Already in the lower reaches of the chart, I believe.

I wonder if the BBC will find an excuse not to play it.

You can buy it here, or here or here.

PS: I know that probably all of you look at Wings’ posts. Please, though, if you haven’t seen this one, go and look at it now and share it on social media. Everyone should see this. It is heartbreaking.


According to this, the recording is at number 2 in the iTunes download charts. Brilliant news, particularly as the money raised is being given to charity. Brilliant.

25 thoughts on “LIAR LIAR”

  1. Daily Mail not allowing comments without asking for too much info for me, so I’ll say it here, and see if anyone with an account there wants to share:

    Anyone remember the last time a song got into the charts because of a female PM?

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      1. My first post here, though I’ve been reading your great blog for a while (years). I hope I don’t get banned for these. 😉 (They are safe)

        I don’t think it was this one

        I think this is it

        Personally I like the first one best. 😉

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  2. …and unsurprisingly the BBC (& commercial radio) have banned playing the song as they need to maintain “impartiality”.

    What “impartiality”?

    I haven’t seen/heard any in the MSM – its all “must get behind the national leader, strong & stable….”

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    1. LOL @ the BBC’s impartiality.

      That would be the kind of impartiality shown by the BBC when Corbyn forgot a particular figure from his manifesto; was hounded by teh interviewer and then made the first story on the BBC news… and Hammond halved the cost of the English High Speed train and no one bothered to mention it.

      That impartiality?

      The Tory press now includes the BBC.


    1. Good read, Niko. Actually wish I’d seen it earlier. I’ve just been at a hustings and if I’d just had all these figures to hand, it would have been handy to counter some of the nonsense that was spoken, mainly by the woman responsible for Munguin’s new hat.


  3. Tris,

    Off topic a bit, and I’ll completely understand if you delete this, but the Sun ( yeah! them ) had this to say about a certain heroic nurse:

    If it is untrue, it was in the Sun after all, she should be suing them.

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    1. Lordy, she sounds even more horrendous than we thought.

      Did you read Mark Frankland’s VERY angry piece about her.

      PS… Off topic is fine…


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