mean Ian – I can answer that one, but Grouse Beater did it better: here you go. grousebeater.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/scotlands-pretendy-powers/

        The UK is indeed composed of two countries, a principality and a province, as far as I am aware, according to the description lodged by the UK government with the United Nations way back when – the UK was a founder member of the UN in 1945, don’t forget. The Welsh are of course not best pleased when Wales is not recognized as a country, which of course it is. However, there has been movement on that – the International Organization for Standardization (ISO to you and me) corrected the definition a while back because Wales does not meet the definition of a principality, as it does not have a prince who has any executive role in its administration (and hasn’t had for centuries). As ISO is part of the UN system and such changes have to be accepted by its member States – INCLUDING the UK – then we can assume that the UK Government accepts that Wales and Scotland are just as much countries as England is.

        In other words, the original description of the UK which the UK government lodged with the UN was wrong. It is, of course, pretty typical of the Westminster mindset to make such mistakes: it’s because, as we well know, they think (vaguely) that the UK is simply Greater England, and it matters not to them whether Scotland is a country or a region, or Wales is a country or a principality. Anyway, it’s actually not up to Them to tell US (or the Welsh) whether where we live is a country or not; if we say it is, then it is. The problem is one of getting our status properly recognized where it matters.

        Here’s a link to the updated ISO standard: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:code:3166:GB

        Caveat. Though Scotland, Wales and England are described simply as countries, that ISO standard includes this little gem: “nation – GB-EAW – England and Wales”.

        Conclusion: as the UK has three countries in it, it cannot itself be (accurately) described as a country, in my view. Nor can it be described (accurately) as a nation. It is a State – it would have to be, to be a State Member of the United Nations (that’s the correct UN form, by the way) and a Permanent Member of the Security Council.

        You may also see various references to the UK as a unitary State. This is, in my view, unfortunate, because lurking within that definition is the concept that the central government is supreme, and can overrule and shut down the devolved administrations whenever it likes, change our (sub)national borders, and so on and forth. This is the context in which oor Kezia’s attachment to federalism is best understood, I think.

        I just had a look, and Wikipedia have a serviceable definition of “unitary state” v. “federalism”.

        There are huge and self-contradictory inconsistencies and illogicalities in the structures and operation of the lash-up of a polity we are forced to endure. I think it’s beyond saving, myself: the ship of state is so self-evidently rotten from stem to stern.

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      3. Sorry, people – I forgot to add that the ISO standard dates to 2013, so I don’t believe the likes of Governor-General Mundell can claim that it’s all the fault of the previous administration.

        The correct status of Scotland is, of course, “colony”.


  4. I was gonna vote Labour as me dear old da did but
    seeing as Corbyn was the chief of staff of the IRA.
    Head Mullah of the Islamic state hates Britain
    and Unpatriotic as well……Umm wot to do
    One is only grateful for the Tory media for showing
    me and others the error of our ways.

    Iffen I was a Muslim in England I would be afraid
    very afraid the Torys are not gonna be happy until
    they cause a lot of pain to a lot of Muslims..

    And as for Mr Trump well he hasn’t made it to being
    a moron yet that is quite a bit above his present status.

    for first time I read in the USA The Democrats need to
    pursue different policies instead of being

    If they want to retain the ethnic vote
    ( well it actually said the black vote it was
    written by a Journalist of Colour but i dont like
    to use the label meself )

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    1. Yea. It is a shame about Corbyn being Old Nick’s apprentice. By comparison Mrs May walking through a field of corn seems rather tame.

      Still, the evil bitch has made up for it since.

      I see that although Johnson did, May didn’t stand by the London Mayor. She’d rather crawl up Trumps arse.

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    2. Don’t forget the Kennedy assassinations and the sack of Carthage. I don’t know how Corbyn can sleep at night because he’s obviously a complete rotter. We can only be thankful to Mrs May for her ineptitude otherwise the MSM wouldn’t have diverted our attention to Corbyn instead and quite rightly informed us of his ghastly behaviour.

      If he partnered up with Nicola Sturgeon it would be the end of civilisation as we know it.

      That nice Mrs May should be the President of Britain

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      1. Yes… well, I wonder how Liz feels about that… or Big Ears. Imagine waiting all your life to be king, getting to near your 70s, and you find you’ve been replaced with a strong and stable money tree.


  5. Corbyn is at least decent. May is an idiot.

    I am glad that I already voted for Nicola, who is a sort of heroine for me.

    Over and out.

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  6. eddjas freeman,

    Super-impressed with your detailed responses which I look forward to digesting at my leisure.

    You appear to be a bit of a night owl, with responses being made after the witching hour.

    Must also concur with your viewpoint as to the rotten-ness of this ‘State’.



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