a may
Hard decision. Stay at home and look like a coward, or turn up and look inadequate?
a tpories
David Wilson and Graeme Brookes playing at being little boys in Primary 3
adont panic
Jorry Johnsie, too late. We ARE panicking.
I wonder if Theresa wants to take HER on about it…
“When nothing’s as good as it used to be…”
Is it strong and stable though?
Oh look, someone is actually talking to Mayhem.
“Listen, you can have our health services at a knockdown price… Anything. Just speak to me.”
And I’ve just imagined you naked.
And I’d like to thank the Daily Mail and the BBC.
Aye Tess, we know that.
That’s the trouble if you U-turn on a penny.
Let’s just do without a prime minister then.
Well, she had to make it look as if she could communicate with humans. UP till now, it’s been a mixture of orange faced morons, and middle eastern head choppers.
And the other hand too.
Spot on, Caroline Lucas. Incidentally, although I have less than no time at all for Amber Rudd, I salute her for taking part in tonight’s debate. Her father died earlier this week. Even given that May still wouldn’t turn up and do her own debate. Pathetic loser that she is.



  1. So Feartie MCFeartie calls a General Election because she “knows” she has the “beating” of Corbyn. Until that is the G.E. is called and then everything goes tits up …for HER! The latest opinion poll stuff, if you believe that sort of thing has her party only THREE per cent ahead of Labour. This is from a starting point of over TWENTY per cent. LOL

    Basically we have moved from a Tory landslide to hung parliament territory and it can only get WORSE for Feartie in these final eight days. LOL

    Let’s face it Tris, ANY leader who calls an election then refuses to attend debates with other leaders can really only have one outcome, not a good one either, for said leader. The MORE she runs and hides from debates with other leaders the more shit terrified she appears to be!

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    1. Arbroath1320,

      I do so hope that your second paragraph comes about! However, we should maybe await poll of polls data before becoming too excited. So far, I believe, that that poll is an outlier.

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      1. I’m sitting at home being quietly optimistic about that at the moment Douglas.

        To be fair Opinion Polls do not have the greatest of reputations following their complete disaster of 2015. However, from what I heard recently I believe the main polling companies may have made adjustments to how they collate their data and produce their results. Only time will tell.

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    2. Yes, Arbroath. Sometimes it seems that we are living in a fantasy world. You pinch yourself and ask… is this real? Is she for real?

      1. She tells us over and over again that she won’t call an election.

      2. She waits till the time that she SHOULD be working on Brexit, and she calls an election, thus delaying the start of the talks by 2.5 desperately important months.

      3. Her excuse for doing so is that she needs a strong mandate for Brexit. She already has a mandate (at least in England and Wales) for Brexit. But the EU doesn’t much care what size her mandate is. All they care about is that she has got one. 50% + 1. The UK government has triggered A50, and that means that negotiations will take place. If she wins every seat if won’t make any difference. So her reason is a lie… and she knows it, and we know she knows it.

      4. The real reason is that she has a small majority in parliament (always awkward) and Jeremy Corbyn is unpopular. She sees an opportunity to get herself a big majority which means that she will be able to do “other” things. Let’s remember that although they aren’t showing it like Labour are, the Tories are fundamentally split. They are just better at lying. For many of them Brexit is an absolute disaster and for many in the party, she is hated.

      5. As you say, she has a 20+ point lead in the polls. People are suggesting that she may have 180 + majority. Even if she has an awkward squad of 30 or 40, she’ll be able to snowplough everything through.

      6. But a general election campaign means a lot of scrutiny. Scrutiny of policies, style, personalities, everything. She is in the spotlight.

      6. That’s a problem. She has sold herself as “strong and stable” but:
      a. she isn’t good with people and she is scared of confrontation with “ordinary” people so she talks to small groups of selected supporters in closed spaces; b. she isn’t good at public speaking, or public debate, so she avoids debates that other leaders are taking part in; c. she performs badly in interviews because she seems to lacks personality, and she certainly can’t explain how policies that she has backed have resulted in the kind of mess that Britain is in; d. she wears weird clothes, and yes, that shouldn’t matter, but it does. Look at the criticism Corbyn gets for his cheap suits and badly fitting shirts.

