40 thoughts on “WEAK AND WOBBLY CAR CRASH”

    1. They might well look at it and ask if there is anything that they could have done worse.

      They might look at it and think that probably they should have elected Gove or even Leadsome.

      ‘Useless’ hardly does justice to how awful she is.

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  1. Before the interview she was sitting there breathing deeply trying to calm herself down, almost as though she was close to a panic attack?

    She has that same demeanour when Angus Robertson is asking his questions at PMQT.

    Not sure what she looks like when Corbyn is doing the question.

    She is way out of her political depth and lifetime experience.

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    1. I think she knows that she comes over badly, even under reasonably friendly fire. She isn’t fluent, even when she is talking to her own kind.

      Ruth Davidson is brash of course, but she’s much better communicator than TM.

      I think she refused to do leaders’ debates because she was genuinely afraid that she’d come out only inches above Nuttall and behind everyone else.

      Nicola would have eviscerated her.

      If there could ever be a right time to have a PM who is out of her depth, this is most surely not it.

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  2. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What are the potentially dire consequences of leaving the EU? If only there were successful books, hundreds of blogs and single-issue political campaigns dedicated to answering that question. If only something like that existed she would have known the answer. If only.

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      1. I think it’s very good too, Terry. Your blog has made it to my speeddial thingmie, and I second Douglas Clark’s @ recommended to all Munguinites”.

        I’ve been trying to work out what appalls me most about the current Westminster regime – it’s not-very-crypto fascist, of course, but I think what drops my jaw the furthest is just how amazingly incompetent they are.

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      2. Thanks!

        I think Theresa May has about 100 civil servants with degrees in international relations so I don’t think she needs to bother reading blogs. Maybe she just needs a hearing aid because she obviously isn’t taking any of it in.

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  3. Andrew Neil was I suppose better than I thought he’d be which is still not that great. Much being said repetitively regarding the uturn on the Tory manifesto and the English NHS etc… I’m no economist, nor am I any sort of expert on anything political, but for me, the austerity we’ve endured -v- the great big increase in and steadily rising national debt is an open goal that should be irresistible to any unbiased interviewer. We’ve endured their austerity but it has failed to do what they said it would do. Their policies have made the rich richer at the expense of the most vulnerable in society and still we have a media that supports, that agrees, that toadies to them.

    I’m no big fan of Corbyn but I’d take him any day of the week over Mayzilla because she is a war waiting to happen. I look at her body language, her tone of voice, the tremor in it when questioned and I’m pretty certain that it’s not nervousness, it’s pure barely contained rage. She doesn’t think she should be questioned, she is dangerous.

    Its a pity Nicola or Eck couldn’t get the job because any one of them is a much safer pair of hands and they have much more credibility than the other two. But who am I to say? What do I know?

    British politics is a joke so why am I not laughing?

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    1. “Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.”
      ― Alan Moore, Watchmen

      “We have laboured long to build a heaven, only to find it populated with horrors.”
      ― Alan Moore, Watchmen

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        1. The thing is that politicians know this. Why doesn’t the public catch on.

          The way out of recession is public spending programmes to get people into work.


  4. Austerity is a political attack on the poor and
    Ordinary working people carried out to ensure
    They/we are kept in low wage slavery,

    Some are comparing Mrs May with one Gordon Brown
    Taking over high office with out being elected having
    Superficial leadership talent which under stress fell apart.
    And to cap it all no social skills and a total dearth of empathy
    But then psychopaths never do .

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    1. l think the more modern application of the word, except for murderous bastards like Stu Sutcliff is sociopath not psychopath.

      On the other hand you may have something there with the thousands of weak and vulnerable she she casually allowed to “waste” away.

      Mybe we need another word, an intermediary between the two, reserved for politicial; politiopath or Mayopath?

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      1. As Charlie Brooker put it in the Guardian, “The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots, toffs, money-minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some essential part of their soul missing. …”

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  5. I loved the way she tried to butter up Neil at the start with “as you know, Andrew, with your long experience……”.
    Oh well, I suppose it was worth a try.

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      1. Well, it’ the NHS in England, of course, but ours can’t escape some of the same issues.

        It would be interesting if we could get that kind of information about NHSS.

        But who are the people who are most likely to be concerned about the state of the NHS?

        Old folk, who are more dependent upon it.

        Who are most likely to vote Tory?

        Old folk.



  6. The problem with people who live in a bubble is that they have no empathy with others because they don’t know what that is.
    She is not alone at Westminster and isolationism is not restricted to the political domain where extreme behaviour results.
    At least here in Scotland we have some political leaders of the people for the people (unionists excepted) who understand the real consequences of their actions.
    It completely astounds me that Labour supporting working people in Scotland view May as a preference to Sturgeon.
    Have they had a lobotomy?

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      1. Better a bottle in front o ye than a frontal lobotomy.

        Nothing to do with anything, just couldn’t resist it. The auld yins are the best, unless your talking about Tory voters that is.

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    1. It’s this overwhelming love of the flag; the queen; Britain’s “place” in the world.

      They don’t seem to realise that NONE of that does them ANY good at all.

      All of it is for the greater glory of the “leadership”.


  7. Dear me! Front-page headlines in the media, perhaps?

    Her stated reason for holding the GE was to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations but what happens if she fails to achieve the massive majority predicted by the polls at the time she called the election. Will she have to go to the EU with a weakened hand?

    It occurs to me that when unionists claim that we should respect the 2014 vote that May should have respected the 2015 vote instead of calling a snap election purely and simply to benefit her party.

    As far as the 2014 result is concerned if activists had given up at their first set-back and meekly accepted the status quo we would still have child-labour, slavery and no votes for women. etc etc.
    Incidentally, what did she look like before the car crash?

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    1. If the tragedy in Manchester hadn’t happened, can you imagine what the front pages would have been?

      As the EU said, her mandate to leave the EU was given to ehr in the referendum. They are not interested in the strength of the vote, the size of the majority or indeed how many toes she has. All they know is that the government decided (on the strength of it) to invoke article 50.

      They will now stick to the letter of the law in dealing appropriately with that (Terry has a good article about that).

      If she had a 99.9% vote and all but one seat in the parliament it wouldn’t make any difference.

      She’ll get what the law says she will get.

      I completely agree with you. It shouldn’t have been allowed and the Queen should have told her to…erm, go away.

      What is the point of a Fixed Term Parliament Act if chancers like May can overturn it for political gain. That’s exactly what it was brought in to stop.


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