Today featuring some pics from Burkina Faso.

n burkina-faso-1

n giraffe
We’re ready for our close up, Mr Munguin.
n african wild dog
African Wild Dog.
n burk crock
What big teeth you’ve got…
n ouagadugu
Central Ouagadougou.
n cows
n burkina-faso-surreal-rock-spires-layered-by-sediment
Burkina countryside.
n burkina
You shouldn’t have gone to any trouble on our account. 
n burkina faso
What the well dressed Burkina girl is wearing.
n african green penguins
African Green Pigeon.




Hello… is it me you’re looking for?
With, Mummy…
n badger
That horrid Andrea Loathesome is trying to kill me.
Rose on the balcony in Munguin’s pied a terre in Budapest
n gotten
Municipal Park, Sweden.
N Venice Sunset
Venice Sunset.
More rose in Budapest.
n locust
Hope you enjoyed Soppy Sunday… next week, same time, same place.



19 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. Once again, utterly horrific events in London, Gerry, but yes, I’m always soothed by the beauty of the world where man hasn’t managed to make it ugly, and of the fantastic beasts and birds we have as our fellow citizens.

      Did you enjoy the launch?


  1. Yes Soppy Sunday is a rare treat – well maybe not rare since it’s very week 🙂 Did like the giraffes and the green pigeon – nicer that our grey ones. The Budapest roses were gorgeous. Didn’t know Tris had a pied a terre. Obviously Munguin pays him more than the occasional contributors!

    And some lovely orangs. Brilliant. Did you know there are over 400 type of primate and only one is solely carnivorous? The rest are omnivores or vegetarian.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear me no. It’s Munguin’s pied a terre. I was allowed to go with him last year as his manservant.

      I didn’t know that. Which one is totally carnivorous?


  2. I found the name Ouagadougou years ago when the Country gained freedom from France under the name Upper Volta. I always thought of it as exotic. Your picture of Ouagadougou looks rather mundane and doesn’t fit that bill although the one on Wiki of the Place des cinéastes fits my illusion rather better.

    However, the countryside picture feeds my illusions as does the fashionable clothing. Mind you I reckon if I tried to walk around in those outfits I’d make a right buarach of it and look like a right ninny.

    Liked by 1 person

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