Is it morning already?
n wolf
Norwegian Wolf.
Seljalandsfoss, Iceland.



n highland cottage
Highland Garden.
Broughty Ferry rock gardens
… And more
N akureyri
Akureyri, Iceland
n hen
Who, me?
n shuttleocck fern
Shuttlecock Fern.
N queens view
Queen’s view.
n hedgehog
How do you spell prickly


24 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. a knuckle dragging orange primate, a lone wolf, more plants than at a QT debate, a bit of a cock, hunners o’ pricks on the internet, and, always keeping out of politics as she does, the queen’s view. All very topical, I’m sure.

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      1. A “laugh at Trump” post:
        Some post cards that he mailed on his trip has surfaced. The first one Addressed to Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

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  2. great photo’s Tris. Love the rock gardens, will visit them next time I’m through.

    Heading to the Manifesto launch in Perth on Tuesday and the Under one banner march on Saturday.

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    1. Thanks Gerry. The rock gardens are really amazing. We saw a deer but (s)he was long gone by the time I got my phone out.

      We sat by a wee waterfall listening to the gurgling along with the sound of a blackbird sitting only a few feet away.

      It’s well worth a visit.


  3. Jake’s comment made me laugh and I REALLY needed a laugh. Great pics as always. I’ve ferns in my garden but never knew what they were called. I do now – MR so educational. Loved the baby orang – I have a similar look in the morning! The rock gardens look nice – if I’m ever in that neck of the woods must go.

    Munguin looked very cute on the swing earlier this week too.

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    1. The ferns also came about because of an earlier in the week discussion which ended up ma bit like Gardeners’ Question Time!

      Munguins says thank you, but reminds everyone that he ALWAYS looks cute.

      I’m glad we cheered you up. We don’t like to think of Munguinites being sad.


      1. Well you did post pictures of your garden Tris which prompted us garden anoraks to respond. If my iPad or WordPress allowed me I could have posted a pic of a proper shuttlecock fern and not the little baby shown above.

        Hey ho, maybe someday us gairdeners’l no be thocht o as sae 🔲

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