      7. Her policies are U-turned when they go down like a rubber duck made of granite. So she doesn’t come over as strong and stable.

      8. Her point that we need a strong and stable negotiator at the table in Brussels (to get the best deal) looks more and more ridiculous as she avoids people, stutters her way through ill-thought-out policies, u-turns, and is seen alone and friendless at international summits. None of that gives us any confidence.

      On the other hand, Corbyn meets people, talks to people and comes over in debate as measured and sensible, despite the right wing press and the BBC doing their best to make him look bad.

      So people start to think… he could be good as the next prime minister; he is, after all, human.


      1. Completely agree with that.

        Particularily 7.

        I have lost track of the number of U turns she has made, but immigration, extending austerity to the elderly, pretending to care about our protective services when she clearly does not, etc, etc…..

        The woman is clearly lost.

        One ‘hit’ she might get in the last week is whether or not, as Home Secretary, she permitted Anti-Ghaddafi folk to train here or not. That could be game set and match.

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  2. Tris,

    What does it say on the back of that motor car? My resolution is too low to tell. It has been bugging me for days now. Put me out of my misery.

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  3. Are there special classes for senior Tories that start with a picture of the back of a head?

    “The zip might not be too visible, but I can assure you that it zips up and down sufficiently for us to get re-elected.”

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  4. This is the first Westminster election I can remember where I really feel it is nothing to do with me.
    An election called by a political party in another country to fix a problem caused by a referendum they decided to hold in the first place.
    All about England’s Tories.
    Even their representatives here in Scotland are having to speak about Scottish matters (issues for a Scottish election) because what is happening south of our border has little relevance to us other than that it will probably show that,again,Scotland is irrelevant in England’s union.
    The Tories in Scotland are no more than a fringe protest party (no more independence referendums) whose importance is being inflated by HM press in order to ensure the survival of Greater England.
    Not for much longer.

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    1. Good point. We do feel relatively detached from it all here. And as you say the Tories here (and Labour) have had to talk about things that this election has absolutely no remit to cover.


  5. And one other thing.
    I am now completely convinced that the real Tories (the money men rather than tbe idealogues) do not want to leave the EU.
    It would be in their interests to derail the current Brexit process.
    Nudge nudge,wink wink.

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    1. I don;t think that there is any doubt that financial Tories by and large don’t want to leave, and MOST CERTAINLY don;t want the hard Brexit that May is talking about so that she can keep her Fascist wing and the Kippers under control.

      Who knows, they might try to get rid of her.

      I suspect that, even if Brexit could be made to work, most of the people who voted for it will be dead by the time anything other than pain comes along.

      Mrs May is doomed to failure on it. And I suspect that the public will want a result LONG beofer they are likely to get one.

      She’ll be toast one way or the other.

      Just a thought though, that although there are a set of rules by which the EU will operate Brexit, personality can always affect the way that the people on the other side of the table will behave towards one.

      I’d fancy a better deal might come from a personable human being like Corbyn, than a “bloody awkward woman” like may.

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  6. I’ve been thinking from day one that May was pushed into this election to lose it. She probably wasn’t told that was the plan. The British Establishment want a Labour minority government, with support from the SNP. That would make a second Indy ref more difficult to win. Many ‘Labour’ voters would vote Yes if faced with unending Tory rule, but would have second thoughts if Labour were in power.
    The British State cannot afford the loss of Scotlands assets on top of the Brexit disaster.

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    1. Rest assured that if Corbyn is allowed anywhere near No.10 he’s been squared.

      Is Corbyn the English Trump?

      The populist promising X and once safely in office delivering Y?

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      1. I don;t think that he’ll win. I think she’ll have the humiliation of being not a great deal better off than she is now.

