And, of course, this.

Now surely, all of these people aren’t really in need of a free dinner, or in IDS’s case, breakfast. If we are going to bring in austerity means testing, because we are such a broke little country, and about to be even more broke, probably people like Cameron and May should be means tested to see if they earn above the threshold for a free dinner at the expense of taxpayers.

Whit’s guid tae gie’s no ill tae tak, eh Tess?

Grateful thanks to Cllr John Edwards for the idea and some of the pics.



  1. Dear Munguins Republic

    When I have a £139 hotel stay I expect the smoked Sturgeon livers in my £39 Ha! Ha! breakfast to be caramelised in butter but still pink in the middle because they go wonderfully with my favourite specially imported quails eggs that are delicious when lightly poached. I find that a good brekkers like this fair sets me up for my visit tae the food benk in the efternin.

    To see the joy on the wee urchins faces when I pull up in the Jag with a bag brimming with scrumptious Tesco value spaghetti and Dolmio really makes me proud to be British. So I more than anyone else know whit it’s like tae be rookit.

    I am both aware of and deeply disturbed by the undesirable elements who for their own selfish, unfathomable reasons have expressed a strong desire to see me executed or having some more prolonged cruel and barbarous acts committed upon my person. They will of course with the appropriate education adopt the correct thinking and realise that conservative values are right, proper and in everyone’s interest. We must all work harder if you are ever to earn your benefits. There are after all 24 hours in a day so explore the potential, too many people are wasting time sleeping after all. Poor people must learn to think out of the box. Has anyone for example thought about having 2 jobs, I mean come on it may be that simple. We are going to cut immigration so there will be vacancies.

    After Brexit it will be more important than ever for our northern colony to work hard for a stronger better, fairer England.

    Rule Britannia and all who sail in her etc…

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    1. Dear Mr Duncan Smith,

      if only you had been prime minister, what a proud and prosperous nation we would have been.

      That time you spent at that ancient university in Perugia (founded in 1308), certainly paid handsome dividends, despite your only being there for a matter of weeks.. How clever you must have been to obtain your degree in such a short time.

      Still, a reshuffle is likely after the election and surely Mrs May will have the vision to see what an excellent Chancellor you would make. So much more jolly than that long faced streak of misery she currently has.

      I mean who’d want that living next door to them?

      Fondest regards


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    1. I’m just dreadfully concerned that some of these people above also may suffer from obesity.

      Munguin feels a duty of social care to make sure that the poor old queen doesn’t overeat and get fat.

      And as for Mr Duncan Smith. Goodness, you should never eat that much in the morning if you want to live beyond 65.

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      1. I hope they’ve had the good sense not to invite any Scottish people to the above soirée in case they’re trousering the silver cutlery.

        Ruth did warn them after all.

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  2. The one thing that was good to hear
    In the leaders debate last night.
    Was Nicola referring to social security
    And not welfare which has become and meant
    To be become code for scrounger .

    Paul nuttal
    The man in the Hat
    Defo correct surname

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    1. There’s room at the top they’re telling you still
      But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
      If you want to be like the folks on the hill
      A working class fascist is something to see
      A working class fascist is something to see…

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    2. I noticed that Mr Nutt all managed to call Leanne Wood, Natalie on several occasions.

      Doubtless he was confusing her with the film star that he played almost certainly opposite on so many occasions, in between his doctorate and his football career.

      Seriously, where DID they find that man?

      It isn’t welfare. It IS social security.

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