All terrorism is repulsive.

It is, after all, the random killing of totally innocent people to make a political, religious or other point; to hold a gun to a government’s head.

The randomness of it revolts. The terrorists’ bomb takes dads, mums, grannies, kids, dogs… people with lives, with futures, with plans. People with no power to change what the terrorists want to be changed. Sometimes even people who would sympathise with the terrorists’ cause.

Just random people. In this case random young people.

Who amongst us have more future, more dreams, more plans than kids? Teenagers out for a night with mates at a pop concert. Lives ahead of them.

What kind of people could even conceive such an attack even in their wildest imaginings?

Rightly, political campaigning has been universally stopped for today out of respect. The SNP manifesto launch has been postponed. Politicians in office will have more to do today than make party points, you would hope.

Nothing anyone can say can make this better for the friends and families of the dead and injured, but I guess all over the world people are reflecting on how these folk must be feeling. It’s hard to imagine, but I think it’s important to try to do so. What would it be like if this was your town, you kids?

The people of Manchester have shown their metal by opening their homes, giving blood, and pulling together in so many ways to do what they can for each other, for the victims and those whose job puts them in the centre of this.  It’s a fact that whenever this kind of thing (the very worst of human behaviour) happens, it brings out the best in humans.

So ignore the comments of people like Farage, Robinson and Hopkins, concentrate on the what the good guys are doing and let’s get behind them.

Across the world today we are all Mancunians.

10 thoughts on “MANCHESTER”

  1. Words cannot describe the absolute horror of being involved in a tragedy of this magnitude and our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved and affected by the absolute futility of it all.

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  2. I am not one usually first in line to violence to anyone else.

    However, after last night’s atrocity there is only one thing I can say …”HAUD ME BACK!”

    Just gie me 5 minutes wi the bastard!

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  3. I can’t remember the film but there was a line in it that went something like this:

    “When you kill someone you take everything they have, all they are now and all they will ever be.”

    This moron did that to 22 individuals. He’s also injured many more, some of these injuries will have life changing consequences. All will bear the emotional scars along with their grieving relatives.

    I have experienced grief and loss in my life but I cannot imagine how it must feel to have a loved ones light extinguished in a pointless poisonous act such as this.

    It’s just beyond words.

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  4. May the coward who did this rot in hell.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of this atrocity.

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  5. Tris

    I was going to blog something and then just thought what can I possibly blog about that adds anything even remotely relevant to what happened last night. When I saw the news banner change on the tv as it was happening I just though ” please not again ” and hoped for the best. As Putin said a while ago, ” Terrorism has no nationality or religion “, he was 100% correct. Last night was murder and a crime, and nothing to do with politics or religion, and everything to do with hate. People will debate, rightly, what causes these acts, some will say globalisation, some the west, some faith etc. Idiots like Katie Hopkins make things worse by calling for a final solution, she has no idea about anything. The papers will go overboard on acts of kindness that will diminish the acts themselves while other parts of the press will have the majority of Muslims in the UK fearful of going out when we know that what happened last night was murder, nothing more. It was a crime of hate that beggars belief and this and that group will claim responsibility because all they want is terror and power, they reject politics for killing. What a sad day today is.

    My heart goes out to the people caught up in this nightmare.


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  6. Thanks to everyone for their comment. I’m not going to answer them individually. I don’t think they need responses.

    I think the folk in Manchester have shown amazing courage and decency in the light of this tragedy.

    Amazing stories of people opening their homes, driving people home, caring for them.

    Well done, Manchester.

    Now we must show the people who were behind this that we go on. Life goes on, and they won’t stop any of us, not in Manchester, not in Paris, not in Berlin, not in Beirut, in Cairo or anywhere else, getting on with life.


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    1. I don’t intend this to be a comment about how great we are over everyone else Tris but what happened last night brought images of the attack on Prestwick a number of years ago. In that case no member of the public died but what did happen was very much like what happened last night.

      Yes we all have our differences, political and otherwise, but when push comes to shove we are, mostly, capable of putting these differences to one side in the name of humanity.

      As so many have been saying since last night my heart and prayers go out to all the families, friends, colleagues etc of those who not only died last last night but also to those of the severely injured. I also hope and pray that all those who are still “missing” are found quickly so that all their family and friends can get on with their lives that have undoubtedly been put on hold for now.

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      1. It’s not about just us, Arbroath… it’s all people. I see it time and time again… here, in Paris, in Yemen, in Iraq and in Syria.

        Humans are resilient and by and large good.

        Someone said of last night… there was one evil bastard, and thousands of good people involved in what went on in Manchester. Always are.

        It’s reassuring.

        I echo your sentiments.

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