        And I believe that if she has made a mess of this, she is in trouble with her party.

        I notice that even the Sun has given up on her.


  7. We have the strangest of situations with May, as commentators above point out, she calls an election then won’t face the public or interviews. One would think this would end her now, but the strange part is people are going to vote Tory anyway, and worse still people in Scotland are going to vote Tory, and many of those same people are going to suffer from Tory policies, even if the Tories are out this time, they will be in again and continue where they left off.
    History seems to teach little. The scenario now makes me think of Culloden. I used to read about it and pity those people who didn’t take part but lived in the surrounding countryside. Long after the battle people across the highlands and further afield suffered at the hands of the British army.
    They had done a deal with the British Crown and had little bits of paper to prove it. Many were hanged, shot and had their belongings taken anyway.
    They trusted the British establishment, just as modern Scots did in 2014.

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    1. Almost certainly she will win… and as you say, if she doesn’t the Tories will be back in 5 years because, until Blair, a crypto-Tory, that was as long as any Labour government lasted.

      The British establishment is utterly and totally untrustworthy.

      I’d not leave any of them in charge of a budgie.


  8. Since we’re doing random thoughts on Tories this philippic sprang to mind:

    The Ballad of Kiplingson

    THERE came a knock at the Heavenly Gate, where the good St. Peter sat,—
    “Hi, open the door, you fellah there, to a British rat-tat-tat!”

    The Saint sat up in his chair, rubbed eyes, and prick’d his holy ears,
    “Who’s there?” he muttered, “a single man, or a regiment of Grenadiers?”

    “A single man,” the voice replied, “but one of prodigious size,
    Who claims by Jingo, his patron Saint, the entry to Paradise!”

    The good St. Peter open’d the Gate, but blocking the entry scan’d
    The spectacled ghost of a little man, with an infant’s flag in his hand.…

    “Wot! haven’t you heard of Kiplingson? whose name and fame have spread
    As far as the Flag of England waves, and the Tory prints are read?

    “I was raised in the lap of Jingo, sir, till I grew to the height of man,
    And a wonderful Literary Gent, I emerged upon Hindostan!…

    “And rapid as light my glory spread, till thro’ cockaigne it flew,
    And I grew the joy of the Cockney cliques, and the pet of the Jingo Jew!

    “For the Lord my God was a Cockney Gawd, whose voice was a savage yell,
    A fust-rate Gawd who dropt, d’ye see, the ‘h’ in Heaven and Hell!…

    “Oh I was a real Phenomenon,” continued Kiplingson,
    “The only genius ever born who was Tory at twenty-one!”

    “Alas! and alas!” the good Saint said, a tear in his eye serene,
    “A Tory at twenty-one! Good God! At fifty what would you have been?

    “There’s not a spirit now here in Heaven who wouldn’t at twenty-one
    Have tried to upset the very Throne, and reform both Sire and Son!

    “The saddest sight my eyes have seen, down yonder on earth or here,
    Is a brat that talks like a weary man, or a youth with a cynic’s leer.

    “Try lower down, young man,” he cried, and began to close the Gate—
    “Hi, here, old fellah,” said Kiplingson, “by Jingo! just you wait—

    “I’ve heaps of Criticisms here, to show my claims are true,
    That I’m ’cute in almost everything, and have probed Creation through!”

    “And what have you found?” the Saint inquired, a frown on his face benign—
    “The Flag of England!” cried Kiplingson, “and the thin black penny-a-line!

    “Wherever the Flag of England waves, down go all other flags;
    Wherever the thin black line is spread, the Bulldog bites and brags!…

    “O Gawd, beware of the Jingo’s wrath! the Journals of Earth are mine!
    Across the plains of the earth still creeps the thin black penny-a-line!

    “For wherever the Flag of England waves”—but here, we grieve to state,
    His voice was drown’d in a thunder-crash, for the Saint bang’d-to the Gate!

    Robert Buchanan, (1841–1901)

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