So we’ll say it again. For heaven’s sake vote.


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, specifically before the cut off date for getting registered to vote (May 22). Prepare to be bored.

If you are happy to accept what your dad, grandma, great-granny and their peers vote for, then skip the visit to the polling station. After all, it’s ten minutes of your life that you won’t get back and there are probably things you would rather be doing.

You might want to consider, though, whether you’d let your grandparents chose your clothes, your car, your furnishings, your choice of music or your girlfriend/boyfriend. It would save you some time, certainly.


On the other hand, living with that choice might be difficult. A Tom Jones concert and a pair of smart beige slacks?

So, if you would prefer to choose your own government, particularly in light of the upcoming negotiations to withdraw from the world, (and you might want to choose people a little more in touch with reality and the 21st century than Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox, the disgraced ex-defence minister, not to mention the frightful Theresa) maybe you should think about giving up that ten minutes and voting.

After all, your granny probably won’t want to avail herself of Erasmus or take a job in Germany or Sweden… but you might want to.


37 thoughts on “So we’ll say it again. For heaven’s sake vote.”

  1. Every young person over the age of 17 MUST get themselves organised and register to vote. Scotland and her people needs EVERY single young person to vote in order to counteract the maniacal suicidal voting decisions of a significant proportion of the elderly population in Scotland.

    The 16 and 17 year olds who stand tall and vote in Scottish elections are crying out for someone to look after their futures seeing as Feartie McFeartie has denied them their right to vote in June. Not only the 16 and 17 year olds either our fellow Scots from the E.U. who are also denied their right to vote in their country’s future are desperate to have their futures in Scotland secured.

    I used to think that it was only Turkeys that voted for Christmas but if things keep going I’ll have to add OAP’s to that list as well. NO OAP should be voting Tory in June. Any OAP who votes Tory is voting to have their Winter Fuel payment REMOVED, LOSE the Triple Lock on their pensions, INTRODUCTION of the Death Tax, risk not having home care supplied at current levels due to Feartie McFeartie’s plan to CUT immigration to “tens of thousands.” (now where have we heard THAT one before I wonder?) Remember folks a significant majority of home care and NHS staff are EU nationals who would be directly affected by Feartie’s immigration “cap.”

    Still if folks are happy for this to happen and a hell of a lot more then please do NOT go to vote on June 8th!

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    1. Just a wee addendum to my previous post Tris.

      As we all know it is the younger members of our communities, apparently, who are all into new gadgets and the internet etc. Well here’s something that might just make our younger “voters” sit up and take notice of what NOT voting on June 8th will bring down on them.

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      1. Arbroath – Once this latest infringement of our freedoms is passed into law we’ll have to speak in code like the BBC communicating with the resistance movements over the radio during the war. I racked my brain trying for some witty pertinent examples but I’m just too despondent after reading the article. What next, night time curfew?

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      1. Incredible.

        I thought that the authorities in China, Saudi and Iran were pretty bad… but this mad woman… Jeeez.

        So basically, if you’re old you shouldn’t vote Tory because they are going to freeze you to death and if you’re young, best not vote Tory (like you would) because she’s going to control the internet.

        It’s not April 1, is it?

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      2. Just for you grieg12.

        .– . / …. .- …- . / – …. . / .– .- -.– … / .- -. -.. / .– . / …. .- …- . / – …. . / — . .- -. … / -. — / — .- – – . .-. / .– …. .- – / ..-. . .- .-. – .. . / — -.-. ..-. . .- .-. – .. . / – …. .. -. -.- … / … .- -.– … / — .-. / -.. — . … / .– . / .- .-. . / -. — – / – — — / .– . . / – — — / .–. — — .-. / — .-. / – — — / … – ..- .–. .. -.. / .– . / .– .. .-.. .-.. / — …- . .-. -.-. — — . / -… . -.-. .- ..- … . / .– . / .- .-. . / … -.-. — – … / .- -. -.. / .– .. .-.. .-.. / … — — -. / -… . / ..-. .-. . . / … -.-. — – … / — -. . / .- -. -.. / .- .-.. .-..

        ps. this translator might help.

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  2. Yes get up off your arse and vote. I didn’t watch much of the leaders’ debate last night but did see Leanne (or is it Natalie!) tell the youngsters to vote and then maybe they’ll get treated better. Personally I’ve only missed voting once since I turned 18. Granted most of the time I didn’t get what I voted for. But if you don’t vote you can’t complain when your views are ignored.

    Anyway enough politics – here’s a touching video about a grumpy, old, ill feral cat who’s life was changed by some humans and some kittens

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    1. No, I never missed voting either.

      As you say, if you let other people chose your government, don’t complain when they at best ignore you … and who knows what this lot will do to you.

      Not a big cat fan, to be honest (I spend my life repairing the damage done by neighbours’ cats and picking their waste out of my garden), but that was touching. Nice to see the old cat loved… and loving.

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    2. Sorry grieg tried to be smart and became too smart for my own good it seems. Trouble is I can’t even remember what I put down in the first place. … DUH!

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  3. I’m old enough now to dread the day the wee letter arrives to inform me that wearing beige bomber jackets and goin Stupit are now compulsory!

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    1. LOL… well add to that, going hungry, and cold.

      You caring Tory government.

      And Ruth, if you please, says that the Scottish government now has extensive social security powers and should keep the pensioners’ winter fuel payment.

      Probably should. I think Ruth and her colleagues should probably volunteer to pay 99% tax to help pay for it.

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      1. I’m having this insane urge to hang about the cafe in Dobbies weekday afternoons. Theres some nice cardigans and lovely beige cotton trader chinos in the clothes section. The check shirts are rustling seductively on their hangars. I don’t know what’s happening, I can’t help it, resistance is futile, no-oo-oooo.

        I emerge blinking into the light of the car park wearing my new gear and there collecting trolleys is a young person. They’ve no respect for their elders nowadays, bring back national service, the birch, that’d show em. Mrs May will fix it, sensible policies for a fairer Britain.

        I get into my Toyota io and go home for a cup of tea and a nap, it’s been a long day.

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        1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear.

          You really have to stop going to Dobbies.

          You’ll end up like a symphony in beige … a bit like the neighbour of mine that you’d cross the town to avoid.

          I hear there are pills for it. I’ll get you some.


  4. I just don’t get the complete insanity of people who think it is a good idea to have your country’s government elected by people in another country.
    What are they thinking?
    Perhaps thinking doesn’t come into it,especially for older Scots who have been subjected to British state propaganda for much of their lives.
    Will this sort of statement be considered seditious in the Tories brave new world and the possibility of being transported return to threaten us separists?
    Australia looks a much better prospect than the place Theresa and her Tories are now trying to recreate.

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    1. bringiton,

      I think the Tories have made a major electoral blunder with the heating allowance and the alteration to the State Pension Arrangements. Older folk, that usually vote Tory – not me btw (!) – may find that their chums attacking their standard of living is a step too far.

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    2. Who knows, as she wants to take over the internet too. It may become a crime to criticise her. Best get your insults in now. Before its a hanging offence.


    3. Bringiton
      Aye laddie sun, sea, sand and surf. What’s not to like. The poms here are not too bad either, once they get used to being put back in the box and told to f off back where they came from if they so much as peep that they don’t like it.

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  5. Another thing for the unionists to consider is their desire to stay in union with a country who have made it perfectly clear they have no intention of being in a sharing union with anyone.
    The sharing and pooling for Scottish unionists is a one way street,no reciprocity.

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